Pat McAfee Responds To Ohio State Author Faking Article About Him

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    We understand clickbaiting and all that, but at least have a little bit of journalistic integrity when writing something like this...
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    1. NO BS

      Just to let you know, cancel culture is coming after football. They have been for a few years since kaep phucked everything up. Sports reporters or not, they dont care b/c it's all about the "cause".

    2. NFL Central 2021

      Are you just figuring out that leftist media is horrible and they are all liars.

    3. Barak Giles

      I'm totally confused why OSU or their supporters would have beef with you. Makes no sense at all, since you guys weren't talking bad about the program. Now I could totally see why Justin Fields would probably have beef with you or Dan. For him, it might be "on sight"...

    4. Endz Here

      I see this guy has a huge future at the Washington Post.

    5. Gorilla Mask


    6. amelioration station

      When I first saw that, I said to myself people are trying to cancel Pat. He's doing too good of a job.

    7. Awaken God’s Gift

      You had the guy on your show. You’re responsible for it Pat! Sorry, tough!

    8. Devlin Hall

      When Fields twice got hurt against Michigan I think, last year when he messed his knee up came back in the next play & had to escape the pocket to throw a freaking dime for a td & then the Clemson game same happened y’all seen it he took a lick just to come back in to throw a td the whole reason he’s quiet & pissed off at the world because he keeps his head down & works & strives to be great trust me I got my sources 🤷‍♂️👀

    9. Devlin Hall

      Yeah but Dan did say it on the show.. “sources or no sources” telling him Justin Fields has no work ethic specifically saying last one in first one out with no motivation to be great when I watched it on your show I thought it was bull immediately & the “get up” show has been tearing fields apart for what reason?? Y’all’s segment you had was literally something along the lines of what’s going on with Justin Fields y is he falling that’s y you had ole Dan on the show & you called him out on it & I respect that you were just as surprised as I was when he said it

    10. bart man

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    11. RD

      can we be a little angry with the retards that got upset with the title and didn't bother to read any further? only asking for a little

    12. Sebastion Envi

      Nope. Click bait crap does not need to and often doesn't have any nugget of truth to it whatsoever.

    13. Alex Theel

      Copy Editors write or used to write the headlines not the author.

    14. Rusty Spooner

      - Wokeism bs is killing sports and society

    15. Joe Shaw

      I mean, Pat says that journalists have to have a summary of truth in their titles... Yeah, ask the Former President about truth in journalism. It's all to get clicks and likes and full on money. Period.

    16. Eric the Great

      O-H-I-O person here. Keep up the great work.

    17. Ashley M.

      I’m so grateful for Billy Tubes... I must have tuned out when this convo happened the other day ... but I was cracking up when I read that article!

    18. The Quinlan Show

      Pat you've relied on clickbait for years now lmao

    19. NaS

      I saw this article and laughed hysterically and was waiting for the segment in regards to this

    20. nathan papp

      Why is this surprising? This has been the state of journalism in this country for the past 10 years. Do people still not realize this?

    21. Zach R

      As a Buckeye die hard, we are with you here, Pat

    22. Robert H

      USA today "McAfee recaps fake field goal against Steelers, where he walked into the end zone. Polamalu was nowhere to be found"

    23. Olaf Henderson


    24. Caleb H

      Didn't pat say these thing a few days ago? Why is he upset about it

    25. lift_Fit_Live

      Typical Ohio state fans, not smart enough for researching before making some type of reaction lol.

    26. fatmn

      "Sue them for libel." "OH I'M LIABLE TO..." 😂😂😂

    27. Triqkshot

      70% of sports media is absolute trash trying to get some buzz somehow doesn’t surprise me at all lol.

    28. JBARSOOPASTAR ????

      Dan O. from Espn did say it on your show PMAC. Just sayin.

    29. B3 Outdoors Independent

      Fake News has come for Pat

    30. Speaking Out Loud

      Agree with Pat it was bs. There is way too much draft hype bs out there. The draft itself is overrated

    31. Ninjaman41

      Yooooooooo to twitterrrrrrrrrr

    32. Matt P

      Pat just pissed off the largest College fan base lol

    33. Mj

      Not sure what’s happening but midway thru your videos the screen goes black, the audio works but video goes black.

