Pat McAfee's Thoughts On 1 Point Kickoff Through Goal Post Proposal

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    Do you think a 1-point kickoff goal would be a good idea?
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    1. Travis Kellogg

      No kneeling the ball during opening kickoff of the superbowl

    2. Scott Wyman

      Only a point if you can hit the upright. Through the goalposts is too easy

    3. Eli Blue

      This would not work for one reason. Let’s say the first kickoff goes through and in 1-0, then you kick off again and it goes through and you keep doing that for a whole half, that would be so fucked.

    4. Colin Hatten

      i think this would also incentivize international soccer players to attempt to join the NFL as well

    5. DrewbyDoo20

      Add a little risk/reward - the team has to elect if they want to attempt the one pointer - if they do and miss, they lose one point

    6. patrick halbert

      That'd make my squares poole very interesting. There'd be no exitingly good numbers any week. It'd happen way more often than safeties, and we all know what those do to the squares game when they hit.

    7. Dr Apples

      take it even farther, the defending team gets to use pool noodles to try and keep the ball from going into the uprights.

    8. shushivick

      Takeru Yamasaki has done it couple time - kickoff thru uprights. Also he made 73 yard FG

    9. J.T. Hughes

      put the arena upright system in there so we can get some bouncing misses and the ball is live live if it hits the upright

    10. iRetroEnerqy

      If you do this, then why not do the same for punts?

    11. Down_that_way

      Like the AFL?

    12. Eric Lhymn

      I like the idea of the kicking team first declaring they're going to attempt. And then if they miss then treat it like kicking out of bounds and place ball at the 40.

    13. Rey Orocio

      Kicker has to declare and if they miss the other team gets a point

    14. corncase

      ive been saying this for years. i hope they ad this

    15. Dallas vs World


    16. korntime

      Why not make a 55+ yd fg 4 points instead of 3?

    17. Cole Bailey

      I bet Justin Tucker is a huge fan of this rule proposal.

    18. CashWiley

      I've wondered why that wasn't a rule since I started watching the game in the 80s. Along with a safety being 6 pts (I could see a 5pt safety for good score strategy).

    19. John Knight

      Yea from the 25 not the 35 .

    20. Jays forDays

      said this after doing mushrooms years ago!

    21. My Mom

      What is the NFL coming to....

    22. Will Simmons

      arena football is worth 2

    23. Will Simmons

      well kick offs are free kicks and a free kick is worth three points...

    24. Matt Mattik Pilger

      Justin Tucker is salivating over the thought of this.

    25. Eric Horner

      Kicker would become the 2nd most important position. Which would be VERY INTERESTING...

    26. piccilo72

      What happens after the kick? They scored so do they kick again? Infinite points opportunities if you can keep making them? Does other team then get a chance to kick as well?

    27. Jimmy Osalla

      Sounds like a fun idea / rule to try out

    28. John Pritchard

      Replace the Pro Bowl game with a 3rd place game. Both teams must wager a 2nd round pick and the winning team gets the picks.

    29. Animal

      4:30 christ guys, learn football Any ball kicked into the endzone that stays in the endzone is a point for the kicking team (unless its a punt, then it can go out of bounds) This causes 2 things: Combined with the Uprights being at the front of the end zone: Returned missed field goals And coupled with the fact you can punt from anywhere on the field on any down in any situtation: Two punters on the field at the same time trying to out kick each other and prevent/score a rouge to win or tie

    30. Animal


    31. Glenn Westbrook

      If I am not mistaken, in the CFL a missed field goal is one point if it clears the back of the end zone. But keep in mind that the end zones in the CFL are 20 yards deep and the goal posts are at the front of the end zone. But if the kick is missed and caught by a player from the other team and returned out of the end zone then there are no points.

    32. Brett Murray

      I like it, however if the kick is good. Receiving team gets in the red zone. Either at the 20 or the 15.

    33. Jbreed The Rebel

      Can we get rid of ties..... Like come on....

    34. Parth Patel

      Imagine being down 9 points and bam your tied😂

    35. Dwayane Smith

      How about instead of one point for kicking it through the uprights your team gets the ball on your 25 yard line.

