Pat McAfee's Thoughts On Who Will Be The Starting QB In Carolina

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    Do you think Teddy Bridgewater or Sam Darnold will be the starter in Carolina?
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    1. Nick Keefe

      I hope Bridgewater gets his chance to start somewhere else I was hoping he'd be able to rebound after a bad injury

    2. Patrick

      Problem with the people that can take the cap hit are probably gonna have their QB in the draft. I was excited for him to finally get his shot again and I’m a fan of a rival team.

    3. JJ MDSN

      Is Pat actually a stoner? Why a lighter in his hand and others always talking about edibles? lol I thought it was a joke but maybe some of the shows he is stoned lol

    4. NuffxSaid

      Trey Lance

    5. Colt Wing

      Pat... 🤦‍♂️ “having two good qbs is good for your team” what did John madden say if you have two qbs you have none

    6. James Notor II

      Tommy Stevens will start week 1

    7. gustavo salgado

      Although Sam is in a better team at the of the day hes garbage. Complete trash, Stop the hype please and I am not saying bridgewater is any better

    8. evan hanhart

      Hopefully neither start. 🤣

    9. EchoInstance

      I think It’ll create competition between qbs and hopefully they can both come out better, if that’s with another team in bridgewaters case or a solid starting qb, that’s just hoping that’s what happens,

    10. Pizan's Stocks and Scratch Offs

      Trey Lance

    11. Joshua Ainslie

      Denver should keep the pick they have and sign Marcus Mariota

    12. #HondaGang

      I would like to see Teddy in Denver let’s all be real Drew lock is not a good quarterback

    13. Josh Thomas

      I’d love to smoke a blunt and talk about sports with Pat

    14. tyler moreno

      Bears should go after teddy bridgewater

    15. Kendrevius Clincy

      So is he better than teddy? I think not but hey do your thing

    16. Jan Hofer

      Let's hope Lance is starting

    17. Do It

      Darnold is a good QB but y’all are acting like he’s made a massive step up. The Panthers are just the Jets but with Christian McCaffrey

    18. Midnight Blaze


    19. 4-UP

      The Panthers have freaking PJ Walker

    20. Parko Boy

      Teddy is awful. The media really blows too much smoke up his ass

    21. guardian ofall

      Chicago would be a good fit if they admit their mistake and allow teddy to compete with dalton

    22. Vin Martinez

      DARNOLD will work great with CMC. and the rest of the offense!!!

    23. Alex Trapp

      The little duck transmurally cheat because save dolly coach regarding a aback division. absent, voracious square

    24. Anthony Briseno

      Ryan Pace needs to make an offer for teddy so much better qb than dalton with the Nagy system

    25. Quinn Donaldson

      Up here in Ontario boutta be going into our 4th lockdown. Watching Pat and the boys is bringing back those first quarentine months watching these guys every single day

    26. Wobblin Toblin

      Denver’s the only place teddy could go

    27. Leon Anderson

      AJ a jock rocking the shirt of a nerd

    28. Blake Ristow

      No way dwnver is going to trade for Teddy with that contract. We'll stick with drew and try to trade up in draft

    29. frostyBUNNEY

      Can they trade Teddy? Or get something for him? Just roll w Sam and PJ.

    30. mikymiketho

      Can we talk about why we didn’t just keep cam Newton for the same money when from mvp to trash at qb

      1. mikymiketho

        @Evan Matlack 7 & 9 with a poor ass wr core and no tight ends why do you think tom left??? And your telling me you’d rather have teddy b over cam?? Teddy b was 0 & 8 with chances to win the game / go ahead drives and another more fun fact for ya cam Newton catch more touchdowns passes this pass year than all of the tight ends put together for New England, also cam has only had one wr to have 1000 yards receiving on his team can you guess who it was lol kb 😂😂teddy b had 3 wr have that in one year and only throw for 14 touchdowns and only won 5 games bro no matter how you put it letting cam go was a mistake and he’ll continue to prove his self this year while setting new records mark my words

      2. Evan Matlack

        look at Cam now 😐

    31. Gerardo Reyes2

      Denver and Carolina both need QBs

    32. Jon Stevens

      Jets are the most hopeless organization. They keep drafting QB's with an absolute shite team

    33. Im_So_Zoned

      I feel bad for Teddy and was really looking forward to him getting a chance, he did nothing with it tho last year.

