Pat McAfee Reacts To News Of Packers And Aaron Rodgers Contract Drama.

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    It's hard to even envision what Aaron Rodgers would look like on any other team than the Packers.
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    1. Darrell Malone

      What’s going on in GreenBay is not weird it’s embarrassing. If Packer management think Love is an adequate replacement they’re delusional . Rodgers is a rare player and they pissed his career away.

    2. Julian Gunney

      What a crazy situation!! How can we give up the best QB ever?? WTF

    3. Malcolm Songz

      I got arod down for pulling a Brett farve and going to the Vikings

    4. prod1192

      Aaron to the bears. You're welcome

    5. Mal Mazing

      Rodgers leaving Green Bay is like Wilson leaving Seattle it is never going to happen. Both of those franchises will be taking off TV very fast without these two on these teams.

    6. Calvin Parsley

      I don't see anything wrong with what he said.

    7. Ryan Doyle

      He can come to the Bears next season

    8. Hedy Did

      1:35seconds for an acceptance speech for AARON RODGERS the current NFL MVP, is fuking crazy!!! 95 seconds that's it!!!! ???????

    9. Hedy Did


    10. Richard Trudeau

      The Packers have wasted Aaron s Carreer.

    11. Troy Buck

      Mark Murphy and those corporate dead weights on the bod are what’s wrong in GB.

    12. novoselic lovro

      I can see him going to Denver next year


      He is getting the FARVE treatment........ LOL Waiting for someone to say we want to trade for A-Rod...... Lets see what we can get for him..... I have a friend that says he is being hung out as bait....

    14. Debra Hoffman

      Maybe the Packers should get rid of the stupid gimmick "where our fans own the team" no one is held accountable this way it's the reason why your sorry ass team underachieves each year

    15. Jose S.

      Someone get my boy over to new England to take over cam Newtons spot 😂😂 that guy hasn’t been the same since he lost in the super bowl

    16. luis nunez

      I'm a die hard packers fan and I'm kinda excited to see where rodgers goes to. Hopefully it's not a divisional team😅😅

    17. Bob Alexander

      What if Rodgers kills it during his Jeopardy run and is offered the job full time? He is engaged now and maybe wants kids and a normal life making $10mil/yr hosting Jeopardy.

    18. Tom

      reporter: you don't want Aaron Rodgers for the rest of his career? Packers: we can lose NFC championships just as easily without him , thanks

    19. Paul Johnson

      They want a young Qb so they spend elsewhere and make some SB runs

    20. Evan Fortunato

      He's the reason they lost the nfcc and he has had known leadership problems for years. MVP is great and all, but I'm sure aaron would have rather gone to the big game. Tom Brady threw three picks and he couldn't put up points. Was the Love draft pick a little premature? Sure. But let's face it guys, it's over. Aaron won't put them over the hump.

    21. Nate Wendt

      Horse hockey. Smart move by the organization. A declining player who hit the peak. Trade the guy.

    22. Angel Guittierez

      Why isn’t anyone asking why Rodgers needs more money? Didn’t he just get a huge deal?

    23. Ghost miko

      As a bears fan Haha i thought pace was a stooge

    24. MG Morgan

      Your thinking too much into this Pat. It's not that analytical... Not a big deal, Yet

    25. Festie Vids

      honestly i think this is rodgers last year with the packers if they win a super bowl or not. hes done with the terrible mismanagement and you can tell.

    26. Jack Olson

      "Packers & Aaron Rodgers drama". ❌ Wrong. Aaron Rodgers drama. Looks like he learned a lot more from #4 than we thought.

    27. Mak Daddy

      If after this year the guaranteed money is gone.....I Guarantee the Packers will move from Rodgers. They already wasted years of Rodgers skills with many open positions with practice squad players.

    28. Alen Phillips

      Why not fire Mark M. While this tool stick continues to not make easy decisions, i for one, will not buy anything GB. Ill wait of need be to buy the jersey number 12 puts on no matter the city. The true owners of GB, the fans, need to oust MM. Complete tool stick.

