The Pat McAfee Show | Friday April 2nd, 2021

The Pat McAfee Show

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    1. Dippy Lip


    2. Dippy Lip


    3. Dippy Lip


    4. Dippy Lip


    5. Emanuel

      Jeez guys come on, Minnesota isn't good at hockey because they're canada, they're good at hockey because they're Sweden.

    6. Paul Cagna

      What will they think of next. The Red Rifle shirt is such a hilarious novelty gift that I must have.

    7. Ethan Knapps

      Ariel is 100% Pat surround himself with “yes men” without them he’s just be a douche running his Maaaahhhhphh

    8. AllDayDavis

      If they make it 8 teams per conference, there would be no bye weeks for any seeds. You can't have 2 byes for the wildcard, there would be an odd number of teams left over

    9. Chase 9210

      To Jojo.. the caller who spoke Spanish and then claims they don’t speak Spanish... Mark Cuban is 5 years older than Jeff Bezos.. Jeff Bezos is exactly who we all should want to own a franchise.

      1. Melancholy Puppy

        Mark is an awesome owner though. He sits with the fans and invests in assets and infrastructure of the team. Very forward thinker

    10. Christopher Dedrick

      Pat and the Boys should do how the Packers do ownership and crowd fund the money to support it to buy a NFL Team. I'll buy that for a dollar, lol

    11. Garrett Abbey

      I just realized the egg mcmuffin has Canadian bacon and American cheese on an English muffin

    12. Matt Kurtz

      Billy Boobs

    13. Matt Kurtz

      Should get poppa Do-V on the show. We see his tweets errday and he's a great insider! Doooo veeee, do vee doooo

    14. Jim Gillis

      Someone in the live comments said Bears going all the way. The way I see it wherever they are going all the way to, they might as well take the Blackhawks White Sox and Cubs with them cuz none of them are going to win SFA this year.

    15. Jim Gillis

      Do I have this right. They took out a preseason game and added a regular season game. In other words, they didn't really ADD a game. They renamed one. Players under contract would be obliged to play in all the games on the slate regardless of what you call them so its not any skin off the players. Yeah, some of these stars that wouldn't play in all the preseason games gotta buck up, but a lot of those mid to bottom tier players would be suited up for every game.

      1. Melancholy Puppy

        Only 46 are active game day and 60 are suited in a preseason game. Only 1-2 drives are played by starters in preseason. A game was added and it's gonna mess things up when starters won't be allowed to play in a regular season game that could determine playoff outcomes

    16. Jake russell

      I think ariel is possibly the best guest

    17. futurebs4

      if McAfee and Ariel don't work together in the future, it would be a travesty

    18. Joey isamazing

      How about for the sudden death kick off you have the punter punt the ball from thier own end zone and wherever it lands is where the kicker kicks from, that way you can gain an advantage or disadvantage depending on the punter so a good punter can help out a bad kicker or a bad punter screw over a good punter

    19. Chance Huck

      Pat and the guys, love the show. The other day you were talking about the long term goal of team ownership. I want to invest all in “Brother”. I’ll bring millions of good intentions, significantly less dollars and a failing/stressed liver, but will make up for it in enthusiasm. Let me know when your ready for me to sign? Lol keep up the good work. Makes morning sports fun to watch again.

    20. landon shea

      Hate how obsessed with money humans are

    21. Logan Tester

      Ariel is a great heel. Him and AJ have to come into studio

    22. Geoff Brown

    23. StAy GoLdEn 5

      Pat I listen to you while I sleep you and Tyler's voice are serenading

    24. DJ Sevens

      It was a feel Good Friday..... and then that Helwani STOOOGGGEEEE comes on. 😤😤😤

    25. Tyson Sadler

      The concept of Christmas comes from the Siberian celebration of the winter solstice. Shamans would come down chimneys and place either the stuff necessary to grow amanita muscaria mushrooms 🍄 or they'd put the shroom in the stockings. Fun fact, a handful of psychedelics can be grown from carniferis (christmas) trees. And Caribou (also known as Reindeer) have been known to craze the smell of piss humans after they took amanita muscaria. There also used to be a lot of fairies and mushrooms used in association with Christmas decades ago but somehow is gone from the Christmas themes of today (I don't actually know all of this, I just watched the Joe rogan podcast with Graham hancock and Brian murcasian or whatever his name is)

    26. Santiago Dunbar

      Connor fat af now bruh. Dammmn

    27. Low Budget Productions LLC

      HEELWANI in the lucha mask! 😄 This show STINKS! 🛠

    28. Riley Behney

      Talk about me the security guard who helped out of the March madness game tonight!

    29. Marcelo Soprano

      Thought he said “Dong Batista” 😂😂😂

    30. Brad Martin

      Green bay Slackers ... always the wanna be girlfriend

    31. Lenny Parks

      Ariel is Corey from Trailer Park Boys stg.