    34. 899TK

      why not Chicago, better than Dalton?

    35. Alex Hines

      With this trade, did the Panthers fix the Offensive Line that is ranked 18th. And will Donald on defense stop the run?

    36. Joshua Riston

      Teddy Bridgewater to New England??

    37. Russell Giangrosso

      Saints paid him 10 million the first year he was in new Orleans and 12 the second I believe it was, so 10 is the going rate for a guy like teddy

    38. SteveOG

      Probably sam darnold, hopefully pj walker

    39. Colton Ensley

      I love that Ty likes Denver 👍

    40. Shawn S.

      Pj walker!

    41. Ryan Bhagroo

      Teddy to Pittsburgh???

    42. Carlitos07

      Darnold is kinda like jameis

    43. Da C.

      Teddy to New England.

    44. Richard Butchko

      Teddy has always been in a multiple qb situation. Even in Minnesota they had 3 potential starting QB's.

      1. Rich1285

        Only after he came back from his knee injury. Before that, he was THE guy.

    45. PantherFN

      Bears should’ve traded for him instead of grabbing Dalton

    46. stevensko

      Aj hawk always has to have things explained to him again

    47. Joel Williams

      I think Elway is going run the Broncos into zee shittah!

    48. J Gunzler

      Teddy just isn’t the athlete Darnold is. Darnold offers that #3 overall pick upside that Teddy doesn’t. The question comes down to consistency. If Darnold can at least be as good as Teddy from the pocket then it’s an easy decision.

    49. PrettyBoy23

      Sam Darnold is the starter. And I’d see two potential trades for Teddy: Denver or Chicago. Chicago can’t sell Andy Dalton but they could sell Bridgewater at least for a year. Denver has all the weapons just need a competent QB.

    50. Jonathan Riojas

      Can someone recap me on Teddy Bridgewater? He took over Carolina last seasons cause he did good in Nola when Brees was injured 2 seasons ago right?

      1. QC Yungin

        Yea but he’s mainly the reason for Carolinas top ten pick season he had 2 1000 yard receivers in dj Moore and Robby Anderson and almost a 1000 yard rb but with the game on the line in 8 of Carolinas 11 losses teddy had the chance to win the game on a game winning drive and he couldn’t win any of those 8 losses on a game winning drive all teddy had to do was win atleast half of those games on a game winning drive and Carolina would have been in the playoff race with cmc being hurt

    51. Stealthee 3k

      Whats the over/under for number of QB's to start for Carolina this season? I put it at 3, and I may just take the over.

    52. Jo King

      I don’t understand the hype around bridgewater. Wentz had more tds in 3 less games in his worst season as a pro lmao

    53. L-e-gendary

      Say what you want but Sam Darnold stink. Teddy is a better QB. Panthers are pathetic though. They treated Cam like trash think Teddy was going to take them to promise land and now they will let go Teddy for a New York reject who seem to see ghost.

    54. Johnny C

      My arsehole 3-way trade prediction: Pats get T. Hill & a NO 5th or 6th pick. NO gets Bridgewater back, semi paid-for. CAR gets Stidham & NE 4th (maybe 3rd?) pick. NE & CAR will have to fork up the $$ (more on CAR) to cover most of Bridgewater's contract, but it would benefit each team... for a season, anyway. 🤔 Like I said.... arsehole prediction. 🍻😄

    55. Gage Whitenburg

      PJ WALKER!!

    56. Anthony garcia

      I think you gotta go with the kid you seen what teddy can do now let's see what the kid can do with a better team

    57. Life with LO

      If they make Sam the starter they’re guaranteed 3 interceptions first game

      1. Shawn King


    58. WORkM4N

      Sam is obviously the starter lol

    59. BobDuato

      Panthers is a great landing spot for darnold

    60. Garrett Green

      Classic DOOB!

    61. jacob eckert

      Denver should trade for teddy and wait on spencer Rattler for next year

    62. Poker RP

      Maybe Denver or Raiders

    63. Poker RP

      Sammy has got 1 year and poor teddy

    64. JC 43

      Why are the Broncos snoopin around, Locke is fine. Him and the offense just need time to grow

      1. Da C.

        Locke is not a Lock at starter next season.

    65. Jake Ramaker

      Considering they are fielding trade offers for teddy I would consider darnold to be the starter

    66. Big Boy

      Teddy to Washington?