    29. Brian Joyce

      Look how they treated Favre. Rogers is getting the same thing Favre got. Every QB going forward should know this with the packers and make moves accordingly!

      1. A B

        Favre retired every year and then demanded his job back and was in the decline of his career. Rodgers is still the best. Just because they played for the same team doesn’t mean there is any type of comparison smdh

    30. Bud Waller

      Fire Mark Murphey!

    31. liam stone

      The only difference between Aaron’s last few years in Green Bay and Tom Brady’s last few years in New England are that when bill wanted garapolo, he still went into a win now method and got Brady weapons

    32. DJDoughBoyNW On Insta

      What franchise won’t say they want the mvp as their QB

    33. Merne A

      Seems like you're making something out of nothing, honestly. (hint: he's under contract for 3 more years)

    34. Ker Loz

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    35. scott campbell

      Packers should have a problem with Rodgers. Two years in a row he can’t bring it home. Pack your bags .

    36. michael zimmermann

      He isn't going anywhere , slow news day 😉

    37. John Larouche

      Rodgers is a premadona,always going for the big play, just a down field chucker. He will never win another SB.

    38. Josh Shaw

      Aaron probably needs to prove it. Three mvps in a row then they will try to keep him.

    39. Leonardo Willi

      Negotiation posturing is what it looks like. Don't want Aaron? 29 other teams will be calling. But I have to say, Detroit? Oh hell man, that would be incredible. Imagine Aaron's motivation with a deal like that? GB would be out of contention till the day he retired. That is a great thought!

    40. Jimmie Johnson

      honestly I think the packers should of got rid of him. For six years it looked like he was just going through the motion and he finally looked like he wanted to play under new coaches but he still cant get past first round playoffs. We could've traded him this offseason and got a huge payout sense everyone needs a qb and we might have two

    41. J M

      I don't have a clue if Jordan love is good or not BUT Id love is an all star level EVER then they did the right thing.... I love that Ty is playing a character but he knows like all due har pack fans know,Rodgers is towards the end. The packers were in the same spot when Rodgers got drafted. Literally if the media was the same as today for the year rodgers was drafted ut would be worse. ... stop shitting on love. Maybe he is very good. Maybe he is just, good. Even it's just GOOD gutenkunst and gbay win...

    42. J M

      I love Aaron Rodgers and what he has done but seriously he has had nothing but drama and controversy since 2015. ... I'm beyond tired of that crap.

    43. Mr.Shawn

      Aaron Rogers to the Washington Football Team next year and WINS a Super Bowl!

    44. evan nielsen

      sorry Brady should have been given MVP. He proved how he alone brought bodies in and won more games in TB 7and 9 before Brady shows how he made it all happen.

    45. Gary Crook

      Which QB is the best fit for Shanahan's system?

    46. GodKage

      Im not the biggest Aaron Rodgers fan but dude is without a doubt a top 3 QB every year

    47. Dadson worldwide

      Smart to never be more than 3 yrs in tbe hook. .only extend it when your forced . A 38 39 yr old should be kept on yr to yr basis. Humans get lazy easily. You get paid and simply show up for a check and that sux for teams and fans. See Isiah Wilson lol

    48. Josh Dupee

      He is the king of “pouty face.”

    49. tbagger

      Rodgers is a great qb no doubt about that. The reality is though he has only been to one super bowl. So the Packers I think are contemplating is he worth the money? They are not going to Superbowls with him , so do they just rebuild or try and add what they can with paying him a high salary ? If I was the Packers I would try and still win with him. watching brady for years and having to watch cam last year it is so important what a great qb can do. Going from brady to cam hurt my eyes.

    50. Corrupt MFG

      Rogers isn’t going to the f*cking lions he wants a ring

    51. Jimmy

      Aaron to the bears? :))))

    52. Lisa Hein

      Mark Murphy and Gutekunst needs to go. Let's go Packer fans and lets keep Aaron Rodgers and trade Jordan Love.

