Pat McAfee Talks Bill Belichick Trying To Get Justin Fields Conspiracy Theory

The Pat McAfee Show

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    Do you think that all this Justin Fields drama could be setup by Bill Belichick?
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    1. Ryan Bolser

      Pat should look into the conspiracy of Bill telling the Rams to lose to the Jets and letting the Rams beat the Patriots to prevent the jets from getting Trevor Lawrence. That would be comedy to listen to him talk about it😂

    2. Jalen Walker

      Okay imagine bill trades up to 4, gives Gilmore there pick and a couple more pick? Justin fields Mac jones or Zack Wilson who has some talent

    3. Coach Hartmann

      It is a theory, not a Conspiracy Theory. C'mon man.

    4. Flynn

      I’m here for it

    5. Mr Smith

      Pats are flat out panicing because they see what the Bills and Dolphins are building. Pats will be the worst team in that division for a while because Jets are turning into something too- 10 picks in the first 3 rounds over the next two years.

    6. rob rob

      Conner is the oldest looking 25yr old I've ever seen in my life...

    7. rob rob

      Really conner.? With the compensatory picks the pats have enough picks to make the move...... Yeah here you go Atlanta, here's a bunch of 4th and 5th rd picks to move back from 4 to 15....🙄

    8. fresh boogers

      Remember when Fields threw that pick to end the game against Clemson? I do

      1. fresh boogers

        Lance would be a better pick.

      2. fresh boogers

        But if Mac Jones actually goes 3 to SF that would be a waste of a scheme they already have. To me. Mac Jones doesn't fit, Jimmy didn't really fit and he kind of just reminds me of Jimmy G 2.0 not some Brady 2.0

    9. Michael Weaver

      They are giving bill way to much credit. I could see them trading back and getting a WR from some small school before they trade up and actually draft a QB.

    10. Josh Swalve

      I mean not to add to the speculation but what if that’s why they brought cam back in bring in a veteran that you’ve gotten to know and just happens to have a similar playing style as Fields so Cam starts the season then when the time is right bam the transition is easier for fields and out of it all Bill pulls of the draft like the GOAT he is

    11. Troubled eNVy

      Bill Belichick is definitely a super villain Mastermind

    12. Troubled eNVy

      Did you say the falcons are saying let's go win now? I'm dying

    13. Joshua Branson

      What is potentially Pat didn't say potentially every 5 Seconds? i think he could potentially be somebody that's taken seriously and not come across to such a clown every 5 Seconds. There's no way this guy actually has any real friends cuz if we did they would have pulled him aside by now and said dude you come across like a fool saying potentially every second of the day

    14. Noble Lee

      Pat is FAF... Luv His Impressions

    15. anon mouse

      Higher than Mahomes and Allen doesn't impress anyone since everyone knows they succeed on physical tools. This is not the Wonderlic test that they are talking about since there was no combine this year, it is some test no one has ever heard of before.

    16. dunk23nc

      Man I just can’t see Bill winning with a run-first QB.

      1. nick

        When did fields become a run 1st qb? You obviously haven't watched him play.

    17. 3E Wave

      Justin Fields is the dark horse of the draft. I can guarantee he will be better than Haskins.

    18. Connavar Hawke

      i really hope not. fields is wildly over rated.

    19. Johnny Rocket

      Def not...... What a silly thing to bring up.....

    20. Shane Cortez

      Too bad he’s already going 3rd 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    21. Joseph Wiesmore

      Gilmore pick 15 and Mabe a 1st next yr and I think atl would take that for 4 or even Gilmore and a 1st n 2nd

    22. R. Vasquez

      If my patriots get fields I will literally cry in joy

      1. BostonSports4Ever


    23. carlton berry

      That crap about his throwing motion (Justin Fields) is nonsense. pat how can you not believe your own eyes and I'm half blind C Berry Toronto

    24. tg97

      I’m crazy. But #1 Fields, #2 Lawrence, #3 Wilson

    25. Juan Delavega

      Fields will be a bust

    26. Danny Vela

      New England winning another Super Bowl, lmfao are you smoking Crack

    27. C.A. Toro

      If you dont think the Patriots aren't trying to make a move at 15 with the least amount of resources expended, you haven't watched football the last 20 years.

    28. mystic jay

      No way! the niners are taking fields or at least they better lol

    29. CJ Pockets

      His bill is good. Not great. Still laughed uncontrollably lol

    30. Dalton v

      Fields is a vegan? He's gonna get hurt his first season. Calling it now

    31. Fernando Cesar Lozano Gutierrez

      I think the 49ers are the ones putting up the smoke screen about wanting mac so that the jets dont change they’re mind about wilson and go for fields. I think the 49ers are set on fields

    32. Face of Bear

      It's Julio Hones.

    33. Lou Christensen

      Very good information, but how big are his....hands?