    36. BeanTaz

      Would the NCAA apply it.

    37. Ed Cessna

      This sounds stupid

    38. Tschād Erdström

      9 point touchdowns woooooooooo

    39. brownboy2340

      It should be minus 1 if you miss

    40. jr james

      Ravens would have no problem with that , they got the best kicker in the game

    41. Steve Kinney

      Truthfully.. it means they are worried about the XFL at least to some degree. And they should be. It was way more fun to watch.

    42. Jmillee

      But kick off should be kick off

    43. SIGN MAN

      This is a great idea I'd love to see it

    44. Jmillee

      I’ve always thought about this

    45. adopted686

      kicker misses PAT, really angry and boots it 80 yards for a pretty much make-up PAT. love the idea

    46. The Wiseguys TCG

      I have the perfect solution make the kick through the uprights a worse Touchback. Like start from the 15 or something

    47. Marc Rivera

      I absolutely love this, this would make the kicking game so much more interesting to watch, No offense Pat.

    48. Ted Brandt

      Stupid Busch league garbage, the type of thing an idiot claps like a seal for.

    49. My Dogs Best Fren

      imagine the Niners beat the Seahawks 1-0 lol!

    50. Tree2leaf Mcocyondu

      Maybe it would be better to kickoff both halfs

    51. Tmac

      CFL is underrated

    52. Aaron Wood

      Why in the hell have they not stolen the XFL's kickoffs and punting rules? It was the most pleasant change the XFL made. No more XFL (for now at least)... This does just smack of more touchbacks, because if it falls short it's an automatic touchback. Don't mind the idea of it itself, but I would still institute the XFL ideas first.

    53. Tanya McPeek

      Why don’t we give the winner of the coin 🪙 toss 1point as well? If I wanted stupid rules added I’d watch the CFL.

    54. RoB Vincient

      Man can dream!!!...this will be so exciting player, fan, and gambling wise

    55. Vincent Nicosia

      I think it could work if there were a few restrictions, maybe you can only declare it in the 4th quarter and if you miss they get it at the 35 like they suggested

    56. sscswimmer1

      Why not just make it the 10 yard line for making it through. 15 yard benefit doesn't completely change the way the scoring of the game works, but still rewards a great kick. Higher potential for a safety if you can get a sack or a false start.

    57. Stephen Denino

      No because this rule would be waaaayyy too beneficial for Denver

    58. Ronnie LaZear

      I don’t think it should be a point but maybe the opposing team starts on the 10 instead of the 25 if it’s made.

    59. Jalendashaun


    60. Jay Street

      Declare the try before hand .If it fails to go through it’s a returnable kick that you can’t fumble even on a attempted lateral. if you catch it if it goes out the Endzone it’s a touch back but on the 40.

    61. The Sims Hustle

      They should only allow 2 players on the field. If the kick is short there can be a run back. One on one.

    62. Orlando De Los Santos

      Thats what I've been thinkin for like the last months playing madden.. for example you have two attempts just on kickoffs - one in each half..if you miss it the other team gets the ball at the 40 yd line..

    63. Gray

      We need more celebrations

    64. Douglas Mims

      Good! It's a fun rule that currently exists in the National Arena League!

    65. Diego Theveny

      In the cfl if you miss a field goal but goes behind the end zone (wich is 30 yards) its 1 point

    66. Luca Berger

      Rip kick returns

    67. Justin Squibb

      Dumbest idea I’ve ever heard

    68. KnowItAll Sports

      The NFL is in a great place in terms of gameplay - be careful not to advocate for change simply for the sake of change. The offensive explosion in the NBA has made it very hard to watch basketball lately for example.

    69. Veretax

      I like the idea you might put a restriction that you can only do it in the second half what if if you managed to get it to the upright to get a point but instead of it starting with a Touchback at the 20th at 25 you're talking to 30 or 35

      1. Veretax

        Now think about those times when you know have a penalty enforced on the kickoff

    70. Finlay96

      In the CFL if you take a touch back then you get the ball on the 20 ( I believe) and give up a point

    71. tyler moreno

      Idk what if the other team kicker can kick it 79-80 yards? Wouldn’t it just be a back an fourth battle intel one kicker misses?