    32. Josh Markley

      Ariel is over his head now

    33. Dominic Vargaz

      no one: boston connor: OH YEAH

    34. Michael Steele

      Hour 3 realllllyyy spirals fast when AJ isn’t here to bring everyone back to earth. He just has to laugh and it makes it pat stop and think about what they’re saying 😂 this show stinks lol

    35. Alex Smith

      We need to fund cloning equipment for Ty to fit all of his cameos into the program.

    36. Andrews Charles Bloy

      Bezos buying the Boltz? SIMMER DAHN.

    37. Lucas Petersen

      Helwani is the greatest 😂

    38. Peter coccaro

      The eggs and rabbits are a reflection of fertility, and rebirth. It all stems from the Pagan holiday, In fact Easter is the first Sunday after the first full moon after 3/20 (Vernal equinox)

    39. CJ CRA

      Hey yo where’s A to tha J to keep you in check pat?

    40. Ghoste Babiet

      The rigid order preoperatively settle because chicken chronically please modulo a entertaining phone. smooth, exotic pisces

    41. Gruelge 31175

      Glasses on, sleeves off ...

    42. Pilt Chamberlin


    43. Tyler Coats

      Let’s just do a Kickstarter to get these boys a franchise

    44. Lucas Motsiff

      Thank god for heelwani

    45. jim beam

      Tom Brady wants to bring back the baseball team that drafted him...THE MONTREAL EXPOS!Go in with him partner

    46. Joseph Smallwood

      The billions annnnnnnnnn billions 😂

    47. Benny White

      You do not want someone whose vast majority of wealth or holdings is tied up in other ventures outside of the NFL. B/c that person will then become susceptible to outside influence. Say the NFL is doing something a sect of activists(the mob) do not like or agree with.... There's not much they can do to an organization like the NFL without massive numbers BUT they can target those outside ventures like say Amazon. Now 5 or 10% of the population from outside the football world is not going to change anything within the NFL football world but 5 or 10% of the people boycotting Amazon will have a huge impact. Having someone like Bezos intertwined with the NFL only hurts the NFL b/c it gives many avenues for cancel culture to weasel in even with matters that have zero to do with the NFL. This is why Social media and basically every entertainment outlet is susceptible to cancel culture b/c everything is so intertwined with everything. Google owns so damn much and when 1 of their sub companies gets in hot water with cancel culture, other Google companies start getting that heat to force action on the others. The cancel Mob is trying this with sports real heavy now, they tried with the NBA(getting the LA owner to sell to a certain group susceptible to cancel influence), they tried with the MLB, they are trying with the NFL(Washingtons team... to the same group involved with the NBA). All the mob needs is a little crack and they will break thru, lets not help them do so.

    48. Benny White

      I want to hear the Boys adaptation of the "virgin" Mary.

    49. Kyle Richards

      It’s shaq. He’s the big Monday...this show stinks

    50. rainkinggw

      Ariel couldn't hold my jockstrap

    51. HookedOnChronic

      Trevor Bauer Pahwer Hahwer 💪⚾💙🔥

    52. Bartholomew

      I'm a huge mma fan but Ariel is so pathetically annoying. I'd rather hear Covington

    53. FLYiNG CASH TV

      wait so is the combine actually happening?

    54. neekdawg

      TY, Irv Smith played for Alabama not USC

    55. paddywack777


    56. paddywack777


    57. paddywack777


    58. paddywack777


    59. paddywack777


      1. Ian Steiner

        Where was it??🤣

    60. Michael Steele

      Helwani on the show is hysterical. He actually made up a LITTLE for the lack of AJ

    61. Carter

      I love Ariel 😂😂😂😂

    62. Dan Edwards

      @1:58:03 Ty Irv Smith played football in college at Alabama....not USC. But yes he is very good.

      1. Melancholy Puppy

        Yeah that was wild lol

    63. john smith

      One day they’ll interview Tom Brady...

      1. Tyler Beaudoin

        As a lifelong New England native a TB12 fan AND a Pat Mcafee fan...LETS GO!!

      2. Mike Litoris

        I feel like Tom would actually be electric on this show. A lot of people don't know that he has a dope personality pretty similar to Pat's when he's not on the field lol

      3. Joshua Vaughn

        Let's hope. I think Tom would do it.

    64. Nestor Heredia jr

      At least I’m not promoting a MURDER!!! Boston Connor is hilarious 😂😂😂

    65. Mike’s Klass

      That name change for HEELWANI at 1:45:16 was elite Zito production

    66. camloud

      Is it just me or is Connor massive?

      1. Mike Litoris

        You haven't seen the video of him bodying AJ Dillon in high school? How do you think he did that? 😂😂😂

    67. hearts and minds

      This week hasn’t been fun. Miss you AJ.

