Aaron Rodgers Tells Pat McAfee He Wants To Be Jeopardy Host Full Time

The Pat McAfee Show

95 миӊ. көрүүлөр9

    We would love to see Aaron Rodgers hosting Jeopardy after he wins a few more rings.
    This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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    1. Mr Beef.

      Chase smith approves of the hair decision

    2. Spencer Mann


    3. Charles

      After seeing Aaron's 1st week hosting Jeopardy, he better find something else after football. His delivery is dry, dull and hesitant. His only allure is that he's a football star - not exactly the Jeopardy target market. Credit to him for trying - but his performances so far are a bust.

    4. joe C

      Saw him as a host. Not very good the guy has no personality at all

    5. Jason Setters


    6. Andrew Hakomaki Granger

      This needs to happen!

    7. real name

      Rather have Andrew luck for jeopardy

    8. Rational Thought

      I enjoyed him on Jeopardy, and could see him getting the full time gig if it was five or six years from now.

    9. fastpace101

      Hell no he doesn't deserve the role

    10. Adino1

      Nothing against Rodgers, I'm not a hater. But he'd seriously have to work on his stage presence and delivery, because from what I saw he just doesn't have it. Monotone and flat would be the best way to describe him.

    11. Dallas Wood

      They shoot the entire season in forty something days I heard and it’s during the football offseason no reason he couldn’t do both not like he wouldn’t have time to get a workout in still and stay in shape

    12. Cynthia

      If he doesn't get the Jeopardy gig, I'm sure he has nailed a career in TV as a sports analyst, etc., he's that good

    13. Conrad Kennedy

      Please no he sucks with his monotone voice.

    14. hilda beaverhausen

      Uh, no.

    15. Reagan Hosty

      As a bears fan I think he should do it

    16. Jake Piccioni

      I hated Rodgers for years as a Cowboys fan because he owns Dallas...but damn it, Pat having him on has made me do a complete 180 and turned me into a fan

    17. michael Vincent

      I mean low-key it was boring. I really hope he doesn't get that job. Great QB, not so much as a host

    18. One Buffalo

      So far Dr. Oz better than Aaron, clearer annunciation with a deep registry so easier to hear the questions. Aaron def better than the woman they had before Oz tho, she was lost AF

      1. Adino1

        I hate Dr. Oz. But you're right.

    19. Broken By Bob

      That would be a great career switch

    20. SnapTime

      Not only does he not actually want that job full time but he was _terrible_ at it. He was dry, monotone, boring, and clearly not meant to be a game show host.

    21. Jorge E

      Pat in the end was like Chris Farley in the Herlihy boy house-sitting service skit “for god sakes, let me sleep in your bed!”

    22. Sandro ROMANO

      He has the main attribute for the job....”he’s boring”

    23. Gabriel Suarez

      He sounds Canadian lol

    24. dmonarre dmonarre

      That long sleeve arod shirt is sick in that guy with the mic in the beginning Anyone know where to buy it?

    25. Arthur Jackson

      He's played a lot of amazing football seasons. He's won a Superbowl. He's probably a top 10 quarterback of all time. He's what? Going on 38 years old? Hell yeah, do Jeopardy if you get offered the job.

    26. mike way

      He did great on there last night in his debut. I think if he doesn't get it it's going to be Anderson Cooper or will Mike Richards do it he did a great job too

    27. Giant Blossom

      Why haven’t I heard more about this Chase guy? What happened?

    28. Joseph Baker

      If he became host of Jeopardy all the supporting cast producers writers would end up hating this arrogant jerk like his teammates and former coaches 😁😂

    29. Joseph Baker

      Looking like a bum off Venice Beach 😂😂

    30. Lachlan Cotner

      I’m a huge Vikings fan but man this show over the past year has made me absolutely love Aaron Rodgers

      1. Kameron Klima

        Same here.

    31. Antonio Reyes

      No packer should shave or cut their hair til they win a super bowl

    32. cookman2k

      I'm picturing Curly Lambeau, Bart Starr and Ray Nitschke listening to this conversation about "head space",and FEELINGS,...then moving on to hair styles and "man buns"...................

    33. Thomas H.L.

      Why isn't there a segment about MLB and their TERRIBLE decision to move the ASG from Atlanta?

    34. Thomas H.L.

      Why isn't there a segment about MLB and their TERRIBLE decision to move the ASG from Atlanta?

    35. Thomas H.L.

      Why isn't there a segment about MLB and their TERRIBLE decision to move the ASG from Atlanta?

    36. Al Mohammed

      Lets get zak bagans in there

    37. James Westen

      Who's idea was it to kick that FG?? It was Peter LaFluer from Average Joes Gym's idea....

    38. dana herbst

      I can see jeopardy paying him more than the packers

    39. Yellow Wilson

      This just reminded me that Justin Herbert said he still wants to become a surgeon... I hope he doesn’t cut his career too short

      1. Eugenius Bear


    40. Luigi

      Rodgers: okay over to you sara Sara: uh sports 500 Rodgers: Which NFL team does not have an indoors facility? Sara: What is the Cincinnati Bengals?