    53. Ike C.

      Fuckin hate the packers front office. Ever since Ron wolf left its best downhill. So pathetic

    54. Ryan Berka

      As a long-time Packers fan, I am actually more of a Rodgers fan now. I would be done with the packers if they push Rodgers out of town. Not sure who's ego in the front office is getting in the way here, but I know they are gonna blow this up. I can only hope they trade him to somewhere in the NFC north so they can routinely get their ass handed to them for the next half a decade +. If there is anything packers management has proven to me, they are really good at wasting HOF qb's. The only thing making this team relevant has been Favre and Rodgers. What I don't get is a guy like Brady. He's old man river and has teams fawning over selling out to get him to the Superbowl. He will be 80, out there with a walker having someone moving his arm for him and you will still see teams trying to sign him and buying 30 clones of jerry rice and barry sanders to support him. Rodgers, clearly the most talented QB, MVP season, Meh, let's roll the dice with this QB that wasn't great in college but we felt the need to unnecessarily trade up to get.

    55. Brenton Atkins

      Come on to Minny A-Rodg.

    56. Jordan Speer

      Sad packers fan here, what is Murphy thinking, and being from Ohio. With the dolans in Cleveland. Why is ownership so terrible

    57. Coyote112 12

      I hope this isn’t like the Favre situation, that was rough enough. Murphy sounds like it’s not going well.

    58. Matthew Littel

      so stupid rodgers should be the top priority he has been the whole squad for years we lose rodgers and this is an under .500 team

    59. Paul Gold

      Rodgers traded to New England for 2022 season :)

    60. Taylor Nelson

      Disrespected him last draft. He showed everyone during the season. Now he is ripping them in privacy. He should be going after his pound of flesh. Make the Packers pay.

    61. Trevor Rolland

      So he had his best year ever and he didn't win the super bowl? Didn't even come close. Time to move on from the most over-rated qb ever.

    62. A

      "saints even"... saints won the nfc south by a lot, were te 1st seed in the nfc for a long time and ended up 2nd seed... wtf

    63. rubbersole

      Isn't this kind of how Favre was treated?

    64. Robert Lowrie

      They have him for 3 more years. You're basically asking the owner why he doesn't wanna pay him extra for the same amount of production.

    65. Tenno Operator

      As a Packers fan all of my life, when Rodgers goes the Packers will be the like the Houston Rockets in the NBA. Just a massive flop letting their best player go cause the ego of the front office can't build around him or at least get a defense that doesn't get smoked.

    66. Riled Mouse

      Here’s the thing: Aaron Rodgers Tuesday will persist, regardless of which team he’s on. So Pat will always come out the winner.

    67. BTunes303

      I’ve wanted Murphy gone for like a decade and wanted Gutekunst gone since the moment they foolishly handed him the GM job because I knew he was just a dumb version of Ted. Sadly they will both probably be around longer than Rodgers and won’t lose their jobs until people see how bad they are without Rodgers. They will leave this team in such bad shape and with no cap space to fix it because of stupid and backloaded contracts. Get ready pack fans because things are gonna be bad for a while, Jordan Love doesn’t seem to have the intangibles needed to be more than a bottom 5 game manager.

    68. Brandon P

      I love that Rodgers balled out this season and put all these clowns in the Packers organization on the hot seat.

    69. Jason Luong

      damn, Packers' CEO's response about "specific" was a bad after-taste.

    70. Tim Garetson

      The Packers are scared to death to win the Super Bowl with Aaron Rodgers as their quarterback. That would mean the Packer executives (Murphy and Gooyfunk) would get egg in their faces for not admitting they f***ed up by trading up to get an unnecessary Quarterback "project" , instead of drafting, trading,or acquiring other tested and deserving players.

    71. TakeDeadAim

      Much ado about's just typical Murphy speak. Simma down now, simma down.

