Pat McAfee Reacts To Jon Jones Calling Out Dana White Over Fight Pay

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    Do you think that Jon Jones deserves a bag over $10 million for a vs against Ngannou?
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    1. Christian Pankow

      I hate Jon Jones, but the idea that he: dropped his title, gained 50 pounds, and moved up a weight class knowing Ngannou was there; and now he’s scared? That’s just absurd. Classic UFC tactic to claim fighters don’t want to fight just because they want to get paid fairly.

    2. Tammara Sporysz

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    3. sk1tt1ezz

      Keep doing the UFC coverage Pat. I only watch you during NFL season but if you keep doing UFC news I will be a subscriber.

    4. Bruce Bruce

      Jon is too high risk to invest that much now.

    5. Clem Fandango

      People talking like Jones should / could get this... Neither the UFC or Francis needs Jon to be successful, how do you think this plays out ?

    6. Rexcy Santos

      It is too low though lol. In 80 bucks a pop....if the fight sells 1 mil (which it will) that's 80 mil and jones is getting 10mil? Francis def doesn't have more fans than Jon jones. 20 mil is about right. 8-10 is ridiculously low. He doesnt have conor pull, but he definitely pulls in ratings more than any other heavy weight and light heavyweight

    7. Raymond T

      Dana try to play jones so jones can take the fight and he wont be called a punk but jones has nothibg to prove pay him or let him go

    8. Ruben D

      D White is a creep

    9. Rich83

      Dana doesn't want it done publicly, so he can rip you off behind closed doors. he'll find what they value themselves at and exploit you

    10. ryan holland

      Jon is bringing in a lot of money so it makes sense to pay him. This fight has the chance to make Francis the biggest star in the history of the sport just give jon 15-20 and you will be rewarded

    11. Joey Rodriguez

      If Jon Jones wants boxer money he would have to follow the same model and partner with a program. It will never happen fighting for a private company.

    12. J Svalina

      I Like Jon alot but..... man he could retire comfortable off just this fight.

    13. J Svalina

      I'll fight francis for 8 mill......for real send me a contract.

    14. James Caleb

      They're massively ripping people off. The UFC are like pimps. They're like recording contracts from teh 1950s. they have make that stuff illegal or slimy guys like dana will thrive.

    15. Tyler Jackson

      Never realized how much AJ new about MMA and boxing I like it

    16. Takedownccp

      Hell yea give him 40m

    17. Aaron Kemper

      I've seen some interviews with former fighters that touch on this issue. I'd like to see some sort of UFC fighter retirement plan. A fund that goes to pay pensions, healthcare, etc. It comes from a union, but it would be a huge things.

      1. J Svalina

        If fighters unionize I will stop watching fights since when is making 10 mill up front not even the back end in one year not enough............. thats crazy.

    18. shawn m

      That is base 10, he would also get a percentage of ppv sales. He would probably make 20-40 mil. Jones is a douche

    19. William Girard

      Dana White is walking talking human garbage. Dana is making excuses because he doesn't want to pay him. They won't give him a percentage of pay-per-view. They rarely do. You get a fixed guaranteed amount.

    20. Stephen solano

      He doesn’t do Conor type number. Can’t get paid like Conor.

    21. Szilard Raduly

      Everyone's drooling on boxer's paychecks, and how much they making. Yes the very few on top, but what about the undercard.??? Yeah, floyd made 100mill,and the guy on the undercard made 500 $. Yeah, brilliant, lets turn mma into boxing. A few fighters will make more, than the rest will starve to death, not to mention we won't get the fights we want either, so yeah, let's do that

    22. Nemanya Nikolic

      if only pat covered the NBA 😔🙏🏼


      AJs cam looks fire like that tho!

