Pat McAfee Thinks Back To His Professional Baseball Game

The Pat McAfee Show

45 миӊ. көрүүлөр2

    Pat McAfee had one of the best professional baseball debuts of all time. Who are some others?
    Have you watch my pro baseball debut? If not check it out here:
    This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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    1. Thomas H.L.

      Why isn't there a segment about MLB and their TERRIBLE decision to move the ASG from Atlanta?

    2. Thomas H.L.

      Why isn't there a segment about MLB and their TERRIBLE decision to move the ASG from Atlanta?

    3. Thomas H.L.

      Why isn't there a segment about MLB and their TERRIBLE decision to move the ASG from Atlanta?

    4. John Baer

      So how 'bout that ATL All-Star game, btw???????????? Baseball is dead to me & that really hurts to say.

    5. Troy Hung

      Share the video when Cody Bellinger hit a homerun and was called out 😂😂😂

    6. Grumpy Grandpa Patriot Show

      I went to Waynesburg College School of Knowledge right up the road from WVU and we played WVU during the year. The pitching between NAIA and Division 1 was insane. I fell out of the box thinking it was going to take my head off and it curved in for a strike.

    7. Ramona Chavez

      Pat and baseball? Wow 😱

    8. Tristan

      He only called in to mention the baseball debut bc the algorithm recommended everyone the video including me! XD

      1. Randy Diets

        Has AI taken over?

    9. Im Ebs

      Rest in peace beach bums. Now tc pit spitters

    10. Mack The Gamer

      Pats story telling just continues to amuse me

      1. Hunter Waits

        IKR dying laughing at that story man

    11. rob daumer

      Flexion to extension

    12. WVUDJ

      I was at that Wild Things game. Better than watching the Pirates!

    13. Robert Adams

      Professional?. You means minor leagues?. Professional Baseball is the Major League baseball ( MLB). You never played in the Majors.

      1. Scal Nation

        Payed to play= professional regardless of the level of competition

      2. billy

        pro ball includes the minor leagues.

      3. Eddie Wiggles

        I think Pat McAfee has accomplished enough regardless of this Baseball publicity stunt to have the respect of any Sports Fan.

      4. JC Kanza

        The players sign contracts with the MLB teams so they are under contract playing with a professional baseball team who has placed them in their minor league system to develop sounds like they're professionals to me

      5. Will Murden

        Always someone who be hatin’ 😔🤡

    14. Chance Simmons

      Look at that trashy as Boston jersey go dodgers thanks for the goat

      1. Jello more Like hello

        Covid champions

    15. Gee Loco

      There’s no wrong side when both sides are the right sides

      1. Darkwing_Dann

        No, there's a left side too

    16. That Cichlid Guy!

      No worries I'd still pick you before Tebow any day!

      1. Jake Fulton

        @Dustin Stephens minor league god

      2. Dustin Stephens

        Are you kidding? Tebow was built for minor league basic.

    17. Jorge San Miguel

      Let’s Go!!!

    18. Tristan Hunyady

      “I was POTENTIALLY not in great shape”😂

    19. Max Lopez

      I used to play baseball years ago. My dream was to play in the mlb. Now I’m overweight, work in an office but you know what? Life is good today.

      1. Max Lopez

        @Ivywood Records unfortunately only a few people who get drafted play in the mlb and make good money. I know a lot of people who got drafted out of high school and spent 4-5 years in the minors and got released then they come home very lost about life. So I’m glad I wasn’t as good. Remember the man you become is more important than the player you were.

      2. Ivywood Records

        Ya but..MLB bro that would have been dope. Think about that next time you in that office chair

    20. The Bengals Don’t Have An Indoor Practice Facility

      If Pat gets that new bat, that ball is AHT OF HERE

    21. carson enderle


    22. Akai Garcia

      Just punt the damn baseball