Pat McAfee Reacts To Sam Darnold Being Traded To The Carolina Panthers

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    Do you think that Sam Darnold can perform better in Carolina for the Panthers than New York?
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    1. Jason Anderson

      Jets should have kept him and build the oline with both 1st round picks and a big running back the the 2nd round pick. A great oline and a running game works great for young QBs ask Baker and Lamar.

    2. bryon hatas

      I still pray Fields falls to the Patriots for his own good . Not a fan of any teams just seen how the jets ruin careers like several other teams I can think of

    3. Brian Hum

      Poor Sam; he doesn't get away from Adam Gase until the Jets have already gotten rid of Gase.

    4. TheLoneGamr

      If Darnold was any good he would of shown in despite not being in a good situation. He will be a bust. Panthers will be changing QBs again in 2022.

    5. Isaac Diaz

      Amazing journalism, love your insightful and creative commentary Mr. McAfee. I hope Cowherd puts some respect on your name. Keep doing your thang bro. Praying for your to continue to prosper in this field.

    6. Ray's Dad

      Do you know what Johnny Unitas, Joe Namath, John Elway, Tom Brady, and Patrick Mahomes all have in common? Yeah, they all would have sucked playing for the Jets last season.

    7. Katie Taylor

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    8. Pdragy

      Jesus, the Panthers gave up less to get their 24yr old QB than the Colts gave up to get Wentz! x| I know both are spectacular deals but... a 6th rounder??

    9. Stefan Joseph

      Dude your table is Sagging

    10. Stefan Joseph

      This might sound crazy but Zack Wilson looks like a better NFL QB to me

    11. Ai Ai

      Washington Reddogs maybe a name

    12. Klazz

      If Zach Wilson gets wasted at the Jets as well they need to be banned from drafting quarterbacks forever

    13. DrewG

      Also you messed up and said the 2022 2nd round pick depends how well Zach Wilson does this year.... You meant Sam Darnold I assume since he is the panthers QB and their 2022 2nd round pick spot depends on their play..

    14. DrewG

      You need a better microphone setup..sounds like your talking in a big empty room...

    15. Victor Carter

      I was hoping he went to NE

    16. UofL

      He's still going to have to fight for the starting job. Bridgewater may have been bad, but let's not act like Darnold is any better

    17. D d

      Will he start ?

    18. Levi Blankenship

      I think Sam darnold will do a lot better in Carolina. I feel sorry for Zack Wilson lol

    19. Chris Blevins

      coffee or coke

    20. tim phillips

      Panthers done messed up

    21. Andre Roti

      Lmaaaoooo brooooo i cant wait til sam starts suckin in carolina so yall can stfu about how bad the jets are 😂😂 just watch and wait. Keep that same energy!!! And if he has hos best season so what???? Thats not hard to beat lmao he'll probably be 22td 11ints and 3300 yards. IF hes lucky. Good luck in that division btw

    22. Steve

      The Jets feel like they are broken, poor management, poor leadership, poor ownership

    23. Jake Wilson

      Welcome to the Carolina Panthers Sam Darnold!!! 💙 💙 🖤 🖤 💙 💙 🖤 🖤!!! Let's go Panthers!!! Keep pounding Panthers!!!

    24. Iraq Lobster

      This is a slap in the face too black qb teddy bridgewater. Black Lives Matter!

    25. Adam Horvath

      As a life long JETS fan I see the future Darnold is gonna be a top 8 q.b for the next 15 years Zach Wilson is gonna be a major bust and 3 years from now Salah, Douglas,Wilson all be out

    26. Shane Mckissick

      Lmfao jets are trash now is sam gonna be that guy we dont know hes shown flashes and this will be the best teams hes ever been on and he has a work horse in cmc they get a weapon and its solid for him

    27. RJL 1

      Only good thing about playing for the Jets would be the paycheck

    28. lala you

      Partners are now favorites to win the super bowl 😮

    29. Reginald


    30. Ryan Patterson

      Darnold feels like he could be another Stafford

    31. Gary Mouridy

      Sam Darnold is thanking God that he left the Jets, he will probably become a superstar.

    32. NJ Wandering News

      Does that mean geno smith won’t be making a comeback?

    33. Chad Cappadona

      When only 1 team is interesting in you u know u suck

    34. Dillon Hall

      Sam Darnold is a year younger than Joe Burrow. The age is certainly there, given 3 years of NFL qb experience.

    35. Dan Spriggs

      Excited as a Panthers fan. Teddy experiment didn’t work, wish him the best wherever he ends up.

    36. Whitten Green

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    37. Angel Maldonado

      Let me apologize to all those Jets fans out there first. You guys have been stuck with the worst front office since Marge Schott owned the Bengals for 2 plus decades. They can draft all the QB's you want but they still don't have the team to surround him with. The O-line sucks. The D-line sucks. You have a lack of players at skill positions offensively, and defensively. In conclusion 2021 not much is going to change.