    41. Vegasprimetime7

      Rodgers is one burning man away from hardcore hippie

    42. allcheesedup Dog

      I just want to watch today’s episode of jeopardy.

    43. Wrestling Historian

      I like Jepardy! but I really feel a better fit for Rodgers is The Price is Right.

    44. Smasher Blues

      Man bun is only acceptable on three occasions... running powertools, chopping wood, and Aaron Rodgers.

    45. Eric Nielson

      Tell Aaron he needs to get Clay Mathews hair

    46. Jamoe

      Plz don’t do a man bun

    47. Rancid Rylan

      Why does everyone I know think Aaron is an asshole. They always say he's mean to family members but I don't see how that's anyone's business plus family's members be assholes sometimes

      1. Mowgli

        @Karen Hardie although I pretty much agree, no one is campaigning that Russ or Brees is the GOAT. People are simply holding Rodgers to a higher standard, which sounds like criticism, but it's actually the opposite

      2. Karen Hardie

        I agree. The media rips him for not getting along with his family. Maybe there are reasons for that. He gets ripped for one superbowl. Brees and Wilson have one ring too. Where is their criticism.

    48. milkibeats

      Aarons stoned in this 😆😆

    49. Skip Trades

      Aaron is the goat !! They make 100 plus Super Bowl rings every year - team award Aaron by far the best player and QB ALL HAIL RODGERS

    50. Joey Thomas

      When Pat was comparing his court experiences to Jeopardy, Aaron missed the chance to say, “Pat the difference is I’m hosting Jeopardy and you were in jeopardy.”

    51. Mike In Indy

      I think this is a great idea and he should start immediately. Forget about football it’s dangerous and stuff so, you go Aaron and good luck. One more thing Go Bears

    52. Michael Snyder

      Just watched Jeopardy! With Rodgers. In final jeopardy one of the contestants wrote "Who wanted to kick that filed goal?" 😅🏈

    53. Mover Bob

      Shout out

    54. Randy Diets

      He'd actually make a great choice..he's got the stache

    55. Rinku Singh

      Aaron Rodger is the best.

    56. Poirier's Louisiana Style Hot Sauce

      Aaron killed it on jeopardy tonight! Love it

    57. Chance Simmons

      After meeting Alex as a young man I quit watching jeopardy. But man if Rodgers were to permanently host I would watch again and this being a raiders fan.

      1. Cleopatra Demers

        @Chance Simmons l'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience with him. It's a shame when we put celebrities on a pedal when they are just like you and me. He could have been having a bad day or maybe he was just not as nice as portrayed in the media. Thanks for the info.

      2. Chance Simmons

        @Cleopatra Demers yes my father owned a restraunt when he owned a cattle ranch in my area he came in for breakfast and was very rude which was unpleasant because he had an amazing personality in the lime light.

      3. Cleopatra Demers

        @ Chance Simmons. Just curious, did you have a bad experience meeting Alex? Celebrities aren't always what they seem, he has always been put in a good light, but you never know for sure.

    58. Nick Tortora

      need off-season aaron rodgers wednesdays

    59. TheSpoilerofVirgins

      Question? Who's an overrated & overpaid QB in the NFC, and when they CHOKE in the playoffs time after time, doesn't except any responsibility, but still gets $$$

      1. Jacko NoTobacco

        Question: who’s done nothing of significance in their life and spend their time hating on millionaires in the comments of a KGup video?

      2. Jack Roberts

        Who is Kirk Cousins?

    60. Aj Brill

      He Will Shave His Face!!

    61. Average Kurt Cooks

      Worst human in the NFL

    62. pedro 4vote

      When did the man bun become acceptable

    63. Chip Dorsey

      A Jeopardy with only retired athletes as contestants. You're welcome.

    64. Ethan Fay

      Dudes Boutta retire from the dumpster fire of the packers to become a jeopardy host.. LMAO

    65. Luke Ortolani

      Aaron got that AJ camera quality

      1. Rapsheets

        He can't afford a new one

    66. HowlBeast

      Where’s AJ HAWK? I want to see him & Aaron talk and see how their chemistry was is or was

    67. Eduardo Mendes

      The way he says "he'll shave his face" at the end 💀💀💀

    68. Seacock Nanny

      Aaron finally gonna cut off his pen15?

    69. Brow Master

      ESPN: Is Aaron Rodgers considering retirement after wanting to host Jeopardy full time? Does this mean there is tension between Rodgers and the Packers management?

      1. iHaWkS15

        I was just watching Cowherd and he was basically saying this lol

      2. BlinksAwakening

        People just don't get that the show isn't filmed daily. They'll film multiple episodes in the same day. Seems feasible that Jeopardy and Rodgers could adapt their schedules to work with the off season.

      3. Jonathan Major


      4. James Westen

        He answered all this in this interview.... edit: in the full version anyway.....

      5. Connor 223

        @TheMan750 Yeah it's fun to watch the media running around like 6-year-olds to the newest thing and... embellishing 😂.

    70. Tyler McVeigh

      That would be one hell of a retirement gig.

