Pat McAfee Reacts To Tiger Woods' Crash Report Findings

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    We are happy to hear that Tiger Woods is doing okay in his recovery. Can't wait to see him playing Golf again.
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    1. Kason Hartel

      Tore MCL and meniscus in high school in my right knee and I drove with both feet for about 3 months. So I can slightly relate to AJ

    2. Tommy Metz

      If your driving with two feet even if you are good enough to not drag the brakes your brake lights are constantly flashing on and off and the guy behind you has no idea if you are actually going to slow down or not. It's dangerous.

    3. Jeffrey Toman

      I work with two guys who drive manuals (stick). They both drive with two feet.

    4. Brian Hubbard

      Using both feet driving is a tactical driving procedure, police use this in necessary situations and are trained to do so or at least in Ohio. Retired Police Officer.

    5. Juan Magdaleno

      Lol 83 mph tiger won his 83rd pga tournament in 2019 this is all rigged.

    6. Jordan Y

      It was a Hyundai SUV, not some “exotic” car.

    7. Jordan Y

      Called it from day 1. It takes momentum to blaze trails like that folks. Now, if it were any of us gen pop people we’d have already been charged ..... far as I know he hasn’t been, yet.

    8. Cameron Lyons

      Kobe was late for practice after church. Teaches you to be patient. Machines will kill us.

    9. Cameron Lyons

      So basically he could of killed himself and others on the road. Must be nice to be rich. Lol

    10. Charlie Peña

      A lot of people who have driven a semi, tractor or a manual car with a foot clutch do in fact drive with both feet.

    11. michael diehl

      If that was anyone else you wouldn't be treated this way. You'd be in jail let alone being hurt. 40+ over. I want them prevails

    12. Tommie Smith

      Can you say cover-up? Once again California cops never cease to amaze.

    13. Tom St

      Makes sense. 99% of cars in the UK are manual/stick so when I rarely drive automatic it feels weird for the left foot to sit there doing nothing!

    14. Space Jesus

      AJ, I drive same way. For me, it’s because from 8-35, I was in racing. Since clutches haven’t been prevalent in most racing vehicles for decades now, we drive with both feet. It gives you the ability to maximize both your acceleration & braking. Longer drives, sure you relax, (cruise control), but since I’ve probably driven as many km in racing as I have just driving, it’s not even something I’m very cognitive of.

    15. Charles Doss Jr

      Two footed driver then he Pat brought out Ohio drivers. They are the WORSE.

    16. T Youtube

      How many charges would we have if we did that? There's one race and it's green

    17. R Reinhardt

      fu@k 2 footers

    18. Seth Wells

      So big toe driver? Or ball of your foot driver? Arch of the foot?

    19. Elliot

      Title should be pat reacts to learning aj drives with 2 feet

    20. Myke Z

      A 2 footed driver is basically a synonym for “idiot. “ sorry AJ. Don’t need 2 for an automatic.

    21. J Tommy

      When pat says, “2phd says situations are situational” who is he talking about lol

    22. MrSuperman2307

      Lies, all lies

    23. Jamessr23

      We drag racers foot brake as a poor man’s line lock

    24. Kenny Terry

      Why is it anybody saying he was on dope and passed out?

    25. Garrett Lehrman


    26. John Lamers

      What we take away from today’s show...AJ doesn’t know how to drive, 😂

    27. ssp6767

      Left foot clutch pedal or foot rest, right foot accelerator, brake, or heel-toe both pedals. And driving with flip flops is idiotic.

    28. Andrews Charles Bloy

      Paddy Mac better simmer dahn whenever he got on Hawk for 2 footin'.

    29. Naz Idoura


    30. Naz Idoura

      I drive with 2 feet too. Left foot to brake and clutch. That's because I'm a racer 😉

    31. Steve Bob

      What are we talking about here. Tiger was clearly asleep. Thank God he’s okay, but we’re getting in to some Alex Jones type stuff here when the reality seems pretty obvious.

    32. Michael Wass

      Lol who typed that thumbnail?!?!?

