Pat McAfee Reacts To Chargers Owner Trying To Force A Sale Of The Team

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    It's not being talked about enough how Chargers Owner, Dean Spanos's parents might be the best investors of all time.
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    1. customvideo454

      Boycott the NFL. Anyone with half a brain doesn't watch the NFL or professional sports anymore. Dingbats.

    2. nattydreadlocks1973

      Selling a NFL team.... never. Her family only owned 36% of the team. If I was a shareholder, I would be pissed about the negative publicity and asking the NFL to force the team to sell me their stake.

    3. Jerry Lynch

      It is "rebutted," not "rebuttled." English teacher & grammar Nazi from north of Da'Burgh.

    4. Andre Saldivar

      Bye bye spanos family!

    5. Phuq Cue

      A cause of Covid

    6. Mountain Fox

      London Chargers boys?!

    7. epicwolf

      The best news for Charger fans ever. Now the Knicks fans are waiting on the same situation.

    8. Spencer Haslam

      Would they go back to San Diego or does it depend on who the buyer is?

    9. Bob Uppercut

      As a chargers fan I’m not surprised!!!!

    10. Shane Babka

      Lol now I sit here and wait for BofA to take over the Raiders because Mark is just as broke

    11. Mitchell Ramos

      Listen bro, Elon Musk comes in and they rebrand to... The Los Angeles Musketeer's!!!

    12. Ryan Arand

      I hope Justin Herbert can get out of there ASAP!

    13. Tom Brady 7x Super Bowl Champion

      Back to san diego?

    14. John Davis

      All these decades and years and letdowns of no Championships lol good news.

    15. Quivering Moist

      Spanos family ruined the chargers franchise, notorious cheap skates. If it weren't for Mike Brown the Spanos family would be the laughing stock of NFL ownership.

    16. turbohart921

      Hopefully this means the Chargers move back to San Diego. WHERE THEY BELONG!!! p.s. LA dosen't even want them.


      As a Chargers fan I really do hope they end up selling the team

    18. Trevor Williams

      All they had to do was let the Raiders move back to LA and this wouldn’t have happened LOL

    19. DeMarcus Cullors

      Move em back to San Diego for God's sake! I'm a Cowboys fan and even I was annoyed when they left. All their legacy and lore is tied to there!

    20. diypictures

      Non sports related correction: Jeff Bezos is the richest man on earth but not of all time.

    21. Carl Jacobson

      The best thing that can happen for the CHARGERS is that the Spanos family sells the team. The Spanos have a notorious reputation for being among the cheapest NFL owners and they are unwilling (or unable) to produce the funds to attract the best Free Agent players as well as reward their Drafted players - see the Joey Bosa debacle. With the Spanos in charge, the CHARGERS will NEVER be Super Bowl Champions.

    22. HeGotSauce XXIII

      Move the team to a new city Alabama, Oklahoma, or Portland

    23. RickyTalks

      Probably that was the worst financial move by a franchise team in any sports. Paying 650M in relocation fees to move to a city with not many supporters, play for three years in a soccer stadium with like 20k capacity, and once the new stadium is finally good to go, you can’t have fans because of Covid... how much money have they lost this last 3-5 years ?? No wonder they are struggling

    24. John Montag

      Just take a loan out against the team.... Duh

    25. John Montag

      Why the F would u sell an NFL team? They only go up

    26. jeso317

      Hopefully the new owner moves them back to San D. Bronco fan here who still calls them the San Diego Chargers!

    27. Alberto David Jr

      Every NFL fan loved to hear this...

    28. B Men

      move back to Sandiego

    29. Matthew Smeltzer

      Shoulda stayed in San Diego. Los Angeles Chargers just never sounded correct.

    30. Shawn Holcomb

      I wish the Bears would be forced to sell the team.

    31. Wolverine Pete

      As a San Diego Chargers fan all the way back to the Air Coryell Era, my hopes are A. Spanos family sells team. B. Chargers re-sign Melvin Gordon. C. Herbert, Gordon & Chargers win Superbowl.

    32. Bobby Burns

      Interesting. You think that Amazon owner is somehow behind this? Danial Snyder just got full control of the Washington “Warriors” (new name I hope 🤞) So no way Jeff bezoar Amazon owner can buy the Washington team. So maybe he’s pulling a power play out west.

    33. Your Mamas

      Long time chargers fan I’m loving this because dumb chargers owner thought LA will bring his ass tons of money..but NOT😜🤫 and I’m now in Minnesota thought I was going to have to be Vikings fan...just because chargers moved to LA🤭

    34. John Taylor


    35. Raiding Jaguar456

      Chargers should have never left San Diego. The NFL should have never let them leave. End of story.

    36. Edward Washington

      Sounds like Bezos is going around whispering in all the minority owner's ears around the league.

