Pat McAfee Reacts To 49ers Asking For A 1st Round Pick For Jimmy Garoppolo

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    What team do you think would be in a position to trade for Jimmy Garoppolo
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    1. Mosese Vaenuku

      49ers superbowl 2021-2022.....keep jimmy G

    2. backwoodsbully

      That's the I don 't want to sell it price!!

    3. Skee87

      A late first round pick is justifiable for a talent like Jimmy G

    4. Tjk 92

      The whole Jimmy G and Brady drama was that Jimmy had sat behind Brady for a few yrs. Brady got suspended for the first 4 games in 2015 and Jimmy came in and played really well. After that 2015 season Bellichick would have had to pay Jimmy 15 million for the next season as a backup to Brady because Jimmy's rookie deal was ending and Bill wasn't going to pay a backup QB 15 million so Bill traded Jimmy to the Niners. That's what that whole thing was about. I do think Bill wanted Jimmy for the future but when you have the GOAT who was/is still playing at a high level, Jimmy also wasn't going to continue sitting on the bench

    5. Julian nairn

      No one will give up a first round pick for Jimmy G

    6. ZZ Bottom

      Pat still be struggling with pronouncing Dov kleinman’s name lmfao 😂

    7. RealBakedJesus

      He's going back to New england

      1. RealBakedJesus

        Bill belichik is going all out this year

    8. Fred Riley


    9. Kneck Beard

      theyll get a 2 for him.

    10. Dan

      49ers are a mess. They build a great team, and then 3 years later they like to dismantle it. They have done this twice in the last 10 years.

    11. Tĩnh_Lại_Đi Vietnam

      Give Jimmy back to The Patriots. People rumored TB 12 pushed Jimmy out of the band. Now BB has a chance to fold him in for a Super Bowl champion.

    12. Ohko Lee

      Jimmy G won a SB??? 🤣🤣🤣 Participation awards don't count.

    13. Hillary Sanderson

      Jags..Miami..NFC EAST. NOT INC wash. Cincy Jets .. Chicago. I mean there's so many teams that do not have a defined quarterback and Miami is building but I truly believe they will be moving on from Tua.

    14. SARGE

      Now what if SF trades JG and gets another 1st round pick... Is Russel Wilson an option now???

    15. Leo Aguilar

      They are only trading him for something they can resist for example the 1st round pick it’s the same thing as selling something your wife is making you sell but you make the value way too high to keep it, but then if someone does want it you win in that situation 😂

    16. nangraham1

      Doesn't make sense. SF could have had Brady. If they don't want Jummy why didn't they take Brady last year? SF is now a joke

    17. Benjamin Addo

      Pornstar Jimmy, the guy who said he is better than Brady 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    18. Mark BPH

      pat and team..... can you do a segment again on the afl for your aussie viewers. i love aj and your take on the afl. go collingwood.... go richmond... love your program. so human and not robotic like other media channels.

    19. Driftracerr35

      Did Pat really just say Dolphins?! Lmao. Cmon, u know better by now.

    20. Chandler Jackson

      Absurd foh! He injury prone and he slightly above average. Nah

    21. Jeff S

      They accidentally traded away too many first rounders and now they want some back

    22. Koda Cooper

      Look it's simple when Jimmy G plays the 49ers are superbowl contenders. When he doesn't they are bottom of the league. He's a good QB that knows how to win. Protect him.

    23. J

      BAHAHAHAHA 1st round. BAHAHAHA

    24. Noah Maynard

      Texans maybe or not possible ?