    34. joe bryan

      Welcome to what the press call journalism

    35. Ben Geklinsky

      They are tryna cancel you pat

    36. John Vawter

      I don’t think pat macafee gets liable since he is a celebrity in the public eye!

      1. John Vawter


    37. Anthony

      Sue him😂😂

    38. Dumb Guy

      Fake news? I'm shocked.

    39. jay disqus

      Cowherd built a career trolling Buckeye fans, enjoy the attention.

    40. Jerichoholic502

      Well, just look at ABC, CNN, MSNBS, Yahoo, Google, and CNBC. All are fake trash. Start call ik mg these bastards out.

    41. N H

      Man... Fake news smh

    42. Lucifer Morningstar

      look at that publicity. Some random bs about Pat that he capitalizes on by getting out a good video and getting more viewers

    43. Dallas Goodman

      I think we all know that Pat knows the difference between slander and libel solely because of that one scene of James Jonah Jameson from Spiderman

    44. Steve Bob

      The media isn’t totally honest, the arbiter of truth?

    45. Walter White

      Pat should of been like... "I never said that, but I also don't disagree w/ it either." LoL (He is gunna be trash tho. Tape don't lie. Yes, he had ONE really good game towards the end... BUT THAT WAS IT) Just wait & see.....

    46. Eagle Fang

      ESPN is sending the hard hitters after Pat by using all resources to defame his name. Pat Mcfee is going bent the knee one day because he'll realize there is too much bullets to dodge from the woke media

    47. robert redmon

      Unfortunately this is the way of the world these days

    48. Gage Tipton

      Hes not liable with you being a public figure.

    49. Jake Burke

      Why would u make a fake claim about Pat? You gotta KNOW he's gonna call you out 😂

    50. Mark Rush

      It’s the editors that make the headlines most of the time

    51. Nilay Patel

      Ohio State is a cult and have worst fans

    52. F M

      Pat McAfee learns first-hand about fake news.

    53. Nathan Waidelich

      Scouts and coaches actively prey on naive and/or recklessly ambitious media members with platforms for the purposes of lighting these fuses. That dynamic should never be a P.S.; it should always be the lede. There is an abundance of BS when it comes to the NFL draft and Pat and Dan should know better than to fall to it.

    54. Aaron

      At least they used a good photo of you? lol

    55. Bruce Roller

      Damn as a big Ohio State fan f this guy I'm team McAfee!!!

    56. JD3 Jefferson

      Typical fake news. Journalists can just say whatever the F they feel like printing

    57. Emerson Miller

      Sorry to see this Pat! Journalism has been dead in this country for many years in sports, politics etc...

    58. pnk rckr

      Trust me, Ohio sports fans are ruthless when someone tries to utter the smallest amount of criticism towards their team or favorite player. And I know that is how most fans are, but Ohio fans are Masshole and Dallas Cowboys level intensity/insanity without the success to back it up. Ohio sports fans are like the girlfriend still believing they can change their lowlife boyfriend around after being with them for ten years. Embarrassing. Clean it up, Ohio.

    59. SeleckPlays

      We're witnessing the media giant's last gasp of breath. Absolutely zero integrity, and those that are responsible for this type of headline should lose their jobs.

    60. Jimmy Logan

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    61. Winifred Hawkins

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    62. Zach

      CNN hired him immediately. He fits their bs perfectly. It was a close biding war btwn CNN and MSNBC but CNN got him. 🤣😂🤣

    63. Joe Harrison

      Journalist and professional should never be in the same sentence.

    64. Bryce Johns

      Pat I lived in Ohio for 13 years it’s a pretty disgusting place😂 don’t let them talk down on you buddy lmao

    65. TheGoldenRooster

      What????? That video you made, made it seem like he doesn’t work hard. “First guy in, first guy out” you said that about the team meetings. That’s what I got from the video. That his work ethic wasn’t great.

    66. Noah Hansford

      It was an april fools joke.

    67. Colbraz

      April fools?

    68. Greg Keener

      Cmon man. Are we really surprised that a “journalist “ is writing false narratives?