    37. trea 10x

      The reason why they own the majority at 36% is because everybody else that has a share in the team own lesser than 36% ... there's a lot of NFL football teams have more than 1 owner for each team

    38. Adam Matschullat

      Guy who said hes with dean obviously has never been to SD San Diego hates dean

    39. One up One down

      They are billionaires . How do you ran through money like that?

    40. John Connor


    41. Albert Einstein

      They ain't losing money lol

    42. Nick Gatian

      It’s always nice to rich assholes in debt

    43. 4-UP

      Lets go back to San Diego🛡

    44. dilated2020

      this is... arrested development

    45. Original One

      The Chargers name and logo was created originated in Los Angeles 1960 L.A. memorial Coliseum ⚡️🐴 🏈 The name originated from the USC football games then musician and team kicker Tommy Trojan played and helped inspire then owner Barron Hilton when Hilton attended the USC football games at the LA Coliseum every time Tommy would run out to the field to attempt the extra point kick the USC fans would yell out Tommy’s Charge! Chant he created as a musician “Da Da Da Da Trojan Warriors Charge!! So that’s we’re R.I.P Barron Hilton then owner got inspired for the name from that Da Da Da Charge! Chant The proof is in the Battle Horse logo charging into battle hence the battle horse inside the original L.A Chargers 1960 shield logo very similar to a USC Trojan warrior Charging into battle with a Sword and shield. The lightning bolt came from Barron Hilton liking the Air Force college team logo. Till this day that Charge! Chant is heard at the games and through out other sporting events. Da Da Da Da Charge! ⚡️🐴 🏈 The Chargers r the true original L.A. born team playing for the original birthplace and not too many teams can claim that fact! The Rams were born in Cleveland. The Raiders were born in Oakland. and that’s a fact those other teams can’t ever claim. And also the Chargers r also the true Southern California team they have never left Southern California unlike the Rams born in Cleveland and played in St.Loius and the Raiders born in Oakland and play in Las Vegas Nevada.

    46. Original One

      Los Angeles Chargers Won 52-28 vs the Oakland Raiders in 1960 at the Los Angeles memorial coliseum 1960... Then again beat the Oakland Raiders at Candlestick stadium in San Francisco 1960 Los Angeles Chargers 41 Oakland Raiders 17. Los Angeles Chargers the true original L.A. born team Da Da Da Da Charge! ⚡️🐴 🏈

    47. mike jones

      Bring Back the L.A.Dons.

    48. Jay Wood

      More chargers talk ⚡️⚡️

    49. Bill Brooks

      As a former SD chargers fan I hope this comes to fruition. F the spanos family. Nothing but greed.

    50. Kesington Osilaja

      Did someone say Houston Chargers? 👀

    51. Juan Gomez

      Relocation fee and New stadium I'm sure that didn't help

    52. Victor Diaz

      Steve Ballmer should buy the chargers he’s already in LA with the clippers

    53. SuperPat88

      Whoever is the new owner, move the Chargers back to San Diego. Either San Diego, or San Antonio, or St. Louis.

    54. Brady R

      Little did y’all know it was an April fools

    55. Yacht Boy

      Is this an April 1 Joke? I hope not. Moving your team to a city that doesn't care about them just because your city (of over 40 years) wouldn't buy you a new stadium (taxpayer-funded) was childish. Mr. Spanos, if you no longer care about the Chargers, please sell them to someone who will.

    56. Josef Flores

      God bless Dea Spanos

    57. Angel Chavez

      Bezos or Musk should buy the Chargers

    58. XSandWizardX

      This is great, either we go back to San Diego, or we play in Portland 🤷🏽‍♂️

    59. jose lopez

      Damaging their reputation they been damaged when they went to LA from diego f spanos who ever buys them bring them back plz

    60. marquise carr

      the chargers should be in vegas why tf did they go to la again

    61. Raymond Laracuenta

      I think each of the 4 kids received ~15% of the Chargers and the remaining portion went into a trust which Dean and Dea co-managed. I suspect they are each entitled to 25% of the trust if it were to be dissolved. However, the trust was set up to fund charities and other philanthropic activities. The trust represents ~36% of the team so divided by 4 that is 8% per kid. So each kid has 15-16% from their parents (direct ownership) + 8% from the trust (pooled ownership). So yes Dean, Alexis, and Michael control 75% of the team (if the trust were dissolved) but since the trust is not dissolved the three siblings only directly own 45% of the team (15% x 3). So Dea can force a sale no matter what they say as the co-executor of the Trust if she feels the Trust is at risk of being insolvent. Like the others, she technically owns 25% of the team give or take when you combine her direct ownership and her indirect ownership share from the trust. Bottom line, the team is losing money and they are not wealthy enough to keep it. Dea sees this and wants to liquidate to save the trust plus her wealth. If it were me I would sell the Chargers to a Utah billionaire and move them to Salt Lake City into a new stadium (use a college stadium in the short term). They would draw better than they ever would in LA. SLC is an affluent community that would buy tickets and the Chargers would not be in anyone's shadow.

    62. Jonathan Hall

      John Spano, anyone?

