The Pat McAfee Show | Monday April 5th, 2021

The Pat McAfee Show

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    1. Chad Chamberlain

      been listening since the beginning. Pat, you have become a real pro on the mic. I see you killing 45 seconds before a break. You all ask great questions to guests and the AJ segment is perfect way to fill a 3rd hour. I watch them all

    2. Derick James

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    3. gojkiga tacupse

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    4. I do care

      The name Sesamoid is derived from the Arabic word sesamum... Thank you Pat, now I have something to talk about at the bar!

    5. Ryan Hannigan

      The willing female neatly drain because mailbox resultspreviously tire apud a simple playground. obsolete, magenta holiday

    6. Ken G


    7. Art VanDalay

      I will GLADY watch the pre-show commercials, to support his quality content! Also, please, come back AJ!

    8. Cody Rivenbark

      Adam Vinatieri is right, a kid named Doobie would get made fun of and so on, Go for Pat Jr or something

    9. Roy Collins

      An 80 yard kick off allowing the receiving team swat it from the goal post, in place of the onside kick

    10. The Journey


    11. Rob Machanic

      Aj hawk is a tool bag. Suck more small things and smirk

    12. Dan Rye

      A rod looking like he enjoys the vitamins !!


      I don’t know why people comment just to hate on the show? I wonder how many Pat Mcafee haters have their own show successful in life with over 1 million subs not to mention his football career. Pat even days if you don’t like the show forget it even happened l. How you doin keep it movin!

    14. Freedom The Freeman


    15. Jason Craig

      Ready for AJ Hawk to return

    16. Gavin Haynesley

      Nobody gave baylor a chance, i did

      1. FOR THE BRAND

        I did but only because it’s so hard to go undefeated and win the championship. So to me it was pretty obvious Baylor would come out on top

    17. A. Blanco

      Pat Mcaffee HC of Bears 👀👀

    18. A. Blanco

      Show got me thru work thank you

    19. Joseph Boadu

      Gonzaga were hangover from this win. Baylor did a number on them😂😂

    20. LakLakGOTCHA

      35:27 damn. It’s unfortunate the cards people get dealt. Some just way too young and to even fathom. RIP Chase Smith 🙏🏻

    21. Cruz Pangelina

      Shaht aht Chase. RIP to an inspiration.

    22. Paul Young

      That bible talk's wild.. jeez

    23. Diego Ceja

      Only Pat can entertain us without much to go on

    24. alex garcia

      The foxy curse is real 😂😂😂

    25. Kristopher Nunez

      Pat mcafee owns the NFL

    26. Jaylee Clough

      The pepper bit was hilarious , gotta get the milk

    27. Zach H

      We got heavy bikes

    28. Simba Ghulais

      Show isn't the same with out AJ HAWK

    29. Benny White

      Jets just traded Sam to Carolina for a 6th this year, 2nd and 4th next year. Unbelievable. If Watson is considered a top 5 Qb, Sam is a top 3 Qb then.

    30. Santiago Dunbar

      Sam Darnold to Panthers???

    31. Tim Southee

      The fragile expansion relatively shelter because servant outstandingly chew behind a axiomatic chalk. enormous, dark marble

    32. Ryan Seney

      Love the one point play!!

    33. Gra Hajas

      Dude knows nothing about bball or he was just trolling IU fans talking bout this soon to be forgotten Gonzaga team. Love this show fade Pats bballl picks. Say Keith Smart . The 87 team would have mopped this team up. Strill love Ya.

    34. Benny White

      GO BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    35. Sheri Johnstad-

      Drink pat drink

    36. Carter Rehberg

      If Ohtani could somehow be a short reliever and a DH that’d be most ideal

      1. Carter Rehberg

        @Connor Wise again, if they could somehow let him be a short reliever and a dh that’d be ideal, everyone knows he a DH, my point was about the pitching situation you dunce

      2. Connor Wise

        He’s listed as a DH as well

    37. OsirisOrion46

      Yo, the "after hours" content is so golden.

    38. Dave Wielhouwer

      I bet Baylor. When i heard Foxy loved Gonzaga i bet Baylor again. I never seen a bigger Gambling Mush than Foxy

    39. Matthew Rowley

      You have to get past it? You have a better chance of dying in a car accident to a crowded area than of covid at your age and fitness level. Stop being such a punter and man up

    40. Sheri Johnstad-

      C drr0kink

    41. Jason PDSI

      I picked Baylor, for the record.

    42. Justin Kilpatrick

      So today I learned I have something called a sesamoid in my feet and its kinda where the ball of the foot is... this really is a football show after all.

    43. eduart saliu

      What’s the drink he mentioned with the Rock ??

    44. Al Ried

      I would have bet my hypothetical house on Baylor. Same with the bucs (check the email Phil alemiried)

    45. Michael Steele

      The best part was pat questioning them running ads during the show. You know if they say “oh yeah it runs like 6 ads every hour” he would of shut that down. Only thing on KGup it seems that you can watch a 3+ hour show with minimal ads

    46. tC Hydra

      I remember how touched and inspired I felt after pms talked to Chase. Rest easy big fella

    47. Dre Hicks

      Where tf is my guy AJ “jaws” Hawk???

      1. Spencer Fowler

        @Dre Hicks I thought he said he’d be gone my bad 😭

      2. Dre Hicks

        @Spencer Fowler.. Yeah!! Your Wrong stooge!!!!!!! AJ’s Jaw is baCk tomorrow bitChes......

      3. Spencer Fowler

        He’ll be gone a week or 2 vacation with family

    48. wtheller9

      Couple places I think you had brunch, Le cafe? Olde Salt? Marine one of those? Pretty good fuckin food there!