    38. Ibraahiym Kadessh

      I like the ktag team idea. Darnold practices his accuracy until Bridgewater gets hurt. Comes in and takes the job. Make him win i. he has the skill set and he deserves it.

    39. Fektthis

      trade day comes. The Jets select Zach WIlson.. Zach WIlson "To hell with that. I refuse to play for that dumpster fire"

    40. BDUB TV

      Panthers are a way better situation player wise, but I’ll be honest, their front office is undercover shady. Look at how they did Cam. Let him go and overpaid for Teddy. Look at how they’re doing Teddy, trying to move on after a year when he had 3 1,000 yard receivers. I don’t see McCaffrey situation ending how they want it. That new owner is shady.

    41. Mustafa Elfayoumi

      Thank god, as a packers fan I’m glad he’s getting a chance

    42. Panthers8912

      Panthers got fleeced

    43. Caleb DesJardins

      2021 off season doesn’t it?

    44. Jimmy G

      People forget Sam Darnold is only 23 years of age....he’s still just as young as the players coming in and he’s very talented

    45. King Christopher

      Zach gonna get traded the same way in like 3 years too cuz jets can’t develop anything

    46. Jungerknaut

      Not a Darnold fan but I bet he blows up in Carolina. Look at how well Tannehill did after he got out from under Gase. That dude doesn't do QBs any favors.

    47. Joshua Campbell

      Honestly if they implemented this rule, I’d be trying to go get a rugby kicker, those dudes kick it 65-70metres and with perfect accuracy

    48. Blues Vibe

      You have to have pieces in place and an actual plan

    49. Blues Vibe

      Nobody is ever any good in Jets land players waste away

    50. Blues Vibe

      I would've rather seen Indy to make a move on Sam rather than Wentz

    51. Jerryon

      Dam I liked bridgewater y’all rarely even mention him like he’s a scrub or something smh

    52. ross plyley

      Not to mention Darnold is paired back with Roby Anderson!! Their gonna be fire 🔥📈📈

    53. Saul Squinones514

      I'm tired of people trying to make it seem that Sam Darnold was a fantastic QB, does he has talent yes, was here was doubt with a terrible coach and GM yes but everybody needs to understand not all the flaws was Gase fault because Darnold did alot of mistakes on his own and no one still knows what Darnold is going to be in the NFL . Just because Darnold is a good guy it doesn't make him a franchise QB the jury still out there if he will be one but I believe the Jets did the right move and traded Darnold, so the GM and the new coach can draft their guy, enough said.

    54. J Goat

      Finally McCaffery will have a white QB. That can throw a football.

    55. Bill Sbac

      This guy got traded to you from the Jets, which means he must be really good!

    56. Richard White

      To be fair to the jets. Darnold is pitifully bad. Regardless of his HC

    57. Rich Tripp

      Don't ruin zac please

    58. Kiro - Kun

      Finally the Panthers have someone who can throw more than 10 yards

    59. Troy F.

      Yeah, well now the Carolina Panthers will finally win a Superbowl! Screw You Brady!😆

    60. Queen of twilight Midna

      So we couldn’t get deshaun so we settle for a broken mediocre qb. Yay mediocrity

    61. Shawn Hickman

      Josh Allen is going to be the old man of the AFC east by week Let's Go Buffalo

    62. Textbook Sports

      dude went from dumpster fire to being the firefighter

    63. steven sutton

      Just another team where he will go to squander in languish away. So many Qbs have just been wasted by crappy organizations

    64. Chase Floyd

      Even if he throws 30 ints this season I’ll be happier than watching teddy play

    65. Latoric Grant

      They give up to quickly and put to much pressure on these young quarterbacks

    66. christophermhudson09

      I haven't been a Sam Donald fan but not necessarily a hater either, I thought he was talented but he's had a lot of hurdles in his tenure with the Jets between injuries and the garbage coaching staff and front office, only a sprinkle of decent players here and there.. so from afar he didn't impress me but I kept in mind those obstacles and thought he could very well be better than that so I'm curious to see what he'll do with a little bit more talent spread around him. Hopefully the injury bug stays often and we get a chance to see what a healthy Sam with good players and coaches around him could do.... I think they'll be 9 - 7 ..... Or is this year the first year of the 17 games? If that's the case I can see them going 10 - 7

    67. Emma H

      Jets are the Jets and are going to pick a guy based off a good pro day

    68. Greg Galloway

      Sam Darnold and Christian McCaffrey can suck together! A Pac-10 suck fest! Can’t wait for the season to start!

    69. Mack Gloven

      Zach Wilson is gonna be a stud!!! That is after the Jets trade him

    70. Tarheel Plays

      Sam Darnold to a team with a young, soon to be a dominant defense, and an offense that has the potential to be a Top 10 Offense.

