Hammer Dahn | Friday April 2nd, 2021

The Pat McAfee Show

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    1. BrynieBear

      Safest bet, your retirement fund

    2. BrynieBear

      Good to see everyone so wrong

    3. Crutopia Records

      Damn UCLA actually had a chance.. and jus like Jay Glazer I knew this a couple days ago

    4. Mike Hunt

      3-0 BIG MITT

    5. Mark Roland

      Fade Connor

    6. mdalekid0303

      Connor "This is the Final Four!" ....2 mins earlier "I don't watch college basketball" clown

    7. Nicholas Francoletti

      Hammer Dahn Picks and Result: Bet: Baylor -5 Point Spread Result: Baylor win by 19 ✔ Bet: Baylor Money Line Result: Baylor win by 19 ✔ Bet: Gonzaga Money Line Super Boost Result: Gonzaga win by 3 in OT ✔ Bet: Baylor Pick Em Result: Baylor win by 19 ✔ Bet: Houston vs. Baylor Under 134.5 Points Scored Result: 137 Points were scored ❌ Bet: MaCio Teague scores 20 Points and Baylor wins Result: Baylor wins, but MaCio Teague scores 11 Points ❌ Bet: UCLA +19.5 Point Spread Result: Gonzaga win by 3 in OT ✔ Bet: Gonzaga -14.5 Point Spread Result: Gonzaga win by 3 in OT ❌ Bet: Drew Timme scores 25 Points and Gonzaga wins Result: Timme scores 25 Points and Gonzaga wins ✔ Bet: Jalen Suggs scores 15 Points and Gonzaga wins Result: Suggs scores 16 Points and Gonzaga wins ✔ Bet: Corey Kispert score 20 Points and Gonzaga wins Result: Gonzaga wins, but Kisper scores 15 Points ❌ Bet: UCLA Money Line Result: Gonzaga win by 3 in OT❌Bet: Hawks vs. Pelicans Over 213 Points Scored Result: 229 Points were scored✔ Bet: Bulls +12 Point Spread Result: Jazz win by 7 ✔ Bet: Lakers +4.5 Point Spread Result: Lakers win by 21 ✔ Bet: Knicks Money Line Result: Mavericks win by 13 ❌ Bet: Pacers -4.5 Point Spread Result: Hornets win by 17 ❌ Bet: Sacramento Kings -4.5 Point Spread Result: Lakers win by 21 ❌ Bet: OKC +13.5 Point Spread Result: Suns win by 37 ❌ Bet: Gordon Hayward scores 25 Points and Hornets win Result: Hornets win, but Hayward scores 13 Points ❌ Bet: Jaylen Brown scores 30 Points and Celtics win Result: Celtics win, but Brown scores 22 Points ❌ Bet: Gary Trent Jr. scores 25 Points and Raptors win Result: Raptors win, but Trent Jr. scores 24 Points ❌ Bet: Stanford -6.5 Point Spread Result: Stanford win by 1 ❌ Bet: South Carolina +6.5 Point Spread Result Stanford win by 1 ✔ Bet: UConn -14.5 Point Spread Result: Arizona win by 10 ❌ Bet: White Sox First 5 +0.5 Run Line Result: CHW lead by 1 after 5 Innings ✔ Bet: Rays First 5 +0.5 Rune Line Result: 0-0 after 5 Innings ✔ Bet: Padres First 5 -0.5 Run Line Result: SD lead by 3 after 5 Innings ✔ Bet: Giants First 5 +0.5 Run Line Result: SEA lead by 2 after 5 Innings ❌ Bet: Fernando Tatis Jr. hits a HR Result: No HR for Tatis Jr. ❌ Bet: Yoshitomo Tsutsugo hits a HR Result: No HR for Tsutsugo ❌ Bet: Jose Altuve hits a HR Result: No HR for Altuve ❌ Bet: PSG Money Line Result: Lille win 1-0❌Bet: Lyon Money Line Result: 1-1 Draw❌Bet: Bayern Munich Draw No Bet Result: BM win 1-0✔ Final Record: 15-20

    8. Mike Litoris

      2:03 Everyone except for me because I picked Gonzaga over Houston in my bracket 😂😂😂

    9. Taylor Dacpano

      Mitt goes undefeated with his picks. Connor comes in an absolutely losses every pick lmao

    10. Jeremy Bell

      I'd watch more but Foxy is a huge detraction. Not sure if it's a schtick or he's just that annoying, but ban this idiot from ever being on camera or talking.