    63. Eric Gottsacker

      I think this is a play to get bezos to swing on in and buy the team.

    64. Avery Fergerson

      Just sell it to Bezos and call it a day.

    65. Gooch Fitness

      Someone needs to buy the chargers and move them back to San Diego very simple

    66. ThomB1031

      Sell them, and move them to San Diego, that would be funny.

    67. Hyllstarter

      Wouldn't Bezos owning a NFL team be a conflict of interest? Since Amazon is getting on showing NFL games?

    68. jic

      san diego chargers fans our wishes are coming true

    69. Ian Smith

      They betrayed all their fans, moved to LA. , now they ruined a city’s NFL franchise as well as their own finances. Hope the new owners move back !!

    70. Fotosynthesis858

      As a San Diego native: the only way I’ll accept the Chargers back in SD is if it’s WITH OUT Dean Spanos. Until then, I’ll continue to be an anti-Chargers fan.

    71. Slymongoose

      Yo why do you think Janice McNair (owner of Houston Texans) is trying to ruin Deshaun Watson on purpose?

    72. Ben Vasilinda

      It seems the brother knows a lot more about business than his sister does. He makes his businesses look like they are losing money, meanwhile he is making millions of dollars and filing losses. His sister is greedy and just wants to cash out and blow her inheritance.

    73. Scott Emmert

      when I was born in San Diego in 1980. The hospital put me in a Chargers jersey and sent me home. I say YES!!! Please let The current richest man buy my hometown team. I don't care wherever they are I'm still Chargers for life. I can only daydream about the amazing things Mr. Bezos would do for the state of this team. Let's all wish this into reality!!!

    74. Rob A

      Welp Jeff bezos just found the team he is about to buy

    75. Al Bolfoni

      Jeff bezos watching this

    76. Ryan Staiger

      The funny part is it cost more to go to LA than to build a new stadium in San Diego

      1. Chris Wolf

        More like helping the rams building the stadium because so-fi stadium is the home for both the chargers and rams plus it's a top 5 stadium in la and that was the reason they relocated to la the stadium

    77. Julia Martinez


    78. jjballers81

      1. They should've stayed in San Diego. 2. Maybe she should wait a couple of years because Herbert has a legit chance of being a top 5 QB. He's a great face of a franchise and he's a baller. Things might look very different in a decade, if the Chargers make the right management decisions. (and avoid injuries).

    79. Charlton Moore

      The Spanos's are trash! The Chargers need to be in SD! They could have renovated The Murph and leased the land for 1$ a year for 99 years! They alienated the fans of SD, by demanding a new stadium in an unrealistic location.

    80. Jordan Posvar

      Its almost like they moved to a more expensive city, that didnt want them, with no fan base there.... 👀

      1. Drew Nuckolls


    81. GBP4EVR

      Like Rats leaving a sinking ship, the nfl is too woke and is going broke...

    82. Michael Hearn

      Pat you need to buy this team..........start a go fund me page guys........🤣😂👍🏻🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    83. Love one another as I have loved you Jesus Christ

      So is there any chance the Chargers could move back to San Diego?

    84. Bryce Sattler

      So you get the stadium you want LA but you don’t have any fans and now you want to sell the team because you’re rich

    85. Mark Andrus

      So when Pat says the same drama like Real Housewifes, does he mean fake contrived BS drama that nobody in their right mind cares about?

    86. The Captain

      If you really want to sell a team, just pay someone to accuse you of being a racist or sexual abuser. The woke league will have a new, more inclusive owner lined up in hours.

    87. Joss Parker

      That escalated quickly

    88. Original One

      Los Angeles Chargers r worth more in L.A. if they sell wouldn’t go anywhere anyways but I doubt new ownership anytime lol must be an April fools joke

    89. James Warfield

      Move bacc 2 san Diego or mexico city

    90. Mukund Gorty

      imagine if they move back to SD....that'd be OPPPPP


      Laughs in Urinatingtree.

    92. Rich Farfugnuven

      The Spankos family has a lot of drama. The kids of Pat Bowlen: "Hold my beer."

    93. Kamron Johnson

      Should’ve just stayed in daygo🤦🏽‍♂️

    94. David Rainey

      Dea wants to get more money by being able to sell a controlling interest of the Chargers (the 36% trust plust her 15%). If she is only allowed to sell her shares, she wouldn't be able to get nearly the same out of it. It's about the money. Not about the legacy.

    95. A- DUB

      Football I feel more than any sport is a from the top to the bottom success driven sport. Unless this gets figured out in the next month I can’t see us winning a chip next year. Again...

    96. Clever Name

      The Spanos family legacy was ruined a loooong time ago

    97. Shane O'Sullivan

      How long before 2 teams get sold to London and Mexico.. will the money be too much?

    98. EzioAuditore

      Chargers are boring as hell, they need a revamp

    99. Alfredo Flores

      banging weights and banging humans

    100. Julian Bird

      Im LMAO in SD