UFC's Francis Ngannou On The Pat McAfee Show.

The Pat McAfee Show

101 миӊ. көрүүлөр9

    Francis Ngannou might be the most humble person we've ever talked to. I hope he has all of the success in the world in the UFC.
    This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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    1. josh Zee

      Dude looks like Khalil macks older brother lmao

    2. Alex M

      Stipe rematch if jones doesn’t work out?

    3. Logan

      Someone come up with a petition or some legal way we can get cable companies to dump ESPN for Pat’s show. Pat’s channel is more informative, have better interviews w/athletes, and overall is what we sports fan want to experience.

    4. Born To Sing With The Guitar

      What a wonderful journalism not interupting and listening so the Champ can express his heart and long time pain. is amazing

    5. Tyler Arnold

      Ummm can you repeat that?

    6. Saurabh Rangari

      Did you see the bicep peak in the begining? Just insane!!

    7. Craig Brooks

      Francis is so damn likable. May he reign as champ for a long time!

    8. Neil Kratzer

      So happy to see this man getting the shine he deserves

    9. Daniel Spina

      Good for pat getting these guys

    10. anthony raymo

      This guy is such a scary human being then you listen to him talk he's like a gentle giant

    11. anthony raymo

      lol if u dont like his English fight him😂🤣😊🤷‍♂️

    12. curax

      Great stuff, awesome interview

    13. Young Nigga

      Pat was too scared to cut him off 🤣🤣

    14. Duck__Dodgers__

      Francis is a talker that’s for sure

    15. Gabriel Coelho Da Silva

      This show keeps geeting better and better.

    16. Michael Helen

      Francis has given this same interview several times over the past few months kind of getting tiring

    17. Constantine Lycouris

      AMBIEN hahahahaha

    18. Morgan Taft

      Thank you for giving just amazing human beings a platform to speak and tell a part of their story it’s nice to see someone just let these people talk and say what they feel is important

    19. La Preuve en Video

      first time there. Great respect for the host not interrupting. Awesome content. I like and follow.

    20. Chris Chelko

      I dig Pat’s shadow boxing. You can tell he’s really into the interview. Francis makes our species better.

    21. Bruno M


    22. Hunter Moreno

      Francis vs ubereem ufc make it happen.

    23. TyropicaL

      NGL Francis speaks better English than Stipe as well.

    24. Vander Himmons

      If you squint your eyes a bit he looks like lebron

    25. Brandon Driggs

      Ambien in his hands LMAO

    26. Radar Onguetou

      As a native from Cameroon 🇨🇲, much respect ✊🏾 to Pat for having Ngannou in his show. In my humble opinion, this is one of the best interview I have ever watched. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

    27. Day of the Jackal

      Props to the new champ, and also props to jean claude van damme and bloodsport.

    28. DJ Jcash

      He tells his full life story more in-depth on mike Tysons podcast hotboxing, highly recommend watching that episode, its incredible.

    29. Nathan Awopeju

      Love watchin him fight! Dont enjoy listening to him talk...lol. the sound quality is poor though. So it makes it harder to understand him

    30. Luis Arroyo

      I really think Francis can beat any man on earth in a fight

    31. BEAST TV

      Great interview

    32. Knicks Fan

      Someone needs to show him the "lighten up, Francis." scene from peewees big adventure ASAP

    33. Livin_The_ Outdoor_Life

      What an unbelievable human ! Genuine person ! Keep it going Champ!!

    34. Jim Herbbeer

      Pat proving once again he’s such an underrated interviewer


      Pat McAfee can get anyone riled up! I love it!

    36. Shmico

      I still hope we see Stipe on here again even as former champ. He's awesome

    37. Weekend Weakling

      If you have not watched Francis's recent appearance on JRE you definitely should. The story of Francis is amazing and I wouldn't be surprised if it was turned into a movie..

    38. Grey Ford

      He's the anti-mcgregor, and that is absolutely fantastic

    39. Don Yakusa

      Good stuff, Pat. Francis is jut getting started. Once this guy masters take-down defense, it’s going to take a lot to beat him.

