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  1. julian posadas

    Rest for a year then get recruited by tom for his last season.bring the boys together

  2. Kmoses215

    “I can honestly say I’ve never been caught from behind before”.... pause ⏸

  3. G Jones

    The Bears history of terrible QBs...sincerely a Bears Fan

  4. Sean Morris

    "Team People" AKA people from other teams that don't want to see the 49ers winning are pushing the 4th and 5th QBs in the draft on the Niners.

  5. Matt Steed

    Those stats are off. Bollinger didn’t start 16 games in 2005. And Pennington had a winning record as the Jets QB.

  6. Kody Palmer

    To be fair, Brett could get any team to the playoffs

  7. Kody Palmer

    Lion fans are here being quiet, and happy af having Stafford

  8. adrian55303

    You know wrestling is down bad when two outsiders in Bad Bunny and Logan Paul are the biggest stories coming out of WrestleMania. It’s also pathetic when a part-timer in Pat plays a better heel than most full-timers too.

  9. J G

    The latino community was hyped when Mark Sanchez was in his prime for 2-3 years. People forget he beat Tom Brady in the playoffs one year

  10. Norges Kampsportforbund

    Please make a short clip of AJ telling how he got lost from his group at the Masters, add in the merch shop etc too. I haven't laughed harder in ages!

  11. Scott Wyman

    Only a point if you can hit the upright. Through the goalposts is too easy

  12. Andrew Pulda

    yes the packers do operate to their detriment by not having an owner, but then at least its not the bear's ownership.

  13. GTRandy

    Ridiculous by packers ownership

  14. Paul Young

    Yes Bonamassa is absolutely the dude.

  15. Bobby Hurtado

    The last winningest QB was mark Sanchez sad

  16. Michael Mcardle

    Wait a minute. You guys are way better then the so called people in the communications and news networks. You tell the truth the news today is lies and just to start misinformation to make news. Mother phuckers. Pat your my release of real news thanks to you and your team to put on a great show.

  17. Andrew Zenn

    So many hacks getting in the middle of this. GB drafted a qb that could.come in when rogers gets hurt. Keep in mind, rogers gets hurt every other year ,.and when he does they suck. Rogers will get hurt again.

  18. Vernon Matzke

    Let's be real when the jets went to the afc championship game it wasn't Sanchez who got them there. The jets had a solid all around team then.

  19. Ellie Velli

    Why are we blaming the QB’s when we can’t even name one solid WR the Jets have ever had? It’s not the Quarterbacks, it’s the organization...

  20. Trevor Knaphus

    You need to not worry about the history, and believe in what YOU do. Then get to work.

  21. Cory Stevenhaagen

    I give Parcells all the credit for Vinny winning.

  22. Frank_tha_tank1

    I’m a die hard jets fan but we don’t build a team to help any qb succeed look at how we did Sanchez 2 back to back championship games then we strip all the WRs and then draft geno we don’t have weapons for any qb to throw the ball too

  23. Jon Puhalski

    They have 3 mores years of rogers unless love blows things up they drafted a project and they will sign on to 5th year option they know how to turn projects into mvps

  24. Jacobus Redacted

    Got a couple hundred comments in and nobody mentioned Pat “Triceps” McAfee showing up and showing out at 1:40, so what’s up Pat we see you workin

  25. Chi Wara

    Why do you have to kick me while I’m down

  26. Kody Palmer

    Aaron Rodgers is a 89 rating... then has a MVP season, and one of his best ever

  27. Matthew O'Chuida

    In the past 20 years, the jets only drafted 3 qbs in the first round.

  28. alex garcia

    he’s gonna play for the AFL! that’s what he’s up to

  29. Carl du Plessis

    So is it cold or not? 🤣

  30. Dale Sharpy

    Vinnie Testicleverde

  31. Dennis Z#

    Scared? Only sheep are scared.

  32. Mac

    Is “wrestling” still a thing?

  33. Carlton

    Packers just waiting to cut him 😂

  34. Will Armstrong

    Dude did nothing for the titans

  35. James Hendricks

    Who was that clown trying to tell me the packers have gone all in

  36. Giovanni Bello

    Arod should never agree to lower his contract all his hard work

  37. Wally Morgan

    If Aaron does go elsewhere. Picture how many views your show would get with him changing teams and on during the transition

  38. Nigel

    I feel like it’s pretty obvious it’s gonna be fields maybe lance but most likely fields. Like think about it there’s a reason why they’re gonna keep Jimmy g for one year, it still keeps the team in the playoff hunt and gives fields time to learn the system and beside B.S false story Dan tried to push about him being lazy everyone else has raved about how coachable he is and how fast he picks up and remembers info. And as much as people talk about Kyle having success with Ryan and etc. People forget he’s dad had the most success with a mobile QB(Elway) in the same style offence Kyle has perfected and not to mention RG3 who people seem to forget was honestly the greatest rookie QB till the injuries and unlike RG3 fields knows how to slide no to mention he’s built to take a hit and doesn’t have a massive ego.

  39. Donald Livengood

    I've often wondered why alcoholism and divorce and even suicide is much higher among the law enforcement community. I think there is not just a single cause but possibly many causes. The job I'm sure can consume you and such the life from you, but when you do bad things to people that are good people it will catch up to you eventually and even if no one else knows, you know, and you know your a scum bag that has ruined good peoples lives in order to further your career.