    25. Matt V

      They will trade Jimmy g for 1 share of gamestop and it will be forever remembered as the best trade ever in the history of the NFL 💎🤚🚫🧻

    26. Bill D

      That’s a joke. Jimmy G is a below average QB to average at best who’s injury prone and needs an excellent team around him to consistently win. Absolutely no one is giving up a 1st round pick with that contract for Jimmy freaking G especially considering since teams know SF will be forced to move on from Jimmy G in a couple of months. Teams know they can just kick back and wait for SF to get desperate to move him because SF ain’t absorbing a $26.5M dollar cap hit this year for Jimmy G to be a backup. If SF drafts a guy like Mac Jones Jimmy is history, and teams knows this. I think SF could get a mid 2nd round pick for Jimmy G from New England tomorrow if SF decides to move him, Carolina picks a little high maybe they’d be interested, the Bears probably would be so would so would Denver who would probably have as much interest as New England does. I could see any of those teams willing to give up a 2nd round pick, maybe you even get teams like NE & Denver betting against each other and Denver decides to throw in a 2023 5th or 6th round pick to get the deal done that’s the very most I see Jimmy G going for. However all that is assuming SF trades him before draft night, If SF moves him after draft night its going to be all over as teams will offer less then knowing SF will be forced to trade him or cut him so you’ll have teams offering 5th and at the lowest 4th round picks for Jimmy G or they’ll offer two 5th round comp picks and a 4th round pick or something like that. If SF says no teams will just say cut him and they’ll compete against each other in F/A .

    27. rafeal minor

      He's not worth a first-round pick maybe I fifth round.😐

    28. CodeName PizzaJr

      I could see the football team bringing in jimmy G

    29. Mel

      I can see the Pats giving the Niners N’Keal Harry, who the Pats are said to be over with, and want him moved, along with their 3rd rd compensatory pick for Jimmy G, and maybe the Niners’ 6th or 7th round pick. I think that’s a trade that both teams would agree to, and one that would make both Lynch & Belicheck look like they did their jobs well in the process. I doubt that Jones & Harry ever had much interaction throwing/catching wise, but if the Niners do get Jones, maybe Sf would be a good place for Harry to go and have a little comfort playing with a former college teammate.

    30. realGeorgeWashington

      I trust Chris Simms’s opinion on this. Him and Kyle have BFF tattoos of each other’s initials on their legs so I think he probably knows the man quite well

      1. Mel

        I’ve wonder why it wasn’t Chris Simms picked to be the GM, along with Kyle as the HC with final say on personal & draft picks. I think Simms, with his eye for talent, would’ve been a better pick over Lynch, and he’s admitted that he hopes to GM one day soon.

    31. Lil Savage

      how has the third draft pick garnished so much more attention than the 1st pick? lol

    32. Lucky Luke

      They traded a 2 round pick to get him when his trade value was high and now they asking for a 1st when he is an injury Prone QB and expensive? Lol

    33. Eli Blue

      If you can get a first for him, you gotta do it

    34. Andrew

      Not to be a douche but it's "Dove" Kleiman 😉

    35. Robert Burney

      If Jimmy G. is worth a 1st. Then Matt Ryan is worth 2-1st.

    36. Mellow NES Superstar

      Is that a tasty sweet tea with lemon or a tasty Blue Moon with an orange slice Sir Patty Pat? 😆

    37. drew chodnicki

      If a team offers the trade and the 9ers are willing to accept and go to talk to Jimmy, why would he say no. That’s basically them saying “we don’t want you do you wanna be here”! If I’m Jimmy I’m thinking “well y’all are willing to accept which means THEY want me YOU don’t do f yea I’m going!”

    38. jasyn zangari

      y wouldn't they? got him for a second rounder, and in his first full year as a starter takes them to the SB....Jets want a 1st for Sam. Guy is 24-8 as a starter, he just needs to stay healthy

    39. Dorian Ruiz

      not going to get a first round for jimmy, maybe a 3rd and good luck getting someone to take on his contract

    40. HP

      Jimmy has TWO rings. He almost had 3 rings if the Pats won against the Eagles.

    41. Joe Kirner

      SF only gave up a no. 2 to get him. He has missed half the games. I would give a 4th rd. Plus lots of $$ you are taking on.

    42. dvcreservations

      hes def not worth a first. The pats will not bite either

    43. EightSevenSeven

      Does Pat not understand what "overall" means?

    44. Roger Dodger

      The niners passed up on Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, drew brees, pat mahomes, deshaun Watson and I missed many more

    45. Sean Morris

      Saints could do it if they could find the cap space. Healthy Jimmy is better than Winston or Hill. And let's face it, the 49ers have an injury curse. Jimmy could go somewhere and start every game for many seasons.