    67. Duke Whodis

      Bring teddy back to Minnesota

    68. Kevin Medrano

      Start Bridgewater's for a season. Let Darnold sit for th year and learn the system 😬.

      1. Michael Mccray

        Fucc no .teddy showed what he can do last season. Baccup QB

    69. nick salguero

      if Teddy B Denver starting QB next season i will rooting for a new team we need to give ATL what they want and draft fields

    70. Cadeyn McCrory

      Will Grier or bust

    71. Artis Verbal

      So you trade for a qb that was worse than your current starter and just give him the job..

      1. Michael Mccray

        @Artis Verbal teddy Is trash & disappointing & this coming from a die hard panthers fan that's watched every single game from start to finish . Teddy is mistake prone & he not clutch at all he would throw INTs at wrong times

      2. Artis Verbal

        @QC Yungin first you said hes not mobile, now he can throw on the run, those are two of the traits that made him a first rounder. it wasnt his cannon of an arm. and how can we know hes not the guy if no one will give him a shot. he just got one year on a bad team and thats it? you dont think cmac would help teddy out? and as far as the deep ball its the best hes been so far. whitch is why Robbie Anderson (a deep threat) had his best season of his career. he didnt do that with darnold who he had for 2 years in NY. I'm a bears fan living in and from the way you describe things it sounds like I watch more panthers games than you.

      3. QC Yungin

        @Artis Verbal well the panthers are a team that runs the ball a lot in their offense and cmc only played a couple games so with him back this is a totally different panthers offense but teddy doesn’t have that X factor to hit receivers deep and throw on the run and make plays outside the pocket Sam has shown flashes of it they are just trying to upgrade the qb situation teddy is not bad he’s just not the long term answer maybe Sam can be but they didn’t give up any first rounders for Sam so if it doesn’t work out they will just draft a qb next year

      4. Artis Verbal

        @QC Yungin I played football. so I have this thing where i can tell when somebody got their info from the talking heads on tv. be a bette panthers fan. hold the organization accountable. dont let em scapegoat another qb like they did cam

      5. Artis Verbal

        @QC Yungin no one is saying Sam isnt in a better place. I live in nj and work like 5 min from the practice facility, I get to watch that dumpster fire live and in color. but at least be accurate when you try to say Teddy is no good. he had 1223 yard and 9 td to 2 interceptions in 5 starts with the saints. im not even counting the game drew brees got hurt thats 244 per game so youre wrong there. and he only got to play year one and two before he got hurt, and he had zimmer as his coach, and Peterson as a RB. you dont have to be a genius to know they're running the ball most of the time. and lastly on the defense. lest cool it on the stellar, they werent even top, 10 they were good. all I'm seeing the panthers do is blame teddy when the d was dead last. panthers still have done nothing to fix it.

    72. N3XTL3G3ND

      PJ Walker gonna be the Starter just watch

    73. Jay Dom

      War PJ

    74. Jemp Ski

      I mean they wouldn't have traded for him if he isn't going to start. They gave up a decent amount and will get some back for teddy

    75. J Peach

      Teddy ain't it. If his name wasnt Teddy he wouldn't of even got paid.

      1. Dewitt McDidditt

        Teddy Bridgwater? More like... Betty Widgetater

    76. Robert F

      Teddy B is capable as a starter if we need him to come in. But Darnold is the starter

      1. N_JAMES


    77. Cameron Doyle

      “With the second overall pick in the 2021 NFL draft.. the New York Jets select: Jalen Suggs. Point Guard. Gonzaga.”

      1. Robert Killian

        Maccagnan isn't our GM anymore. So moments like that are gone. As funny as they have been

      2. Dino Nuggies

        @Mr. Cool sounds like the jets alright.

      3. Mr. Cool

        "Wait, I thought it said right guard."

      4. Joel Williams

        I just read this in Dan Patrick's voice. (not Texas' LT Governor)

      5. Danny Capalot

        I think he’s honestly a better qb than he is a basketball player 😭

    78. fourmath 2346mn

      How is this a question? PJ Walker is the only worthy QB to be the starter

    79. LaserChief WanKoo

      Currently laughing at all the Panther fans that were excited about teddy. And the viking fans that wish we had him instead of kirk

      1. Creators Hand

        Yeah idk why but there are a LOT of weird ass Viking fans that LOVE teddy even tho he garb. I’m on the side that says we’re fine without him.