    11. Josh Markley

      Arizona dont have a chance funny

    12. Dillon S

      Damn Boston conr was off with everything

      1. Mike Litoris

        For real, ppl talk about Fade Foxy? Fade Boston Connor for NBA picks. He's like 1-30 the past couple Hammer Dahns 😂😂😂

    13. Trollerskater

      Would have been a hell of a day to fade Connor

    14. Jonas Serrano

      Connor went bankrupt tonight 😂

    15. Brandon Walsh

      Mitts got a new name...mitty money hit on all 3 of his plays today.

      1. p ___

        money Mett name been ringing out for a while

    16. Christopher Hoag

      Stupid question and I'm not sure anyone will see this but here so go. These guys are talking about player parlays for home runs. I can't find player home runs. I see total for teams under and over but.....wtf am I doing wrong?

    17. Jof Notsil

      lol connor lost like all those

    18. Eric Snyder

      Hammer Dahn! Fade Foxy! Even a blind squirrel finds a nut 🌰 once in a while...He cursed the Stanford girls 👧. They won but didnt cover. Always Fade the Fox hes a jinx

    19. John Scanlon

      Oh no Boston was throwing junk out there 🤦‍♂️

    20. ohh blivious

      All mitts nba picks hit

      1. ohh blivious

        and none of conners hit lol

    21. Edgar Hernandez

      Is Conner the Foxy of NBA picks?

    22. ohh blivious

      Someones watching the Call of Duty League in the background

      1. p ___

        By someone you mean billy murders

    23. Nicho Yovanovich

      So efficient and to the point. No bs. No making stupid noises. Gumpy!!! That was the best episode of the pod to date .period. Let’s see how the picks turn out thu ;()

    24. Chandler Betts

      Gary Trent with 24 points 😭😭

    25. Jimpix_TTV

      Just wanted to say thank you Pat I listen to you every night before I go to bed just wanted to say you're great

    26. StormDragonZ

      New month, same New York snow in spring. Weekend picks: Saturday April 3rd: - Spurs over Pacers - Pirates over Cubs - Flyers over Islanders Sunday April 4th: - Grizzlies over 76ers - Diamondbacks over Padres - Hurricanes over Stars

    27. Thing_ _

      Can you guys get Nicky Skates and his picks back on here

    28. tyler ortiz

      What is gumpy hiding under that beard

    29. Lou Neva

      Good call Foxy on the Stanford bet

    30. berger21488

      connor wasn't so much of a stooge in this, maybe gump can bring the best out of him they vibed pretty well in this it seemed no homo

    31. Rob b

      FOR ANYONE WANTING AFL Richmond Saints Eagles Carlton Demon's Cats All to win How you doing keep it moving 👍👍

    32. Justin Sonnier

      Thx fellas

    33. Marvel Antonio

      Foxy just cursed the Stanford women. The Ogumbiwales will not be pleased

    34. Modern Pest Control

      What's Gumpys Twitter handle?

      1. Andy Olson


    35. Nick

      Sprinkle something on UCLA ML who tf knows with March madness

      1. Its Calvi

        Great comment

    36. Wesley Bundy

      I always love your Picks Gump!!!! Especially your footie picks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    37. Paul Cagna

      Is that Billy Tubes playing a FPS in the background?

      1. Parmesan Shaman

        OMG..... He's watching the Call of Duty Pro League........... MY GUY!!!!!! HUGE SHOUT OUT

    38. 28vikingspeterson

      METT all the Pelicans are out

    39. Meaty Moe

      I think Gump should take control of the intro

      1. billy O'stooge


    40. Jake Stephens

      Atlanta and Pelicans are both coming off back to backs and overtime games that’s why the under is low

    41. Tony Ball

      Damn stooge back there watching twitch the whole show not gambling

    42. Jagroop Bajwa


    43. Schultzy Will

      DraftKings runs ads on ur vids

    44. sobonedeep

      10 players out between NOP and ATL tonight mitt

    45. Nick Tarnowski


    46. OptimusGnarkill

      Lets go Patriots

    47. I_Am Tha_Bonz_illa

      Can you ask AJ Hawk if he can sign my rookie card I have of him?

      1. Joe McClellan

        Sure I'll get right on it.