Pat McAfee Learns Why Teams May Not Like Justin Fields In The NFL Draft

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    If you were an NFL GM, where would you rank Justin Fields in the 2021 NFL Draft?
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    1. Uncle Rico

      Remember the last great ohio state quarterback. Said no one ever.

    2. Lucas Ward

      Some people just want that contract. The money is far more important that being great.

    3. Ace Purple

      System 1 good Ohio state qb....osu QBs thrive off all the elite talent around them in a elite college spread ....get drafted to an average team w pro style almost always fails...better off w Mariota and spending a first round pick on D or O line

    4. Stephen Verner

      As a GA fan I though Fromm played well, but there were times I felt like we gave up on Fields too soon. I wanted to see a real QB fight for the starting job. These things being said are mostly BS to hope it influences the draft and gives certain teams a better shot at stealing him.

    5. Johan De Lama

      I just need to watch Chris Simms about qbs.

    6. Khalif Williams

      Tbh, last yr I was hoping my Phins went elsewhere with the 5th overall pick and drafted Fields this yr...but it's all a guessing game until they show lol

    7. Chase Commenter

      Only work ethic from this years qb prospects I’ve heard questions is fields just so happens that he’s black. They said the same thing about Lamar. Fields will be good. Z wilson will not be good.

    8. Harshil Patel

      Justin Fields is being described like Dewey Haskins here

    9. Clinton Darnell

      I think everyone is sleeping on him. After he came back from that rib injury in the Clemson game. I was not sold on him at all until then. If he puts in the work,someone will prolly get a steal. Im still on the fence. But would not be surprised if was Justin Herbert all over again. Like safety Dan said! Lol

    10. SD Tracy Harper

      Sounds like someone is trying to devalue this kid to have a better shot to steal a transcendent talent. SD

    11. Hector Burgos

      They , evaluators always quedtoon the work ethic and intelligence of the Black QB. How did that work out for the Bears and Picking Trubisky over Mahomes, and Watson . White men evaluación a Black person dont tell me race doed not play a psrt in thr evaluación process. I remember a Superbowl Elway vs Williams. Begore the game i dont kmow why the Washington Team nothered yo show up for the game , iy was going to be a blow out. Except for thr fact jthst Williamd outplayed El way. Williamd moy better than Elway obviously , buy that date he was. Mu point id thst ig willismd haf being a White QB. The comments woulf havr being different. Racism in evaluating Black QB's is always there like it or not. Anf ig i were a Black TV. Analyst on Sports would say so, loud and clear. Job be danmed

    12. Joe Campione

      Last in 1st out because he is Brilliant

    13. Grim Tea

      The only reason I wouldn't draft him is because I'm usually not impressed with Ohio St Qbs as pros. BUT I would actually draft Fields (after Trevor Lawrence)

    14. TheChado

      Reminds me of the 'Draft movie

    15. John Anderson

      Dan I love you bruh but you’re an idiot!!! Fields and Lawrence and most QBs when throwing deep have that exact same throwing motion!!!

    16. OLMEQ

      Dan Orlovsky is a SCRUB still holding Mannings balls ...

    17. Patrick Sandberg

      I’m not sure how I feel about qualifying him as great when the game being referenced was against Michigan State. MSU was not it this season or the last. I have not seen his work too much, but that alone doesn’t sit right w me

    18. Chad Binette

      I don't get why Dan is taking so much heat. People calling out that he wasn't a great player in his day. The dude MADE it to the nfl, .95% plus right there can't comment on his career cause he made it, you didn't. He was relaying what he heard. Prolly urban meyer so he can grab Lawrence and fields. I think Dan is good at his job and to be a backup QB in the nfl usually mean your good at film and running offense your running the scout team so different plays every week I would think.

    19. MiketheYung God

      If Mack Jones was black, he’d be drafted in round four. That’s his talent level.