    68. Tyler Haralam

      I need someone’s help. Does anyone have the link to the Heartland episode Pat did where he read the “best Twitter thread ever”? I can’t find any trace of it. It involved someone renting a car and taking a road trip with it, not realizing it had a brick of cocaine in it, and ended with him replacing the cocaine with a book before returning it or something. Please y’all, I need to hear it again

    69. Ed62008


    70. The Dark Knight

      Pat and the boys definitely watched the TDK trilogy this week

    71. ZiplocBagOG

      This show ...... THIS show

    72. Jacob Allen

      No mention of friend of the show, Darren Waller when Pat's names off a dozen good tight ends. 🤔

    73. Pedram Bijani

      Congrats to Jesus :))))))))))

    74. ghosttowntomato

      That Xavier interview was soooo awkward.

    75. Alex Cash

      I do love Ariel so much. I love their relationship.

    76. Logan McGuyer

      Ty is the man!

    77. Derek Carter

      Ariel has a point. Dana is already screwing up the best fight in UFC history. A deal should be done and promos started.

    78. fireman2315

      Dane and Ariel... now get Jett back on please!

    79. John Murphy

      who knows when/if the Broncos ownership squabble ends anytime soon but Brittany Bowel (aged 30) seems to be the frontrunner and is working her butt off to prove she is all in on being owner. Rooting for her!! p.s. I know this is legacy ownership but just in regards to Jim Irsay's age when he took over. Love the show!!

    80. Cam B

      1:48:00 💀 ☠️

    81. Rickey Coats


    82. Spaghetti NTM

      Ariel Helwani is such a great villain on the show. I love it

      1. Con

        He tore Patt up💀

      2. Zach.Kraft13

        Yeah I guess but honestly fuckem

      3. Luke Duff

        You forgot an E!

      4. C Zinck

        Gotta admit he was a bit off this week but love his enthusiasm and energy

      5. TheBiggz808

        For real HES the GOAT VILLAIN!!!

    83. Matthew Morin

      Bezos is to cheap to spend money to make a team great. You want Elon. He spends money to get better.

    84. HiralNishan PatelVyas

      SoS !!!! Dane & Heal

    85. tigershot4690

      Does anyone else think the podcaster kid from the new mighty ducks show reminds them of Pat? The kid is hilarious

    86. Jarrad Bruessel

      Dude Pat has already done a youtube short like 3 months ago and acknowledged it. Now he is saying he doesn't know if they can do it or not?

    87. Keith Jackson

      Terrible twos, troublesome threes

    88. Benjamine Stephenson

      Yuck Fou stooge Ariel

      1. The50


    89. Jared Kinney Jr

      1:15:40 Ariel Helwani interview. My favorite scheduled interview of the week on PMS. Thank You ESPN. I apologize for my vile & angry words I directed at you guys

      1. Sean Foster

        Thank you

    90. Conor Pyke

      Toxic table absolutely gold from around 19:00 🤣🤣

    91. Brett Miller

      Won’t week 17 be a possible match up for a super bowl? Also won’t there be a higher chance that the starters won’t be playing this game? My Bears are coming to Vegas (where I’m currently living) just wondering. Thanks for doing what you boys do! Left Stern and found something similar to Stern when I started listening in 96.

      1. Michael Steele

        Yeah teams will likely catch heat if they start sitting players in this showcase game. The nfl will use it as a chance to show off the top of the league as a bargaining chip to push teams to play the starters

    92. Sean Tagga

      Thank you for the greatness boys

    93. Faster Nights

      Ty Schmidt has to be the funniest SOB ever in mankind

    94. Jordan H


    95. Ethan Grant

      Helwani is the most annoying human to ever be televised, and that includes the kardashians. 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

    96. adwhite804

      Yo that iron city in that glass or an Indy special brew?

    97. adwhite804

      Apologies for any typos... Not a proof reader

    98. green mamba

      Pat and the boys, can you please bring a professional tennis player on this show to interview? I think you will find it very fascinating and it would make a great segment!! Tennis is a great sport and I love how you guys discussed it a year ago when you made the tennis is underrated video!!

      1. ghart22

        “Eh who cares”

    99. adwhite804 unsure why you have a proclivity to disliking children. You my friend are a large man child! I refuse to say thats bad. Your energy, amd entertainment value has to come from somewhere.. But im gunna guess or assume! You fmdont dislike kids, you dislike the " responsibility" being an adult around kids is required. There's no question why kids like you..or any human really. You got a great energy my brother. As a guy who just had a sin turn 18....i understand the pressure/stress/anxiety of that responsibility. But it only makes us better big dog! You & the boys keep doin our thing. Only sports show I tune/listen too... And I was a former " athelete" ( I use that loosely, only got to college level & some pro ams, summer leagues in 🏀. Anyway! Keep up the good work gentlemen(

    100. Derrick preston

      The goat caller 1:46:44