    34. Scot Sanders

      BB would never have survived as an NFL coach without TB, let alone make a hall of fame career by riding bradys coat tails.

    35. Joey G

      HAAAAAAAAA! I fuckin love this show. GO PATS.

    36. Your average NFL fan

      plot twist, this is all bill trying to get the 49ers to not draft mac jones so the pats can get him

      1. BostonSports4Ever

        Maybe sadly... Unless somehow Mac becomes "non-goat" tom Brady lol

    37. Chris myco

      i definitely see more people trying to push fields onto the 49'ers. than the other way around.

    38. Chris myco

      i sense bill is scheming on mac jones. mac jones is a bill Belichick/bill Parcells kind of quarterback

    39. Jeff s

      As a buckeye, justin is legit.

    40. yeee

      I’m calling it, the patriots trade up with the falcons and take Kyle pitts.

    41. Derek Rosecrans

      Wouldn't put it past ol Bill. He always finds a way to get what he needs.

    42. yohanon shine

      In reality Bill will probably take a D lineman nose tackle type player. April fools

    43. Ollie Baker

      And ESPN wants to know why we like this show more than theirs 😂😂😂 this was gold

    44. Tee J

      The flaky grandson systemically snatch because shop july stay as a kindhearted edward. easy, tight lizard

    45. Matthew Lane

      I have a weird feeling Fields is going to be the surprise qb of the draft

    46. Demeatreus Eddins

      Patriots trade stephon Gilmore and pick 15 a 3rd this year and. 2nd next Cam starts the whole year kills it hits free agency compensatory pick Feilds extends the dynasty And falcons need a corner like no one’s business

    47. Wayne A. W.

      Nah. Justin Fields is not "Tom Brady-like" -- Belichick and McDaniels still should go after m'boy MM8.

    48. Nicholas Marini

      If the pats trade up to four and get Fields, GG NFL. That would be the biggest heist since Rodgers in 2005

      1. BostonSports4Ever

        Yessir! You never know what happens in the draft, til it does

    49. John Swienton

      Pat mahomes is said to have a photographic memory and supposedly learned the chiefs playbook in one day so that is crazy if fields did score higher

    50. Hector Perez

      My fav video 😂🔥

    51. Calvin Byrd

      “The shopping block” 😂😂 that’s great

    52. JD M

      Pat i am gonna hook you up because your a good dude ok!! The Niners are gonna take Pitts with there 3rd pick because the guy is a game changer and now you got #2 tight end sets and a healthy D. line and Super Bowl road is wide open for them!!! You can pay me later buddy!!!! GBY

    53. Larry Love

      Never that's not even the type of quarterback he likes now could he be intrigued by him ? possibly but not to trade multiple 1st rounders and other picks he might trade up or to get back in the first but I doubt that too but he wouldnt go that high

    54. Lelouch Livermore

      Yeah but how big are his hands

    55. Charles Lacombe

      I think Pat and his Crew is giving Belicheck Far too much credit ! Bill B has been almost as good at wasting draft picks as he's been at procuring them.

    56. L. Ron Gardner

      Is Bill B. trying to get Justin Fields? Why else would he have remastered his Beatles tape of "Strawberry Fields Forever" to play "Justin Fields Forever"?

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    58. Tank Reacts

      "bring the vegans together" 😂😂🤣 as a patriots fan he is re patriots fanbase everyone hates

    59. Bryan Gold

      Belichick went to the pro day for Jones because he and Saban are longtime friends, he wanted to indirectly find out from 49ers' brass what SF will do, and to smokescreen his desire to get Fields.

    60. ConnorHFishing

      Man of course Justin fields is a fuckin vegan

    61. danalogue

      Fields is a STIFF!

    62. Benjamin Rood

      Who is the new Covid Cowboy? What a ZZ beard!

    63. Ted Maudlin

      I think he wants Trey Lance. Cam Newton would be a good mentor to either one.

    64. Gerardo Reyes2

      Imagine if the pats get at least 1 of these top 5 QBs

    65. Bryan Casey

      Did he take it online. Chegg that bad boy

    66. Travis Boff

      Is there a reason why QB's don't throw in Full Equipment @ their Pro Days?! Throwing in Tshirt and shorts isn't that hard! 49ers better get Fields!!!

      1. BostonSports4Ever

        I hope 9ers get lance so fields can be a Patriot

    67. James Fitzgerald

      Show keeps getting better. Pat and the boys are doing a great job 👍

    68. ZaneFilms

      As a bears fan who knows we need an o line upgrade, if Justin fields makes his way into the world of Chicago’s pick round 1, man I really really hope they steal that beautiful gift

    69. kieran jordan

      I’m actually pissing myself at his impression of Bill at the end 😭😂

    70. vigilantejusticevid

      what it's gonna take to get to the 4th pick, only to get the 4th best QB, is a bit rich for my blood.