    20. Danya R

      I doubt he is not a hard worker.Its his throwing motion doesn't work in NFL that's the problem

    21. patrick walsh


    22. Chancelorpalmz

      Zack Wilson wasn’t even a team captain

    23. Adam Horvath

      He reads defenses way to slow holds ball to long also

    24. Hakeem Allen

      Dan Orlovsky just to me has a look on his face of complete incompetence....we're using the guy who was smart enough to run out of his own endzone, and got a safety for some kind of NFL expertise? Whats next? Mark Sanchez the infamous butt fumbler going to become the next "QB guru on the television"?!!! 🤣🤣🤣

    25. oBioHaz

      idk maybe teams are tired of trying out Ohio State QB's out

    26. mike wallace

      Wait I thought ESPN banned this show? What's Dan the man doing here

    27. Festie Vids

      Jets are gonna make a big big mistake taking wilson over fields if it happens

    28. Spawn08th

      Anyone catch TYT trying to make this a hit piece on white people

    29. Randomly

      Sounds like when Watson was drafted

    30. 7GoldenEye

      For what it’s worth, Patrick Mahomes literally has the same throwing motion lololol. Go check the tape. Oh and Trevor Lawrence too 😭😭

    31. Adam Melanson

      Dan is such a tool

    32. wallacesteelersws

      Vick damn it!

    33. J. J.

      Listening to what Dan said after seeing all the accusations of racism. Man, all I can I'd poor Dan. Dude might be dead wrong but that doesn't mean anything here is racist. Smh people. He literally said the things about laziness weren't his own opinion, just things he heard.

    34. ruben mangus

      I’ve watched Fields since the qb1 and elite 11 days. He’s a monster who never hesitated to put that extra work in to get where he needed to be. As far as loving his teammates who cares. You think Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady has been fuckin bffs with everyone they’ve ever played with?

    35. _franchised_

      That’s the same dude that ran out of the back of the end zone and didn’t know? A guru huh 😂

    36. Harrison Crawford

      What does this Bum know ab ANYTHING?

    37. Led Zeppy

      Fields has the athletic ability but lacks the intelligence and work ethic to be a successful NFL QB.

    38. Papa T

      Because he’s garbage against a good college defense and everybody knows NFL defenses are much better. Dewayne Haskins 2.0

    39. MistaTofMaine

      of top qb prospects fields by far has lowest rating when under pressure

    40. Roger Dodger

      My girl heard me watching this video and she says to me.. “Alex Jones?”

    41. Michael Quinn

      If y'all were actually good quarterbacks you wouldn't be sportscasters doing podcasts!

    42. Tanner Golden

      Please let Justin fields slip to the saints 🙏🏼

    43. Jeremy Anello

      QB guru the guy that said Wentz is better than Dak and Dak proves every year he’s an elite QB 🤦‍♂️

    44. BigChris Man

      It is honestly the tape. The tape on Zach Wilson and even some of the other Quarterbacks are better than Justin Fields. In a few years I would not be surprised if Zach Wilson turns out to be the best Quarterback of this class.

    45. sir dick ellis

      The question why wood u draft that bum

    46. Jamessr23

      But he doesn’t like the clicker (Ray Lewis 2018 video on Brady)

    47. bigdap100

      Athletic Intelligence Quotient (AIQ), Justin Fields scored the highest (a perfect score of 130) on this test than ANY other athlete since its inception and out of 6500 participants that include Elite Pro QBs...Fields is a legit genius!!!

      1. Cookie Karamello

        @bigdap100 "This is not the time to be poetic" lol. Is this a very serious time? We should stick with facts, logic, and excessively long-winded jokes?

      2. bigdap100

        @Cookie Karamello this is not the time to be poetic, if you talk sh@t back it up with logic and reason not with flowering language. 👎🏾

      3. Cookie Karamello

        @bigdap100 Brevity is the soul of wit.

      4. bigdap100

        @Cookie Karamello that’s exactly what your uncle said when your daddy said you were his child...except your uncle went on to explain why the mail man always leaves your house with his zipper open.

      5. Cookie Karamello

        No he isn't.

    48. Don Meatley

      Pat a fool......

    49. Cliff Bennett

      Who better to talk about QBs then a career 3rd Stringer? When I see Dan O, all I can think of was his DA running out the back of the end zone, TOTALLY oblivious to field boundaries? Lol

    50. Daniel Lindy

      If a team does get Fields late 1st round they're gonna look like geniuses. Steelers or Patriots trading up, anyone?