    33. caren Webb

      Tiger seems to be full of crap.he deserved a reckless driving ticket.He's being given special treatment

    34. Ryan Hogue Passive Income

      *Two foot driver???* 2021 keeps getting weirder... 😂🤣

    35. Brandon Cheng

      CTE has set in already for AJ... who tf drives 2-footed

    36. Elvis A McGhee

      AJ! Please! Stop swallowing the stogies bro! You gonna have tongue, mouth, throat and esophagus cancer in like 3 years. Lung cancer in 4. STOP BRO

    37. chris crooks

      I come from a poor upbringing. A lot of the vehicles I drove had to be two footed just to keep the car or truck at idle. It takes time to get the feel for it, but it's not anywhere near impossible.

    38. Tim Nunn

      Oh for crying out loud let Tiger be!!! I can’t count the number of times I have been speeding due to being late for a tee time with a cup of coffee in one hand. Nice to know so many people drive the exact speed limit and hands and 10 and 2!

    39. Nick Regalado

      Golf ball stuck under the pedal

    40. Ylppone

      When trying to drive fast you has to have both feet on pedals:))

    41. SurfingKook

      It's quite obvious Tiger has something happening mentally and he snapped with rage then drove off the road in an attempt to kill himself in the heat of the moment. It's not hard to figure out.

      1. SurfingKook

        @Kevin Thoma is it? I'm a former police officer. Watch and learn my little 🐑

      2. Kevin Thoma

        That's the dumbest take I've heard. You're thinking of John Cramer aka Jigsaw.

    42. Reece garroutte

      Why is the title about Tiger? The real news is that AJ is a 2 foot driver.

    43. Cristian Nieblas

      I have driven on this road and area countless times. It’s fast and steep and you get going and not paying attention. If you don’t know the road or some pops up suddenly something bad will happen. I two drive with 2 feet, I learned on stick.

    44. eric schilling

      Who lifts their foot? Heel on the floor and rotate foot 45 degrees to brake

    45. weljo2001

      Simply explanation....Woods asian mother taught him how to drive. lol.....

    46. Robert Kelly

      It sucks when people like this survive, and get to go out and do it again.

    47. Neil Patel

      How do we know this wasn’t a s%^cide attempt

    48. Danny Cal

      Wtf!!! I’m not getting in the car with a 2 ft driver 🤣🤣🤣

    49. Jeremy Henderson

      40 mph over in a rental 😳

    50. Ozzie

      I got caught going 88 mph on a 25 the first week of getting my license 😂🤦‍♂️

    51. CMA 504

      Broooo HOW lol how can anyone drive with both feet 😂😂

    52. Adam Hook

      The stick shift comment makes no sense. You have to move your right foot so you can hold the clutch and the brake at the same time. There is no reason to move your left foot only your right so when you move to an automatic it’s ingrained to move the right foot to both accelerator and brake.

    53. M Hollins

      he fell asleep while high , its not hard to get boys

    54. Jason Murray

      Went to school with Tiger since elementary school. He was a ass hat then and always will be an ass hat.

    55. Scott Clementi

      OHIO Does not teach 2 footed driving other than manual transmission!!!!! Don’t put the hawks bad driving technique on OH yo!!

    56. R F

      Speeding while Fd off his balls drunk and on drugs lol can’t hide that mug shot

    57. Robert Adams

      Your math is horrible.

    58. Brandon Michael

      They wouldn’t tell you if he was on drugs. Lmao

    59. Bmccarth315

      Lmao two foot driver never knew people did this lol

    60. Italia Rosa

      Tiger is a pill popper , he’s an addict and it’s getting really bad. The fact they didn’t even bother to do a blood test for drugs or alcohol is disgusting.

    61. swiftslick

      Not surprised... AJ Hawk is a weirdo.

    62. BassStrangla

      04:19 Walt Jr 😂😂😂😂

    63. bud lee

      Bro how in da faq...Police said they can't release reason for crash until tiger oked it....What in the rich privlaged world they 8n

    64. Fearless

      As a semi driver myself we all hate you AJ lol

    65. Charles Edwards

      Tell that to any race car driver Pat. Not that uncommon for people to use both feet whilst driving. Lol

    66. JakeDotCom

      Very unathletic!