    49. RobH

      waiting for the first 1--0 in a snowstorm NFL result

    50. josh benson

      What video had chase on it? Rip brother

      1. Carson Segler

        October 16 2020

    51. Harriosn Hemmerly


    52. Tom Bystander

      this show was 100% hooked on phonics🔥🔥🔥

    53. Casey Snow

      30:07 everyone DEFINITELY though Zeet said Jews. 😳

    54. It _belikethtsometimes

      Can we get this on spotify

    55. Joe Erotic

      NEED YOU HAWK!!!!! MISS YOU HAWK!!!! WHUT!?!?!?

    56. A E

      Love when the boys talk covid. I hear ya loud and clear.

    57. Harrison Chapin

      Gotta get patty mahomes on the show! Bet he'd be electric if you could get him to open up

    58. Max Ether Gaming

      seven thousand million got me

    59. Alex Cash

      I love the Twine drop. I love AR12 on this show. I love that Frank is back. And this show. Stinks!

    60. hoffmr11

      Pat's reaction at 2:25:53 is priceless... RIP Chase

    61. xxBlazee

      RIP Chase... was such a good kid...

    62. Cee Bee

      Dupey? Oh no. Please don’t. Trouble.

    63. Dustin Sutliff

      Aaron Rodgers MONDAYSSSSS

    64. Blank

      "Mask on, Dongs out"

    65. Alex Gust

      I lost it when it seemed like the set was falling apart during the interview... That was awesome

    66. Andy Wounds

      Darnold to Panthers!

      1. Andy Wounds

        @Zach LeCroy Nah just saw it. threw it out there for the late listeners like me

      2. Zach LeCroy

        Hope you're not excited for it 😂

    67. Ed62008


    68. Alex Smith

      The marshmallow analysis was 5/7.

    69. Marcus Marshall

      None of Bron kids in the movie jackasses

    70. Darren Parker

      R.I.P. Chase Smith That really sucks! 😞

    71. Andrew Marshall

      Great job Aaron !

    72. Quintana Conseco

      Canadien football 1 point play : if you punk or kick a field goal and it gets out of the end zone you get a point. If the player returning the ball gets tackled in the end zone or takes a knee in the end zone you get a point.

    73. Crutopia Records

      Gumps laugh is more contagious than COVID

    74. MichaelDemented

      Philip Rivers played through turf toe for 8 weeks

    75. XkObEcLuTcHX24

      No hammer Dahn?

    76. Tenison Olson

      Miss you Turk

    77. grandybabyy


    78. Michael Davis

      Mask on, dongs out.

    79. Michael Davis

      I don't see the competition committee allowing the one point kick off. At least without some way to defend or counter it in some way.

    80. Josh Horne

      Myrtle Beach is always fun to go to I go at least twice a year

    81. Charlie DeLong

      This show has made me an Aaron Rodgers fan..

    82. Edgar Lopez

      appreciate you boys BIGGG sesamoid show today let’s go

    83. Jason Price

      Still no Paul Pierce talk?

    84. Pablo Chacon

      RIP Chase🙌🏼

    85. treno guerrero

      I love how pat does his Arron Rodgers interviews , he doesn’t jump in unnecessarily. He opens up the floor to him and lets him fully say what he has to say

      1. hoopsfreak5

        @treno guerrero yeah, I agree with everything you said, not the best at letting the guests answer his questions before adding more questions

      2. treno guerrero

        hoopsfreak5 yeah I love pat , but he has the tendency to cut people off mid sentence and doesn’t let them finish what they have to say. He also ask multiple questions all in one question. Then doesn’t let his guest get to all the request

      3. hoopsfreak5

        Yeah, that is a nice change from most of his other interviews

    86. Daniel Coleman

      Here comes another breakdown of Pat's Sesamoid diagnosis from Dr KGup

    87. 777d7777 777d7777

      Miss watching Aaron on this show GO PACK GO!!!!

    88. marco mcdowell

      Don't do it bro. Give that dude a normal name. Trust me from personal experience, "cool" names are great when you're 6, not so much at 30. Thank goodness you can change your name. Sounds awesome to the parents when the kid in arm...other kids and adults aren't so forgiving.

      1. Alex Clark

        Marco aint a cool name like Doobie

      2. static1217

        What was your previous "cool name"??

    89. Corona

      Time stamp on TY?

    90. Kevin Shajan

      Where’s Mr. Time Stamps?

    91. Faster Nights

      I dont see Turk today so here you go boyz 5:18 35:17 1:05:20 1:35:45 2:05:17 (The Legend Aaron Rodgers) 2:34:50 miss you turk!!!

      1. Kai Lau Williams

        Thank you❤❤❤

      2. Alexander Bartush


      3. Tyreese Hall

        MISS YOU TURK 😢

      4. Tyreese Hall

        Very much appreciated Faster Nights 💯💪🏾

      5. DVD 0410

        MISS U TURK

    92. Andrew Marshall

      I’m super happy you knuckleheads enlightened me regarding a busted foot , I m 62 and not very happy at the moment.

      1. Roy Collins

    93. Alex

      Love Aaron!!

    94. Sean Tagga

      Damn, Rest In Paradise Chase you fought a hard strong battle brother. 💪🏼❤️

    95. static1217

      2:49:30 Pat talking abaht his captaincy in the NFL

    96. Anthony Verba


    97. Jonny Bailey

      RIP Chase. He was an inspiration when he was on. Thoughts go out to his family and friends

      1. Santiago Dunbar

        Ts & Ps baby, Ts & Ps

    98. lonewolf khan


      1. bleochner

      2. BridgewatersFinest

    99. Thunderbolt

      Have had turf toe twice in my life. Can confirm it is very painful and makes running and cutting near impossible.

    100. Mark Gibbs