      2. Jo King

        Yeahhhh Kirk is miles ahead of teddy at worst

    80. Oasis Peace

      Teddy bridgwater would be good for Chicago or Washington

      1. Odb

        Perfect for the WFT

    81. supermanGT

      Teddy played solid without McCaffery majority of last seadon and Darnold has played horribly in all his 3 years. Teddy was ousted on Jets for Darnold 3 years ago lol it'll be funny if it happens again on the Panthers.

      1. QC Yungin

        Teddy did not play solid , 8 of Carolinas 11 losses teddy had a chance to win it on a game winning drive and he didn’t win any of those games that’s damn near every loss they had teddy had a chance to win it and he couldn’t finish it out

      2. Russell Giangrosso

        I forgot about that 🤦🏽‍♂️

    82. Chris

      You don’t trade 3 picks for a backup qb

    83. Joshua Brown

      Darnold. I would be surprised if Teddy is on the roster come week 1.

    84. Racheal Martin

      Well it won't be you, try again

    85. Peen Head

      Such a bad take by Ty lol. The last thing Denver wants is another mediocre QB

      1. Dean simmons

        @Odb that's not saying much

      2. Odb

        Teddy is better than every QB they’ve had since manning wdym

    86. Tacitus Kilgore

      And the QB roulette continues

    87. Bill Haug


    88. Taylor Allen

      Not teddy, he's ass

    89. Bill Haug

      AJ the shirt is crushing

    90. Matthew 21:22

      I hear the care bears will offer two #1's for Darnold and one #1 for Bridgewater. Carolina is sharpening the shears. The care bears are pretty gullible.

    91. Tyler Smith

      Ole 2 gloves is out of town unless he wants to be backup, his salary isn’t too bad so he doesn’t have to be traded.

      1. Austin G

        His contract is awful lol

      2. Jo King

        There’s no way 4.8 million darnold starts with 17 mill teddy on the bench

    92. kevin perry

      I think Darnolds got low QB IQ (seeing ghosts👻), so they let him sit behind Teddy for a few games and switch after the sub standard play after like 4 games.

    93. Adam Presa


    94. Mr. Smith

      A New Fish My Savage Defense Can Eat A Few Times This Coming Year.

      1. Mr. Smith

        @Chris Suppers loyal fan since day one, I still have my hat signed by barber

      2. Chris Suppers

        buccaneer bandwagon or loyal fan

    95. Joel Ojeda Jr

      Doesn’t matter McCaffrey is the whole offense

    96. XCrunner503

      I wanna see the boys break down how the seahawks and chiefs are handling their respective qbs situations, russ being told to shut up and deal with it, patty being surrounded by new veteran o-line players after they watched him die in the sb

      1. Luke Skywalker

        Well if you watch Russ he holds onto the ball watchs the Snyder cut passes the check down and tries to make the big play every game

    97. Johnnys Boot

      As a panthers fan is definitely a battle between Sam , Will Grier, and Pj Walker

      1. Michael Mccray

        @Patrick dude I watched the games from start to finish & teddy is no IT

      2. Patrick

        @Michael Mccray maybe too harsh. Remember there was no OTAs, minimal camp, and no preseason because of Covid, so he had build chemistry with people on the fly.

      3. Michael Mccray

        @Slimetime teddy will not start teddy had a whole season to prove himself! Hes a baccup

      4. Gustavo Rosas

        @Johnnys Boot United

      5. Johnnys Boot

        @Slimetime like teddy isn’t ass

    98. Small Goat

      If you got 2 quarterbacks you really have no quarterbacks, as the saying goes. But that said I do believe in both of these guys and their abilities, and I think either one is a far cry better than other past tandems around the league

      1. Suraj Oruganti

        @kevin perry LOL Alex Smith and Patrick Mahomes fax

      2. kevin perry

        Chiefs 17-18 beg to differ.

    99. crazyken productions

      There are two ways this goes Darnold is garbage even after going to a better team with a better support system for him. Or Darnold could become average or better after getting Gase out of his life and getting a better team around him.

      1. Spilled Lean in my Nintendo 64

        hey man , it happened with Tannehill , it’s definitely possible

    100. Adrian Sandoval

      Yo what up pat