    24. michael Rodriguez

      People go to start talking about ppv points at least 35 to 45% of paper views or illegally streamed

    25. Jake Bones

      People saying they would do it for 10 mil 😂 realize you wont make it to spend any of it you’d be a veggie

    26. Stewart Hale

      Nobody watching the fight to see jones they want to see francis jones don't want to fight

    27. Jonny Snipes

      10 million isn’t enough. If I’m fighting I want at least 10.5 or no deal

    28. Chris Johnson

      Never thought I'd say this but the reason 10 million isn't enough is because he knows he's getting his skull caved in. In other words like Nate Diaz says " he's scared"

    29. James Romp

      Yeah people need to realize the UFC is getting rich off their fighters. The UFC is the only big sports league where 50% or more doesn’t go to their players/fighters. The NBA, NFL, MLB, etc 50% of the revenue goes to the players, the UFC is down to around 18%. They literally have a monopoly on the sport, and also won’t allow the fighters to unionize. I can’t wait til the day the doors get blown off it and Dana and the UFC geg exposed. What’s sad is everyone paints Jon or other fighters that speak up as the bad guys, and really they should be speaking up even louder and getting this fixed. Somebody has to take a stand and I hope khabibs new fight promotion is the straw that breaks the camel back.

    30. Tha Dude8536

      Jon Jones is Not on some f****** Noble quest for other Fighters🤣🤣😂🤣 have you been paying attention to this man in his life at all it is the perfect excuse for him to avoid possibly getting brutally knock the f*** out in front of the world that's all it is because he never brought up money until they tried to make him fight Francis the first time this guy has been making Championship money a few million dollars every fight for a decade if John's not a dumbass with his money he's probably worth almost a hundred million dollars money is not the issue here and he could name his price unfortunately we won't see that because he's just too terrified and horrified that he could possibly get knocked out😂🤣😂 and don't waste your breath you could never convince me otherwise I've been watching that guy Dodge heavy weights for years he's six-foot-four with an 84in reach-in walks around a 240 lb he is not some little tiny guy at all part of his dominance at-205 was just how much bigger he was than most guys how much longer taller stronger all that goes away when he goes up to heavyweight and that is always been the reason he's avoided it

    31. Tha Dude8536

      If Dana offers 20 million he will turn it down but I wish they would have a fundraiser or the UFC would just do a one time giant f****** amount of money to get that bully in the ring with Francis so he can get his f****** brains knocked out give him the asinine amount of money and see if he actually shows up or doesn't have an injury or somebody dies and his family or whatever he's been avoiding heavy weights for years let alone the African Ivan Drago

    32. Tha Dude8536

      I'm confused because the biggest star ever that's made the most money for the UFC ever Conor McGregor only made 12 million for a purse as his biggest payday oh wait I know he doesn't want to f****** fight Francis ngannou he's never wanted to fight any heavyweights let alone African Ivan Drago🤣😂🤣

    33. Al M S

      Oh man $10,000,000 is enough Wheres Ngannou at? I dont care if I get my ass beat for my children id fight a f@$kin Lion if its $10,000,000 and my children can have a cozy life looks like somebody is pricing there way out of a fight tsk tsk

    34. Robert Rizzo

      20 mill min

    35. Lord Berus

      I hate to tell you I don't have knock out power so stop spreading fake news how many knock out do I have with my hand excluding the leg kick ZERO so shut up or I'll poke you in the eye

    36. Matthew Morris

      if bryce hall can make 5 million off a tik tok fight.... jones and ngannou need at least 20 EACH. no way boxers should make so much more then ufc when ufc is as popular as it is

    37. Ike C.

      UFC is goin to make over 500 million easy for that ppv. Its goin to be massive. Jones deserves like 30 mill. If Canelo an some low level boxer can nab over 30 the biggest ufc ppv in years can pay the fighters fairly

    38. J

      Jones is scared.

    39. Mike G

      Jones hasnt said a number. Just say 12 million then the pressure is on Dana

    40. Michael Dunn

      Jon Jones is complaining now, but he wasn't complaining when he was a young fighter, and the main card purse was being split with him. That is how the UFC works. That is why it is taking over boxing. The champs purse is divided amongst the lower-level fighters and it allows them to develop. You benefit when you are a young fighter, and then when you become champ you pay it back with interest. It is basically like a loan.