    72. Chris Downes

      Better yet, 1 point safety if you don't return a punt or kickoff out of the endzone. If a kick or punt goes out of bounds in the air and in the end zone (and not through the uprights) it is 1 point for the receiving team.

    73. John Vane

      Introduce drop kicks at goal as an option in a golden point extra time scenario. Drop kicks don’t require elaborate setups, are a mobile rather than static option that can cause chaos for the defence if the ball can be passed to more than one player who can perform the skill and, because there is a lot of opportunity for things to go wrong can cause multiple turnovers. The NFL needs more chaos.

    74. Winston Smith

      I actually like this idea. Touchbacks are boring. Since we can't have returns anymore, give us something.

    75. mightybuffoon

      Maybe they should try this 1 point kickoff through the uprights during the pre-season to see how it goes.

    76. JWV Memes

      Give the option to get the point, but move the kick back five more yards?

    77. Tim Montag Jr.

      You don’t even know how many times I have said that this should happen!!!

    78. School Projects

      N O NO. This is so easy. If you actually watch the kickoffs it happens A LOT now that they moved up the kickoff.

    79. Darren Gray

      The indoor league Jared Lorenzen played in at Northern Kentucky had that rule. I thought it was cool, but if the kicker missed, the other team got the ball at midfield.

    80. Jai Mann

      You declare you intent to go for 1 point, make it blockable, and if you declare and miss the ball comes out to the 40

    81. Martin Klein

      Gives a reason for having the kickoff. Anymore it’s a touchback and extra commercials ... every time.

    82. Lynnette Myerson

      I like this idea though to balance it any kickoff that does not go through the uprights that lands out of bounds counts as a kick out of bounds and the receiving team starts at the 40, also the ball should be live if it hits the upright and lands in the field of play, this was the best part of arena football why do no other leagues have this rule?

    83. Joseph Malgieri

      I always thought it should be worth something, just not points. A normal touchback is at the 25 so if they make it through the uprights, they should have the offense start on the 15.

    84. Johnny Longfeather

      0:11 potentially. 0:32 potential. 0:43 potentially.

    85. Benjamin Zyburt

      But kickoffs come from the team that just scored so why should they get another opportunity right after?

    86. Sean Gundstrom

      To many rules in football and changes

    87. Michael Holst

      I've always thought that this should be worth something. I don't think that the nfl would go for it counting as a point, but maybe it would make the other team start their drive at the 10 yard line.

    88. Michael Linger

      The AFL had a rule like this. This would be amazing.

    89. William Burke

      "DAMN! I was born too soon!" - Sebastian Janikowski

    90. Aiden Groomes

      This would eliminate kick returns 🤔

    91. M8 XBL

      back up the ball spot a bit and sure we can see it in the preseason and never again

    92. J MELE

      If they make it, who gets the ball after? Can they kick it for another field goal?

    93. David Moore


    94. Jared Kinney Jr

      OT "Kick-Off" rule. After 10mins of OT & still tied, it goes to a Kick off between kickers. Just like soccer.

    95. Daniel Ray

      What a stupid idea. The dumbest part of the game will get rewarded with a point... no thanks!

    96. Tom

      Pass received then kicked through the uprights by receiver = 10 points. Only in the fourth quarter.

    97. Mooseknuckle _44

      1. Can only be attempted in the 2nd half. 2. Has to be declared prior to attempt, kinda like eligible receiver has to be announced. 3. Only one attempt per game. 4. Cannot be attempted on a defensive penalty that was assessed on the kickoff. 5. If attempt is missed, receiving team gains either a challenge, or a timeout. 6. If completed, the opposing team starts next possession on their own 35. Or can elect another kickoff. 7. Opposing team receives 2 pts for blocking the attempt. 8. Opposing team cannot touch the goal post at anytime. If they do and block the kick, the kicking team can elect to move the ball up 5 yds and re-attempt. Or elect to put the ball on the receiving teams 1 yd line as a touchback.

    98. Zachary Ahrens

      If you miss the other team starts where you kicked it from with no time taken off the clock

    99. Arik

      Please no


      Remember Flutie pulling out the 1 point play in the NFL