    67. nattydreadlocks1973

      Tiger is the male version of Whitney Huston. Holsum on the outside but the devil on the inside.

    68. cobfucius

      People who use both feet to drive an automatic annoy the hell out of me, too. Not only because...well, just why??? But, they tend to ride the brake just enough to make their brake lights be on constantly! You really only need or should use both feet for a manual. I do not know how driver's Ed is other places...but, when I went through it here...they not only teach one foot only...they will fail you and make you do it all over if you do not figure that out. We actually had a couple cops that talk to the class tell us it was illegal...but, I think that was just to scare us into doing it Illegal or is annoying. Barefoot is completely illegal here, though...put your damn shoes on when you is not just your comfort on the line when you are driving!! lol

    69. Grumpy Cat117


    70. J Tommy

      “Well some would say you have zero awareness cuz you’re driving with two feet and you just openly admitted it as if it was a normal thing” Haha pat is the greatest

    71. CoReY ShOtTo

      Down here in FL its actually illegal to drive of those things thats on the books but if it doesn't pertain to the incident its just glossed over.

    72. Brian Short

      A 2 foot driver?? What a weirdo....dur da dur

    73. Taylor Mathews

      He fell asleep and kept on the pedal

    74. Saiyan Something

      Tiger spends all kinds of money on golf coaches when he clearly needs to hire a driving coach.

    75. ThePHATPHUC

      he tried to kill himself

    76. Jeff Kroupa

      Pedal got stuck my ass

    77. Cool Breeze 2.0

      lol How do you drive like that? 🤣🤣🤣

    78. Cool Breeze 2.0


    79. Max Blanding

      Bro that’s a felony

    80. bigmassive69

      AJ's reasoning is plausible for his situation.

    81. mark stearns

      Oh and how dangerous is a two footed driver without injury pain, I think it’s illegal in some states lmao

    82. mark stearns

      If your in that much pain your probably on medication either way you should not be driving. Seriously no one can drive you? Uber, friends spouse? How come no one is talking about the elephant in the room? It feels like a Michael Jordanesk media pass with tiger. Was he on pain meds or drinking? How much of a “donation” did he make to LA? Just saying. If I’m wrong and I really hope i am then forgive me. It’s just that I have heard no coverage anywhere asking the question.

    83. Tyler Foley

      Y’all can make fun of us for two foot driving but when I am already on the breaks and In 1 second Yoir taking Yoir right foot to the breaks sorry lol, I drove bandaleros as a kid it makes a diff. And exactly flip flops there you go two foot driving is for men

    84. Jim Dawson

      Two foot driver here. Just like a race car driver. You brake with the left foot you don’t keep the foot on the brake.

    85. Dave Bruneau

      I just found Pat about a week ago when I watched his Alex Honnold 'cast. In that one his word is "Itinerant" I fuckin love this guy

    86. FlinchD

      Tiger better being late than dead

    87. burke817

      AJ using two feet is ridiculous

    88. kloosternator

      Only racecar drivers drive with two feet...

    89. jimbo tho

      Aj drives with 2 feet... If scout's knew that he would have never been drafted... talk about a red flag!

    90. MasterKiller 737

      NASCAR/professional drivers use both feet

    91. Mike Thaysen Jr

      Sounds like he had some privilege in his police interaction

    92. Zachary Radford

      Driving with both feet takes a whole lot more skill and situational awareness.

    93. Clay Fleming

      Nothing to do with a stick, I drove a stick until I was 30 and you need the left for the clutch.

    94. Allen Jones

      I left foot brake in automatics habit came from racing 1/4 midget's. If it's a emergency I pull my right foot and put two feet on the brake. Nothing wrong with left foot braking. Especially in a racing Sense

    95. Jakeyy T

      It's illegal to drive barefoot in California lmao

    96. Landon Swiech

      I’m gonna start driving with 2 feet now because of aj hawk

    97. THE SENATE

      How can you drive with only one foot? If you don’t use the break and the clutch at the same time your motor dies ... how do you do that with one foot ? Left: Break Right: Gas and clutch ...

    98. Zachary Radford

      Let’s be honest just by Pats personality you know he’s don’t triple digits in a 45 before.