    41. OG Bean

      Thats only enough coke money for a few years....

    42. Luke Piazza

      I like bones but watch him get paid 15 mil just to pop for roids the day b4

    43. Deaconfrost


    44. PSOpwnage

      If the best in the world makes 10 mil you cant make more. Its a win for all fighters in this monopoly

    45. BG The One

      UFC has been cheap, he's arguably top 5 most dangerous human beings in hand to hand combat... Pay him he's been at the top for too long.

    46. Wayne Collins

      But jones can't draw or sell out arenas that the problem jones doesn't promote himself enough i know he a legend in this sport look at McGregor he promote himself and more that he definitely can ask for 10m or more.

    47. Samantha Eichhorn

      Id go in there and be the quickest knockout ever, for half of that! 😉👍🏾

    48. montblanc noland

      I mean John Jones can still sell like McGregor I'd he get so.eone of Mayweather stature thou honestly

    49. Freaka Zoid

      8-10 million dollars hardly even covers the cocaine and steroids Jones needs to fight Ngannou, of course he wants more!

    50. Sweet James Jones II

      This is why the best fighters in the world are boxers why would you train your whole life to get paid $50,000 a fight

    51. Yee Hawww

      Francis “skullcrusher “ nganno

    52. pravèèn bhat`

      Truth is Jon can't sell ppv like Conor ..floyd is long shot ahead of them and its boxing 🥊

    53. special k

      Can I ask u something pat. Connor fought floyd for 75 mil. Then he comes back and fights kabib and poirier. For 5 % of that Mayweather purse.....connor is still paying back dana. Dana and ufc are the mafia right under your noses

    54. ForkUp

      It’s not like it’s a few million dollars after taxes or anything.. 😂 stop complaining

    55. Anthony Courtney

      Thanks for talking about MMA 😊

    56. John Schreckengost

      He'd make $20M a fight if he wasn't an idiot and ruined all his endorsement deals.

    57. David Eckhardt

      Jones is scared.

    58. Ig

      Lewis is stupid, just because $8million looks big for him does not mean it is just for Jon Jones, he should let Jones get paid, then all the other fighters will move up in pay.

    59. worldsideviews

      Wish they could do a purse bid like boxing .

    60. T Rocka

      10 mill is to low if he fights Ngannou... obviously this is how Dana negotiates so the fighters anteing up.

    61. GodKage

      Hes right im actually going to watch this fight just like the fights he mentioned

    62. Andrew Hughes

      Vince Mcmahon actually handed over "The Rock" when he approached him about it. He discussed that on the Howard Stern show when he was still kind of new to acting

    63. bajan71683

      Rock owns his name. He bought it from Vince years ago

    64. Anthony's Adventure!

      Also hate that mma fighters and boxers pay compared. Why dont you look per round boxers can go 12 mma at most 5. You dont see punters complaining they dont make 20 mil a yr.

    65. Anthony's Adventure!

      Jones is a steroid taking cocaine snorting cheater. Like mlb should never be considered the goat if you juice. For sure doesnt deserve 20 mil just so he can put it in his nose.

    66. Danny Wally

      I think the legend boxer Marvin haggler once said “it’s hard to wanna wake up and wanna get punched in the face when ur waking up in a mansion with heated floors” something like that but I think Dana white knows that and that’s why he’s hesitant to give the big pay day unless he trulely can’t deny the amount of money coming in like Conor mcgregor or khabib 🤷🏻‍♂️

    67. Tristan

      After everything Jones has done does he deserve more money?

    68. Omar

      You forgot to mention he is also a damn cheat!