    51. Reginald Boggs

      it's all a race thin you can say don't make it about race but these higher ups made about race first every year they dismisse the other qb problems whether character issues etc and pick on the black qb and bring up some rumor and just go off that to judge character but a year ago analyst was his dick talking bout 2 overall now mac Jones is better than remember mac throwing to 5 star recruits can't move in the pocket slow mid arm unathlethic nobody gonna talk about his dui,s

    52. Aaron C

      Reasons for not picking Justin Fields: 1) He's coming out of Ohio State. Thats it thats the list

    53. Ke Dixon

      What’s so stupid to me is drafting a qb and trying to change his throwing motion. Same for drafting in the nba and trying to change his shot. If I’m making throws or hitting 3s like this my whole life then why fxck with that???

    54. Freshly Fried

      Why do people ask this washed up failure?

    55. Luke Q

      Pure lies, the black QBs always get this slander, he played at a high level for years and now theres these problems...

    56. Hoc Del Negro

      This dude should not be on tv red shirt

    57. Hoc Del Negro

      All that smoke

    58. REACT

      If Justin Fields was white. He would be a first overall pick! 2nd pick at worst

    59. Greg Sheppard

      It's because he's a racist. He ruined that baseball players career and got him kicked out of school. Then he says Georgia is a racist school and leaves his sister there at UGA.

    60. Vincent Greer

      This is really bad reporting. You guys should have talked to the player? Justin Fields almost got his SPLEEN knocked out... on national television. The kid is out of the game for ONE PLAY. Goes on to out shine Trevor Lawrence, who played a bad game. I don’t care when this guy gets to the building... as long as he is ready to perform.

    61. jerry2968

      If people are saying that about any player its because his coaches/ teammates have told scouts that about him.

    62. Ricky Taylor

      Surprise, black qb in the draft gets ripped while mediocre no names from south west dipshit state get praised.

    63. Janet Randle

      We never know who is telling the truth. They are all lying trying to get Fields to fall so others can get him late in the draft. Fields showed it against Clemson.

    64. Janet Randle

      Pat, Listen to Chris Simms. Chris has Zack Wilson as number 1 above Trevor Lawrence. Mack Jones is going to be number 3 because he is NFL ready to step into SF 49ers. Justin Fields sounds like Dwane Haskins.

    65. Chizzie Lovell

      Ohio State QB aren't good in the NFL

    66. Richard from Atlanta

      Dan Orlovsky giving QB analysis. Think about that for a second. 🤣

    67. Dave H

      Just. Don't. Let. Pitt. End. Up. With. Him.

    68. Jordan Gonzalez

      his work ethic and desire to he a QB is questioned why?? He should just go play wide receiver right???

    69. Richard White

      Fields is better than any qb in this draft. Lawrence is as overrated as manziel was. He will bust and it will be of a ryan leaf level.

      1. Richard White

        PS. I hate tOSU

    70. Craig Butler

      I hope Fields goes #2 so Zach goes to 49ers. That’s where you want to land as a young QB. I was surprised that Fields has apparently dropped in the draft behind Zach and supposedly the others.

    71. Big Cock

      Fields most likely will be good in the league, he struggles under pressure and some throws are really iffy (you see this a few times per game) and I do think he has the biggest bust potential of the 1st round QBs, but his issues are fixable and he is a really hard worker despite what you hear, and he is really athletic and he has great size, reminds me of Cam Newton

    72. Chris Dropulich

      Justin Fields is obviously going to the Patriots, because people are going to be swayed to not draft him because Bill Belichick is the master of Mind Games.

    73. Michael Lucas

      Justin Herbert should of been a dolphin...

    74. Shield of Pistis

      The Jags should pick Trevor. After that, I think it is a mistake to pass on Justin. I think this is similar to Watson situation. If Pats get Fields it will be steal.

    75. Nathan Beard

      I don't see the big deal if he goes 3rd or 6th or 10th. He's a top 10 pick.

    76. Mo Vo


    77. Lakia Mcdonald

      You got this trash as old QB on here trying to trash a qb that is 10x better lol what a joke 🤣🤣🤣 your a clown for this one

    78. CrackaAss Cracka

      Inconsistent not quick at decision is limited to 1st read..40 time fast not really fast...