    72. Steven Point

      Rodgers REFUSES To Restructure His Contract Like Tom Brady Has DONE EVERY YEAR in Order To Win a Ring! Packers are ABOVE The Salary Cap As it Stands BEFORE The Draft! TRADE HIM Because They Need Defense More Than Paying ONE GUY $38 MILLION

    73. mike demaret

      Maybe it’s because Aaron Rodgers is under .500 in the playoffs. He is Payton Manning. Can’t win the big game.

    74. Christopher Ardoin

      He doesn't even get them to the NFC championship. The statistics are cool and all but he really doesn't win the games that matter. I don't know what they should do but I can see why they are just letting it play out.

    75. Mark Nowak

      Rodgers to Denver for Lock, and a first! Everyone wins

    76. Dj Diddles

      Mike Murphy has been needing to go the passed several years now.

    77. John Frerichs

      Love is going to be a joke.. This is going to really hurt packers for years to come

    78. loretta hawley

      I'm sure everything will work out for Green Bay . Anyone that would let him walk away is a fool . And I'm sure there is no fools in the PACKERS organization.

      1. :The Return

        Bears own green bay

    79. Skippy Brown

      Mark Murphy is a clown.

    80. Philadelphia Swift

      “Our QB did amazing last season and made our stupid decision look stupid so we’re gonna be mean to him 😡”. Honestly the Packers front office is so ridiculous.

    81. Special Ed

      Aaron laid an absolute piece of poop in that NFC title game. He gets one more season to figure it out, or trade him. Take all the draft picks you can get.

    82. Mckinley

      1000th comment 😅

    83. Charlo Gordon

      Uncle Pat can you call him and tell him to come to the bears 😣

    84. Julian martinez

      49ere should wait until Rodgers deal is up they should draft best player available this upcoming draft and trade Jimmy next season for whatever

    85. Aaron Osborne

      Packers are gonna suckkkk for years to come if they let go of Rodgers

    86. Bob

      Here it is again, bunch of nonsense. The media is a complete joke.. He's under contract through 2023! He'll be 40 years old when the contract ends.. The Packers can keep him for 3 more seasons, and then he can either retire or sign somewhere else. Jordan Love or possibly another QB will take over. This happens in football.. QB's get in their late 30's and early 40's, and their careers are over. That's how it's always worked.. The media is desperate to try and create this drama..

    87. Cody Li

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    88. Snowboard Dan

      This is how the Packers do it. Draft develope move on before it's to late. Draft replacement QB to prepare for future

    89. Jeffy Johnson

      Tom plays one more season with Tampa wins another superbowl retires then Rodgers comes to Tampa

    90. David Buech

      Since when has Mark Murphy been anything but noncommittal,ambiguous,and sitting on the fence? This means next to nothing.

    91. melvado

      I believe the phrase on Rodgers is just as simple as ..... R-E-L-A-X...

    92. Oscar Soto

      looks like murphy and gutty trynna prove themselves in a bellichick kinda way rising their own qb up. asshole move

    93. x NastyByNature

      Seems like Green Bay is scared of having a Brady and Jimmy G situation the Patriots had a few years ago.

    94. Destry Placencio

      He will go to the 49ers the team he wanted to be on in the first place

    95. Kyle Zieroff

      Bro is that an Agro Crag?!?!

    96. Pete Trujillo

      Mark Murphy needs to get his shine box.

    97. hazeofthegreensmoke

      I can't trust PM after the Russ Wilson coverage.

    98. Redhawk 1160

      Pat rodgers has talked about playing for the bears. He talked about soldiers field. He has always played good there. I'm telling you right now if rodgers does leave the packers he will play for the bears. Do you think greenbay is stupid enough to trade him thier divison. ?

    99. David Conley

      Aaron to New England for a New England Tampa Bay Belicek Brady Superbowl

    100. Ross McFarland

      OMG as a Lions fan AROD would be a God in DET!!..but crazier things have happend lol