    71. E Roll

      Panthers social media team is undefeated

    72. AB_YT

      The Jets and Jaguars are like those wierd kids who ask the cool kids if they could play soccer with them and then they ruin the game by kicking the ball out of the field, (cool kids r Zach Wilson and Trevor Lawrence)

    73. Joseph Myers

      Panthers are idiots. Trading for Darnold with Bridgewater on the team.

    74. MR ICEMELL0W

      Darnold was bad because of the jets coaches fax

    75. Johnny Mason

      Now it's up to the Broncos to decide what to do now! They need a quarterback now! Teddy Bridgewater? Maybe?

    76. Thomas H.L.

      Why isn't there a segment about MLB and their TERRIBLE decision to move the ASG from Atlanta?

    77. Thomas H.L.

      Why isn't there a segment about MLB and their TERRIBLE decision to move the ASG from Atlanta?

    78. Thomas H.L.

      Why isn't there a segment about MLB and their TERRIBLE decision to move the ASG from Atlanta?

    79. Life A Beach

      Great move they got a steal

    80. James Fitzgerald

      I think a change of scenery is what Darnold needs getting out of NY will be a blessing in disguise. Good luck Sam from a lifetime Packers fan.

    81. Cincoo Wavvyy

      Sam Darnald not a bum, he was just the QB of a bum franchise that didn’t know how to develop him

    82. Joshua Jacobs

      This is a win for carolina

    83. daniel ray

      Panthers are like the newly divorced guy who hit the club and got shot down by the dime (watson) then the 9/10 (wilson) then 2am hit and they grab the fat chick who just wants some love (sam)

    84. Ian ColtsAllDay Lind- Luck- Manning

      Wonder if the Jets offered both Darnold , the #2 and a few other picks for Watson 🤔 Guaranteed Panthers are taking one of the pass catchers at #8 ( because you don't trade 3 picks for Darnold just to draft a QB ) My guess is Smith but he may be gone . If not him then Pitts , can't see a scenario with Chase dropping to #8 so he's out of the picture .

    85. Snakeonia

      Darnold is so overhyped. Wanna vomit. Bridgewater>Darnold

    86. Claudio Rodriguez

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    87. The Ræl Dingø

      Thank god the hawks came to their senses.

    88. Idle-SwayGaming _

      Winston, Goff, Mayfield, mariota, Wentz trubisky, bortles, Darnold, all qbs drafted in the first 5 picks over the last 6 years... all trash. Kyler Murray was drafted 2 years ago at#1 and is decent but I wouldn't say he's amazing. Why any team would trade up to draft a qb is ridiculous.

    89. Jeeshine 999

      There’s no depth to this show

    90. benjamin limback

      Breaking news, after breaking another QB... the NJ Jets select zach wilson where they will just ruin and trade in 4.97 years.

    91. Kai Fuller


    92. Ray Welpott

      That qb room in Carolina is stacked, PJ Walker ain’t a slouch either

    93. Jacob Saylor

      The browns passed the torch to the Jets on ruining first round QB’s careers

    94. James Collier

      As a panthers fan I just don’t how to feel anymore....

    95. UncleDude

      I like Sam a lot and will wish him the best!! Hopefully he can turn his career around but it’ll be tough. He’s very turn over prone. Every “wow!” play he has, he has 3-4 stupid plays. I genuinely want the best for him. He’s a very easy guy to root for.

    96. Keysandos#5 HatesYouTube #2

      Couldn't ask for anything better for my fantasy team keepers in CMC and DJ Moore. Teddy Shitwater is horrible, worse than Darnold by far. Only 23 that is very young and still early for him to be a bust. But Shitwater is a bust and definitely not worth a starting position. He can't throw any balls to led a WR, leaves way to many open WRs to throw errand balls that if are caught the Receivers were making a a play to do so. Now DJ Moore can be the true number 1 and CMC now back healthy won't have to worry about the focus only being on him. Where with Shitwater, he would see way too many in the box to stop him since Teddy sux.

    97. Carolina Plays

      We are a joke

    98. Dharma Beach Bum

      As a Jets fan, I was really impressed with the way Sam handled himself off the field. Best of luck to him. ..Yes, the Jets got good return in draft capital. But we all know that 6th round picks can be iffy. The 2nd and 4th round picks are for 2022. So, the Panthers got a quarterback they wanted, and the Jets have to wait a year to see a return. I don't like it.

    99. Declan Eaton

      Jets will be a poverty franchise until Gary V buys them

    100. Levi Nathanson

      I think the panthers hundred percent won that trade we don’t know what Darnold could do with a decent team also they only lost 3 picks which none of them were a 1st rounder he’s only been on a trash team his whole life with stars like Moore mccafrey anderson and maybe Kyle Pitts on offense I mean that’s an increadible offense to back up Darnold also a great young defense idk I just think that was a win for the panthers