    40. Ruben D

      I had no idea this dude went through all that, he's so humble and well spoken.

    41. Edwin Batiste

      This guy is all smiles and so mild mannered but when that Octagon closes he’s a whole Destroyer of Worlds.

    42. Drewskuhdoo

      Now I’ve not spoken French since I dropped my French minor junior year in college but I think he said “thank you, my wish was granted” at the end. He for sure said thank you but I’m not positive on the second part

    43. Collage Tron Culture Corporation

      I love this. I love the mega-fight of Bones vs. Francis. But this video is also exactly what the UFC will use to not offer top dollar for the fight. Pat averages hundreds of thousands to millions of views for most of his vids. After one day, you mean to tell me the Heavyweight champ...live...interviewed by the best, is only at 67,000!!?? We need to hack the algorithm. Otherwise...Dana is looking at this from a business perspective, and even though he knows its a big fight, will use this data to low-ball the fighters. Truth. Fact.

    44. Cody D

      What an electric interview, I’m proud of both of these guys

    45. Abi The Goat

      I did not realize how big this podcast had gotten till now

    46. Yeni Tun

      The scariest man alive, n he probably the nicest man alive too.

    47. Justin Hudgins

      Gotta luv this guy kind hearted soft spoken but a“MONSTER IN THE CAGE”!

    48. jpking2012

      "If strength is born from heartbreak, then mountains I can move." Absolute legend!

    49. Donavan Becerra

      Finally he changed the battery in his fire detector lol

      1. Hardeep Sallh

        Stipe stopped by after and fixed it

    50. Jameson Rios

      Two of the most likable humans on the planet

    51. Beede Bawng

      This was a therapy session. I'm probably right in thinking many more than just Francis benefitted from it, too.

    52. Blake Meyer

      Pat if you ever have Francis on your show again, tell him when the aliens invade were sending him out to FLATLINE the first one to make the rest of them think we all look like him and can do that and they bail

    53. PAINTnPONG

      What an awesome dude

    54. Jacob Ball

      If that was on ESPN they would have interrupted him 25 times and I wouldn't have learned everything I did. That was awesome. What a story. What a legend

    55. Macarena 123

      This. This is what I subscribed for! I've never seen a american football game in my life but every time there is MMA content it's MustSeeTV!

    56. Just Another Day Tv

      Scary Ngannou!!! Him Being Cheerful Happy Is Still Scary😅🥃🔥

    57. Andrew Simmons

      Francis, Anthony Joshua, and Jon Jones are top three most dangerous humans as far as hand to hand goes.

    58. Andrew Simmons

      This dude dead drops a world champion in six mins and talks about “doing his best” lolll

    59. Andrew Simmons

      Pat’s own career as a great punter allows him a perspective on the challenges of being an athlete but with the humility of being a punter. The show is unbelievable. ESPN on notice.

    60. Joshuah McIntosh

      He sounds like he got peanut butter stuck to the roof of his mouth

    61. Edmund Steele

      Fantastic interview.

    62. Zach E

      He seems like a gentle giant. Comes across as one of the nicest guys and playing soccer with kids then can absolutely knock your head off and kill you in 30 seconds if he so chooses. World is fortunate he decided to go the right path rather than a life of crime because he could have done a lot of destruction

    63. Ryan Hannigan

      The nostalgic bear interestedly load because oatmeal architecturally squeak across a apathetic ukrainian. symptomatic, cautious tile

    64. Ravelli TV

      I don’t want Jones v Ngannou. The idea of Jones losing makes me sad, but the idea of Ngannou losing makes me very sad.

    65. TA Fisher

      He will do well and has a good outlook on life. Very mature, to include recognizing his weaknesses and where he needed to improve. It showed in his fight.

    66. Thiccc Boi

      Baddest Man on the Planet! No Cap

    67. tirona 043

      Francis is why there’s 0 excuse to be a dickhead. This man will decapitate u in the octagon but is such a nice, soft-spoken person outside of his profession.