  40. Mike Hill

    Bange the kitty

    1. Mike Hill


  41. Mike Hill

    Best offense in the NFL and he still went three-and-out after two interceptions in the championship game

    1. Veng Kong

      Best offense?? Wtf are you talking about? It's Rodgers, Adam's and maybe Jones. Chiefs: Watkins, Hill, Kelce, Hardman, Bucs: Gronk, AB, Godwin, Evans, Fournette, Miller. Get off the crack. Did you forget to mention the defense that allowed 31 points and gave up a hail mary?

  42. HaHa Too Slow

    Shefty drops “Adam bombs” Pat is the 🐐

  43. TheDarKnight

    I don't understand why arod doesn't just demand a trade

  44. Charles Williams

    Jet fan here ...did you forget the fuckin jags

  45. Troy Baker

    Tom Brady retires after next year and Aaron Rodgers takes over In Tampa

  46. Jonathan Tschudi

    I wouldn't call a professional athlete who is commenting on the sport he participated in "a stooge"! If anyone has a say, you get it first over all of the mainstream non participant ESPN guys do!!

  47. Mopar Man

    I liked Goff and had high hopes for him playing for my favorite team but he can't run the ball or scramble very well and has had way too many turnovers since the brilliant season he had in 2018 when the Rams went to the Superbowl, ultimately losing to the Patriots because of injuries. The Rams defense held one of the best teams in NFL history to only 13 points, but with Todd Gurley, Cooper Cupp and two starting O-linemen out of the game they weren't even close to the same offence that took them to the Superbowl. Unfortunately Goff ended his career with the Rams in a very similar way as Jim Everett, another Rams QB that I really liked, playing at Pro Bowl level for several seasons in the mid to late 80's before completely falling apart and having a high turnover rate and a poor pass completion percentage after teams figured out if you get a couple of good hits on him and then blitz him every play, he would lose his concentration and throw picks or get nervous in the pocket until it collapses on him. Then there was " The phantom sack" when Everett apparently saw a shadow on the ground and thought he was going to get blindsided so he dropped to the turf and laid there until a defensive lineman, I think they were playing the 49ers, tagged him! That was the end of Everett's career with the Rams. I also think that when John Wolfort was the starting QB for the Cardinals game and had four 20+ yard runs in the game, more than Goff had all season, helping them win the game and really revealed what McVeigh, and the rest of the NFL already knew, was Goff's only real weakness. I just hope Stafford can stay healthy and I think the Rams offence could be something really special the next couple of seasons. Cam Akers and Darrell Henderson need to be the next Marshall Faulk and Todd Gurley, then they would be unstoppable with with Stafford and a healthy group of receivers. Welcome Mathew Stafford and GO RAMS!

  48. Johnny Bacon

    I dont think ive ever seen somebody man chrush on a dude more than this guy lol i like suga too but damn buddy almost busts a nutt everytime he says something lol

  49. Scotty Pak

    Tom Brady has always taken less money so he can win champs. so Rodgers might want to humble himself for the future.

  50. Michael Brill

    Packers' management consists of complete idiots.......end of story. Just a complete travesty......

  51. Speedyreedy1218

    Didn't he just do a deal a year or so ago?

  52. Reallifematters

    Dana white been ripping the fighters off since day one.

  53. ThatGuyBlake

    Bears fan here. Try me.

  54. Jack Montano

    Every single draft the niners always go a completely different direction then what the “experts” say. Also why tf would the niners draft Mac Jones....his ceiling is jimmy g.

  55. James Westen

    Favre was leading the league in TD passes, till he got hurt, and pouted his way to Minnesota

  56. Donald Diamond

    Darnold fuckin sucks. Stop making excuses for the next Ryan Leaf or Bosworth

  57. James Westen

    Who's had more QBs in the same amount of time, Jets or Bears?

  58. rtsbama79

    The worst thing th 49er did was move up to 3 smh.

  59. Richard Perez

    The draft can't come soon enough.

  60. Kevin Sargent

    Bad timing. Logan Paul was just accused of rape.

  61. Joe K.

    This was SEVEN MONTHS AGO!? did I time travel

  62. Donald Diamond

    You ever try to make Mark into a good football analyst again I promise I’ll stop listening or watching

  63. TruthTella2

    "Once in a generation" Andrew Luck lol. 3rd best QB his rookie year. Never lived up to his massive hype

  64. NightNative

    WWE is lame, can’t even give people who actually deserve a title a run for the belt.. they gotta keep it on that fake story guy from smack down

  65. matthew weber

    hey, leave us alone 😔

  66. Roman Hali

    Never ending story Packers and the off-season! Our front office is absolutely incompetent year after year they never go all in and then wondering what's the problem. It's frustrating I'm actually surprised Rodgers is this much patient with them he could have been gone long time ago, any team would literally give him everything to make him happy. He is so underappreciated by the Packers front office it's very sad to watch.

  67. Stephen Miranda

    Golf sucks

  68. Brian Anders

    Pretty sure if kap is talked about its racism, or lack of skills. Lame convo

  69. wtipton7

    Never gonna have an issue seeing Logan take a stunner. Always gonna tune in to see that.

  70. mr_Sabne _999

    if its cause his contract is "too big" for the packers then that's hilarious, you made the contract and agreed to it

  71. Jon Lee

    Why would Rodgers want to sign off on a restructure that doesn't add more years to his contract? If he just lets them convert his bonus he ends up on a 1 year deal. And who's making this decision on behalf of the Packers? Mark Murphy? 10 years from now it's going to come out that he gave himself way too much power and interfered with Gutey and what he wanted to do.