    71. Goat Stature

      Dude Jeopardy sucks

    72. Backpack Lands

      Can’t choke in the playoffs if you’re hosting jeopardy, good thinking!

      1. LoLYouLose

        He played great in the playoffs.. he doesn’t have the talent around him that’s not his fault. He is definitely the most talented QB in NFL history, Green Bay keeps screwing him I hope he retires and takes the job

    73. FillHerGuts

      When Aaron decides to retire in another 10 years he needs to be on the show full time

      1. Miguel Escobar

        @Ahmed Rahim It's fine kid not everyone understands what a figure is speech is

      2. FillHerGuts

        @Ahmed Rahim it's a figure of speech in the sentence (edit) *since* everyone knows he's not going to play another 10 years you are an idiot. (Added during edit)* Because we all know you're slow I had to go back and edit. Obviously not sentence my autocorrect put sentence instead of since rip. Wanted to clear that up for you so it hurt your brain trying to comprehend what I wrote. Have a nice day Forrest*

      3. Ahmed Rahim

        @FillHerGuts no one has ever used "another 10 years" as a figure of speech ever. Think you might be the one who needs common sense

      4. FillHerGuts

        @Ahmed Rahim it's a figure of speech it's saying he's nowhere close to done yet lol everyone else got it but you someone didn't hit the common sense tree lmao

      5. Ahmed Rahim

        10 years? He's not gonna play till he's 47 bruh. More like 4 more years

    74. William Herring

      I think the producer will become the full time host

      1. maxpowr90

        Doubtful. He also produces Wheel of Fortune.

    75. StitchJones74

      What a silly clip. Aaron Rodgers is like a talking brick. Not even worth a mention

      1. James Wilson

        ...and yet you mention it. What a dolt!

    76. VoltXxShot2


    77. Jacob Lawrence

      Stick it to GB's brass: retire and host Jeopardy! full time!

    78. Jordan Kihl

      I would love Jeopardy with ARogers

    79. Franco Toma

      If Aaron does this I guess we can say his football career would be.......in jeopardy.

      1. Jason Setters


      2. Mowgli

        Don't listen to the Naysayers, funny af lol

      3. Trill•4•Life

        If the joke is easy don't do it

      4. H H

        @Franklin Johnson all the episodes are filmed within a 46 day window. So he could do both at the same time

      5. John Mears

        Well done sir

    80. Jsn Army

      Only Aaron could revive jeopardy

      1. ezioaltairac

        Jeopardy doesn’t need to be revived. Still gets good ratings despite being network TV.

    81. K Cook

      A A Ron! Gotta be the host!!

    82. D

      With how the Packers want to screw with his contract... Their star quarterback's future.....May be in Jeopardy...literally..

    83. Father Time


    84. Trevor2895

      This just makes me miss Aaron Rodgers Tuesdays

    85. aman62592

      Does rodgers have a flip phone camera or what?

    86. BIGjeff1987

      I think a lot of people would hate it because they would start liking him

      1. Kevin Thibodeau

        @Skyler B I’m sorry but it’s jeopardy I under stand the passion for it but come on lol

      2. Skyler B

        He was awful at it! He has one tone and no expressions , please god don’t let him ruin jeopardy , very bad replacement for a legend

      3. Daniel Musgrove

        Bro I was always a big EHH on Rodgers but after watching that Jeopardy episode I love the guy..

      4. Kevin Thibodeau

        I guess for most bit for me it’s whatever if he does great if he doesn’t oh well all I’ll say is it would be hard to find someone else

      5. Zaid Khan

        @Eric Frey same here as a bears fan

    87. Jamaal Breezy

      aaron RAJAS BABY

    88. Younase Dunn

      Jeopardy show with A-ARON as the host full time with TB12 , Peyton and Brett Favre competing , ratings gold

      1. greywolf2155

        Peyton would have studied the most statistically common types of categories and memorized the heatmap of Daily Double Locations Brady would get super intense in the last half of Final Jeopardy! and run the last category Favre would choose squares at random, and you bet your ass he'd only do True Daily Doubles

      2. Chad Cudi

        Brett Favre gets a landscaping category

    89. randall

      Looks like we have to have a duel for first comment boys!

    90. Danny

      I’d actually watch jeopardy if he was the host

    91. Young Anima

      People who watched it live😎

    92. Gina Lynn

      His hair is 🤢

    93. Vegeta

      My boy pat getting the exclusives keep it going

    94. D


      1. Packers North

        Hell yeah that would be awesome!!! C'mon do it Jeopardy.

    95. Sean OBrien

      What is 👽👽👽?

    96. RonaldFlamingo


    97. Bulse


    98. Zachary Davis

      Yall know the Bengals don't have an indoor practice facility

      1. Sun Wukong

        “This NFL team is the northernmost team that doesn’t have an indoor practice facility”

      2. Chris Suppers

        @advitiya18 palamalu. Pah-llama-luu -Pat McAfee

      3. Aaron

        Haha so funny

      4. advitiya18

        Yeah, they would’ve had one if the damn polamalu hadn’t line up in the c gap

    99. l Chavez