    69. Richard Roy

      Not for nothing, but I thoroughly enjoy this platform. The fact that you guys have trust with active players, that actually want to talk and do interviews with you guys is amazing! These other networks/analysts do almost nothing but attack and are way too critical of other players. The hate will keep coming to you. Keep up the good work.

    70. Jeff Talbot

      Umm...Pat? USA Today isn't a high-reputation source at's up there with the NY Times as the biggest loads of journalistic garbage.

    71. Travis Stoneking

      Kinda like the news 👀

    72. Jr cell

      The media doing media things. This is why I love PMS these fellas are straight shooters and eat crow when they mess up

    73. jgould30

      In politics this has been happening for many many years because the far left has decided lying in media is easy. And clearly it is because so many people believe the news and not their own eyes.

    74. Quilen Blackwell


    75. Mark Pelzer

      Democrat reporters have seem what lying does for them.

    76. A.P Jones

      I thought pat reported on anonymous source offered by Dan Orlavskey, where Dan said here is what the anonymous sources said about Justin Fields. And then Pat was like, hey if this is true about Justin Fields, 'last on in, first one out', that's a bad sign for a quarterback. Pat amplified anonymous sources and used it for his takes on Justin Fields in the clip in question. I believe that is were the pushback comes from. Love Pat, love the pod, I don't care about this but I did have the thought that this is what happens when you don't watch college football, don't watch or research justin fields, and then bring on a guest who offers sources. Dan said he did not agree with the sources but Pat focused on the Fields criticisms as if Dan has been told gospel. Throughout his career, the opposite has been said about Fields at every stop than what Dan reported which is why he said he quickly disagreed with the sources. Pat, someone who doesn't know Justin Fields, just focused on the sensational part.

    77. Emmit G

      Justin will prove you wrong!! You clearly didn't watch OSU this year "Pat"

    78. Tigran Tiraturyan

      That’s what media is in America nowadays, absolute horseshit reporting!

    79. Andrew Sebree

      I think its funny that ppl on the internet get mad at ppl reacting to ppl reacting to ppl reacting to things said reacting to thing ppl see.......what? Idiots!

    80. Connor Ebersole

      Am I the only one thinking it’s an April fools joke

    81. M Lo

      April fools?

    82. George Gillett


    83. Mathew Keen

      Did you not question if it was true when that guy told you those things about Fields? Exactly. The headline is accurate. Hilariously misleading, but accurate.

    84. Adam Valenzuela

      So much for stopping the spread of disinformation. 😂

    85. Adam Valenzuela

      April fools joke? If not the Media is seriously getting out of hand these days. A friend of the source told his aunt and she told usa today. Tricky anonymous sources.

    86. SourCamp 10

      I respect Pat for not defecting blame to Dumb Orlovsky

    87. Official YoYoGamingTv

      Welcome to 2021. Fake news used to harm your image and no retraction needed. This happened to 45 for the past 4 years.

    88. Sean Stubbs

      F@&k Him Pat the Leg!

    89. Kris McCormick

      It's clickbait karma

    90. Brent naylor

      I'm a big buckeye fan and can't agree more with pat

    91. Labas Labas

      USA news is a news source? Yikes. It’s a rag. No real journalist would put their name alongside USA Today.

    92. Labas Labas

      Get use to it as you become more and popular and especially if you don’t follow the WOKE guidelines of making sports, political. This show is the best thing happening in sports.

    93. Gordy Freeman

      And I got fired over a personal email. Its my first video.

    94. Matthew H


    95. Matthew H


    96. zombielover317able

      Mabey hIs Boss needs some emails from Da Boyzzz , so drop the the Hammahhh....

    97. Donny Williamson

      I learned the difference between libel and slander from JK Simmons in Spider-Man

    98. T D

      Dong beaters. Can’t trust the damn media.

    99. Alonzo Miles

      Can someone explain the beef between him and ESPN to me or link a video I can watch?

    100. Russell Giangrosso

      You should sue, more people should start holding these mutts accountable and maybe they would stop , they should be embarrassed, how do you do something like that and look your kids in the face , or your mom , what kind of ingrates do that , and its business as usual in politics lol the sht they said about DT was insane, they were talented people tho , because you have to be to come up with that much BS that often lol it's like people that battle tap lol or camedians that slam hecklers lol you have to think of the bs fast lol