    69. Kev

      I mean jones is one of the last big megastars

    70. J C

      It’s not about Jones wanting to fight lol it should be about him getting payed DANA ALWAYS ALWAYSSSS UNDERPAYS HIS FIGHTERS 🤦🏽‍♂️.

    71. Tyler Chomik

      Vince gave him his rights back, heard the rock in an interview.

    72. Kzookiller

      Dude complaining about the money while he can’t stay clean. Give me a break.

    73. Preacherx5gaming

      The Rock owns his name

    74. Alexander

      Meanwhile Conor only got $3 million guarantee to fight Khabib. And Jones really thinks he will get $50 million to fight Francis 😒. Jones should just take $3 million and ask for a bigger PPV cut like Conor did if he thinks this fight will be such a huge ppv hit.

    75. Hussein Khalife

      The “beast whatever” is going to be your favorite interview one day. Ma balls where hot

    76. broadcastallsongs

      The fans don't really help the situation either. People complain about UFC being a monopoly but constantly trash other organizations like Bellator, ONE, and PFL.

    77. hs lee

      To jones : We are willing to make fund raise for you. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 you really want? 😂😂😂

    78. Darius Edwards

      Pat is the goat

    79. Kevin Seibel

      I have just one question. How many Dana White fights have you paid to see?

    80. hs lee

      To Nganu : If you ever fight him , drugs are essential!! He's a coward and takes the drugs 100%😂😂😭😂

    81. Jason Ballenger

      D White hated when GSP wanted to renegotiate for more money because he was the hot ticket. Bones is just hopeful and looks like he doesn’t really want to fight.

    82. Gabriel Long

      Plot twist- jon isn't talking about 10million dollars he's saying 10million pictograms of steroids ain't enough to fight Francis

      1. Gabriel Long

        @The Goat lmao how?

      2. The Goat

        You’re talking like u can be jones

    83. Ibrahim S

      if Jon wants 10 then Ngannou needs more since he's the champ. Rather see Lewis vs Ngannou, Bones isn't a power hitter and needs a decision to win.

    84. Denise Bruhn

      I do believe the rock owns the name the rock now pretty sure

    85. Brandon Visioneri

      Jon vs stipe winner gets winner of Francis vs Lewis 🤔

    86. D G

      He probably plans on retiring after.

    87. Cory Farmer

      They need a fighters association come on.

    88. Mat Salvatore

      As great as Jon is and he is the greatest and as much as I love watching him and I looove watching him n even tho I have a bias cus we talked on twitter 10 years ago... jon.... you dont sell fights bro. Idk why but you want Conor money without drawing the amount of sales Conor does

    89. Cory Farmer

      UFC doesn't provide marketing lol such a joke...thats on you "well f-u then."

    90. Cory Farmer

      Definitely too low..tbe

    91. Cory Farmer

      Nate Diaz is coming back what's he making?

    92. Martin Sanders

      With the speed the Federal Reserve is printing Jones is Right

    93. Caliiforniia Kiing

      kabib will never fight again he promised his mother he would never fight again without his father who died I don't even want him to break that promise... no

    94. Jonny Lopez

      Jon needs to talk more about percentages then actual dollar amounts. Jon has been underpaid for his whole career. And should get at least 15 mil, considering the reality of the fight and the possible outcomes on legacy.

    95. Nicholas Ruiz

      Connor really isn't a big draw anymore. He hasn't beat anyone of note in a long time.

    96. Michael Morrisey

      UFC fighters need to form a Union

    97. Teddy Wilson

      Jones is scared to fight

    98. Teddy Wilson

      John Jones just wanna buy more crack 10 million fight is way too much you dont deserve 1 million crack head

    99. Cowtown 5

      Jones has 7 fights left on his contract, he’s not going anywhere.. he’s had awful business advice.. he should have done this 3 years ago

    100. The Bengals Don’t Have an Indoor Practice Facili ty

      Jon is calling out Dana and the Bengals are calling out for an indoor practice facility

      1. Michael Jordan

        Lame get a life