      1. CrackaAss Cracka

        Also highly reported he isn't a good teammate and has bad work ethic

    79. Rigamortiz x

      Love this show but by the definition I got for playing QB in the NFL in this segment Carson Wentz is doomed to fail again not a leader a big time quieter type of guy that will take his ball and walk home if it not nice to him on the playground

    80. Justin Hank

      Thought pat wasnt allowed to have the ESPN guys on the show

    81. spanky2284

      Name the last Ohio State Quarterback who took a NFL Team 🤔 to the playoffs 🤔or Superbowl

    82. Nolan Gleason

      There are rumors that Justin is a last guy in and first guy out of team meetings . That's scary

    83. Jay Jay

      Qb guru it amazes me how analyst who don't have close to the talents of the prospects and the analyst is never correct, but still get to keep their job.

    84. Bryan Bryan

      Dan is such a hater smh Dan where was your work ethic ??? Scrub

    85. C M

      ESPN is infested with Ichigan homers, and thr rest only tout their ACC/SEC TV partners. So they constantly undermine Ohio St.

    86. 987 123

      Hey Dan, let's see your backpedaling outside of the endzone motion for me.

    87. Rafael Morrison

      People are scared after Haskins busting

    88. Randy Pierce

      Hate to break it to everyone..... OHIO state has never had a good NFL QB. Troy Smith......Terrell Pryor...... Cordale Patterson.....Dwayne Haskins...... even Herbstreet couldn’t do it. I guess the one guy that transferred was damn good once he went to LSU.

    89. maique medeiros

      The impolite winter spontaneously overflow because bulldozer effectively include up a second-hand brand. fancy, psychotic lyric

    90. Jeff

      Some truth here...I thought Justin looked horrible in the Championship game--in the most important game of his life. He has talent, no doubt. Just(in) :) may not be the completely sure thing. He still should & will go high...

    91. Justin Peters

      Scouting report on Brady said what? And how many gurus on television said Johnny Manziel would be the best thing since sliced bread? Fields is gonna be a steal. Especially with all the salt going around.

    92. Jeff Ramos

      lol Justin Fields is going to be the next Jay Cutler lmfaooo Mark my words....

    93. Jayden

      There is one big reason Field's should not be drafted just look at all the previous Ohio State QB's they have sucked in the NFL and have gone nowhere but down since they have been drafted

    94. jasyn zangari

      cuz the top 2 need a QB, then after that, not all do... Sewell is looking to fall, and hes hands down the best OL, a spot every team can use. Fields could go as high as 4th still, thats bad?

    95. 2rad008

      Didn't ESPN ban their employees from Pat's show? If the ban was lifted it will probably be put back in place after the backlash Dan got for this interview

    96. Fishing Plug

      😂 Dan Was A 5th Round Pick 😭😭😂😂 QB Guru My Ass ! 3,132 Passing Yards In 12 years.. Kids Throw That In There Freshman Year Of Highschool Now !

    97. Stanley Ezen

      This is like if Jay Cutler did an interview and called Tom Brady “lazy”. Justin Fields did more at Ohio state than Dan ever did playing football lmao

      1. Jesse Hernandez

        Well to be honest I’m no Ohio St fan. His team got passes on games due to COVID. He didn’t show a full final season in college to give to draft experts. Still think he could have been exposed more.

      2. girhen

        So? Same could be said of Nick Saban. He wasn't exactly on a national championship team, never played in the NFL - fairly meh playing career. Some of the most mediocre players make for amazing coaches. Some of the legendary players make terrible coaches. If you don't struggle to be good, you never learn how to struggle yourself - much less teach someone how to make the struggle pay off. You can be perfectly good at analysis despite being a poor player.

      3. Highfidelity1013

        He explicitly stated, "these are NOT my opinions, just what I have heard from others"

    98. Nolan Gleason

      Becuz he iz blak

    99. Joesej

      His spiral is f-word garbage.

    100. bigdap100

      Fact: Mac Jones has two DUI but it doesn’t matter b/c he’s white. Bullsh@t Rumor: Justin Fields is Lazy. So why are we reporting the bullsh@t and not the facts.