      1. inconsistent

        Well said

    68. Kyle Burris

      I thinks what is inspiring is how Pat McAfee the number one Colts punter ever for sure baby top 3- punters ever is getting good new guests every other day and I love to see his show growing me being a lifelong Colts fan and a lifelong resident of Middletown Indiana has always love me some Pat McAfee got love for the brand

    69. Brad John

      Call me a scumbag but I didn’t hear a word that dude said.. lol

    70. Eva Makarski

      The nifty mexico proximately wobble because experience phylogenetically pop barring a lewd north. true, entertaining quiet

    71. Cookie Love

      He is brilliant and beautifully made Ogun

    72. tirona 043

      I’m a big UFC fan as well as a big Pat McAfee fan. Awesome to see you putting more emphasis in MMA.

    73. Jon Zimmer

      So we have Jean-Claude Van Damme to thank for Ngannou THAAAAANK YOOOOOU VAAAAAN DAAAAAMME

    74. Jeffery Gardner

      The fact that he took being exposed by Stipe and focused on using that as motivation tells you everything you need to know about him. His whole life is a story of not letting setbacks stop him from reaching his goals.

    75. Andy Lee

      What a special person man, one of a kind

    76. I couldn't think of a cool name

      I can't stand the people who speak on this man's broken English because to me it's really not that broken and when you consider the man knows two other languages and doesn't have that much of a educational background how can any of you dweebs really hate on that?? Lol some ppl just suck 🤷🏼‍♂️

    77. Edmunds

      Jesus, Hollywood get on this story! Rags to riches, not to mention another culture. I'd watch this!

    78. Tim Duffy

      Two thumbs 👍up

    79. Lucky Luke

      Great show, man! You respect your guests and never interrupt their moments should be commended. Great natural energy from the show. Very happy for Francis Ngannou. I wish him continued success. Can’t wait for the book. Perhaps a great Oscar winning type movie down the line with his hopefully continued success.

    80. Micah Thun

      Man Francis is such a likeable dude

    81. Jordan K

      Thank god for subtitles🙏🙏

    82. Cline Proffit

      the 19 people that disliked this are straight up haters how can yo dislike francis ngannou, maybe its that small guy from WWE and his 18 friends.

    83. Kayode Akinwumi

      Thanks for having him!!

    84. King Dom

      You need Derrick the beast Lewis on next!

    85. Gavin Shockley

      Francis is gonna become the greatest heavyweight of all time

      1. Gavin Shockley

        You can’t coach power

    86. Shannon Richardson

      The best sports show period! ESPN sucks!

    87. Johnny B. Jabroni

      If Ngannou had a beard and a receding hairline he'd be LeBron

    88. Phil E

      Such a beast and beautiful human being all in one

    89. Mathew Andrist

      Jones don’t want the smoke!!!!

      1. Josh James

        Jones would get smoked in the first round . If they fight

    90. Ryan T

      This dude is so genuine. He spoke about so much and didn’t even speak much about the fight he just had lol. No complaints.

    91. Gurprit Singh Jhutti

      keep it short and simple

    92. Bearded Club Golfer

      This guys a legend!!

    93. John Ling

      Mad respect to pat for giving his guest the platform to express themselves. Sometimes he juices them up but sometimes he just let's the sun shine on them. The first interview I fully watched of Francis because he is allowed to talk. Respect pat

    94. THE FIRE


    95. Neverbitter

      Loved this interview even though big Francis is a bit hard to understand. Pat is such a genuine dude, an interviewer who actually tries to listen and has honest feedback. Good job dude, and also the crew. Way better than an ESPN interview.

    96. Gloria Shaw

      The alive dinner presumably hate because australia anatomically transport atop a glossy fifth. hard, panoramic stepdaughter

    97. OGHawaiian6787

      i still think that pats best fighter intro was brendan schaub...

    98. A Jamal

      Fantastic interview Pat !

    99. Matt617

      Pats ability to sit back and just listen is absolutely amazing, both as a listener and watching him. He really allows them to speak about anything as much as they want, rarely cutting them off at all if not ever.

    100. il cevin

      Hey Pat love your show. Would love it if you could get Sonny Bill Williams (New Zealand rugby player) on your show and get your thoughts on whixh position someone with his skills could have played if he was in the NFL