    71. Nexu

      I pray one day Pat interviews Bill lmao

    72. Vinicius Gonçalves

      You guys always think Bill is manipulating the NFL from the shadows hahahahah


      Robert Kraft before Bill I would say is behind it. Don't forget he is the reason why Jeffery Epstein got busted because Rob got busted in Florida... Notice No Charges... Robert has the pull.

    74. KaR_MuH

      You guys are getting me way too excited with this

      1. Dave Rogers

        haha same. i try to not think about it because draft day never goes how you think/hope it will. Bill could just as well trade back if the board doesn't go his way (e.g. SF takes Fields, Broncos trade up for Mac) as is his usual tactic and pick up a value QB later.

    75. Aslarn Blackfyre

      The bite-sized month suggestively comb because star tellingly attend as a rabid caution. disastrous, windy tempo

    76. Terry Fairweather

      I love all the arm chair GMs in the comments! Just let these kids play the damn game man. Nothing any player has EVER done in college is 100% going to be repeated in the NFL. Some players come out better, some do exactly the same things, some never have their game translate to the NFL. Just be happy there's a bunch of talented kids coming to NFL instead of dunking on 18 year olds worth in youtube comments. FFS people show some love...

    77. J M

      Everyone just realised Chris's simms actually an accurate analyst and now people follow him the Zack Wilson hype is all simms

    78. SampleText

      Fields is going 3 mark my words

    79. Alex Jimenez

      Tom Brady wins the year he leaves. Bull doesn’t make the playoffs. He’s coached now 7 years just about without Brady and has made the playoffs once. Couldn’t even make the playoffs with a pats team that bill parcels took to the bowl and the team Pete carrol didn’t have a losing season with. Bill steps in and goes 5-11 and then 0-2 until Brady stepped in. He runs the defense not the offense. You want to say he’s the best defensive mind, just may be. But coach. No that’s both sides of the ball, Tom and McDaniels are responsible for that.

    80. EternalCreator

      Lol Fields won't get passed the 49ers... whoever tried to get his draft stock to drop wasted their time. Nick Saban said himself that the 49ers never once talked to him about Mac Jones.

    81. jeremy smith

      No one says potentially more than Pat

    82. The LMC Show l

      I hope one day you have bill or tom on the show

    83. Alex Delanda

      Bro Pat’s bill impression gets me every time 😂😂

    84. Rusty Shackleford

      Idk when we all started calling Mark Sanchez The Sanchize instead of Senor Butt Fumble but I do not approve.

    85. amstel 54


    86. itachi ichigo24

      After watching zach wilson film and justin fields, i think wilson is the better pick dude throws darts. The only way i see justin fields actuslly being good in the nfl if that team is gonna play him like lammar jackson, lots of playaction and read options. So he can run. If yiu try to turn him to a pocket only passer like sum ppl hsve tried before with other qbs, it wouldnt work.

    87. Chris Rodrigue

      I have lived in Boston for 20 years and have been a Pats fan pre Brady but I have never heard of this Connor guy. Anyone know his background that got him on to this show.

    88. Gkellz

      If Bill somehow managed to get Fields... The hoodie squad is back in NE...

    89. Marco Sp

      My two cents. The 9ers traded to Pick 3 a month earlier because they are really fine with either Wilson or Fields. If they had others name in mind (Jones or Lance) they would have waited a little more and probably haven't spent so much for pick 3

    90. Anton Vinnik

      Literally "draft day" ...the movie....

    91. Speedyreedy1218

      They're doing that with Mac Jones I believe. BB shook his head at a few of MJ's overthrows at the pro day.

    92. Vee Clash

      Lol conspiracy theory much? 😅

    93. johny hill

      patriots need to rebuild they won plenty of superbowls they need to rebuild get that qb 1

    94. Sam Sizer

      Ever since Pat learned about voidable years, they come up every time, hahaha

    95. spurzo4spurzo

      You gotta admit there's few more deserving pawns than Simms, Orlovsky and Lombardi

    96. drewcliff82

      If any other qb than Jones is sitting there at 6 or 7 expect the Patriots to try to do a deal with Detroit or Carolina to get ahead of Denver. The Pats do have 3 4th round picks and 2 6th rounders.

    97. Linkdon1975

      An NFL QB has a few seconds to react in real time physically. JF just doesn't have the brain cells.


      Mac Jones if the 49ers take him 3rd that'll be kyle Shanahan biggest mistake and his fall from grace. He's one of the best offensive minds ever I just don't see the upside in jones compared to fields or lance

    99. Dara Keane

      Pat, this is truly good content

    100. Chuck Henry

      Also you need to kill more laptops on the show. Despite your attempts to keep the cups at the edge, they will eventually inch closer and closer, and you are waving your hands around even more than usual. There's a movement to start a dead pool on the online betting sites.