    46. P Gaven

      This was no different than when Al Davis famously said something similar about trading Jon Gruden for some high picks. Tampa heard and the rest is history for both teams. It's a mistake for them to trade him.

    47. Khamphanh Phouvanh

      Most rookies QB are GM & HC killer so,please draft the best player available TE Kyle Pitts

    48. Khamphanh Phouvanh

      Keep Jimmy G and Draft Kyle Pitts Niners in great shape as a dark Horse to be Champions caliber

    49. Philly ReD 215 FTF

      Didn't even watch the video, just read the title and went immediately to the comment section just to say ... HAHAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA

    50. wampus cat

      Take a 1st rnd pick?...So in other words, they aren't going to trade him

    51. richie rich

      If I am the 49ers draft pitts, pair him with kittle. And let the good times roll.

    52. David Cunetta

      Why does this idiot keep calling it a “#1 overall” pick. It is just a first round pick. If it was the Pats, it would only be a 15th. Which is almost worth it. Especially the way Pats often waste first round picks half the time

    53. Brett K

      It makes sense, they want him to start this year but if someone is willing to give them a first rounder they’ll take it

    54. caper087

      Giardi Giardi GIARDI ? I say that right lol

    55. Surge Rome

      Jimmy is worth free. If anything the 9ers would need to pay other teams for Jimmy to go with them.

    56. CJ Pockets

      I still don’t know if they pronounced that name right

    57. Richard Rockhound

      If you guys said Girardi one more time in a row I was going to unsub hahahaha

    58. silentwulffff

      Jimmy gesus

    59. David Vision

      Lol they won’t get 1st round pick for Jimmy G.

    60. Miklo Velka

      Nobody is giving up a first for Bumroppolo

    61. Eric the Great

      Don't give up a 1st for this guy lol

    62. ACP

      Jimmy sucks don’t give up any thing for him . He’s trash like dak

    63. Snow Leopard

      Eagles would be a good spot for him

    64. Only_Son

      I thought he was good but just couldn't stay healthy

    65. Tyler Ory

      Dudes barely worth a 3rd rounder

    66. matthew mauran

      Who would give first round pick for Jimmy G?

    67. Wayne Edmondson

      Lol, this is like a joke on FB marketplace... John lynch is all "dont @ me, I know what I got"...

    68. cmann517

      Nobody is giving up a 1 round pick for an average QB that's consistently injured

    69. Mike W

      Considering what they spent acquiring Jimmy, they are crazy if they think he is worth a first.

    70. Dirty Randy

      You don’t pay starter money to a back up.. Jimmy’s gone, just FYI

    71. MailOrderDolph LundgrenSeaMonkeys

      The 49'ers should call Ryan Pace and the Bears. Based on the past Pace will be more than happy to give up 2 first rd picks and sign Jimmy G to a 7 year extention at 40 mil a year. Its the McCaskey way!

    72. Adam

      Sitting a rookie for a few years like the pack did with Aaron Rodgers . Super smart idea !


      put Jimmy G on the broncos, panthers, eagles, patriots, dolphins, Redskins, bears, jaguars, colts the saints who need a Q.B and they become better and instant contenders. Don't act like jimmy g didn't ball on y'all's team.

    74. Jacob

      First round pick? Hell we’ve got three for ya -Bears

    75. wakawaka1976

      Jimmy Glass... needs the TB12 system. He’s probably got the highest per game salary of all quarterbacks... Since he’s always hurt.

    76. biriani khabo

      The milky song increasingly disagree because pet advisably murder unlike a well-groomed sycamore. actually, tacky nose

    77. Kevin D.

      Back to the Pats

    78. bob stark

      Lol. It’s like they haven’t watched him play. Even before the injuries he was inaccurate even at 10 yards. He was over-throwing or under throwing behind scrimmage line passes. If he got sacked? His next up at bat would be terrible, even fumbled or interceptions. He gets spooked. The 49ers defense and run game made them a good team. Jimmy G was adequate at best. Couldn’t throw an accurate deep ball most of the time and got spooked in the pocket.

    79. Nuna Bizness

      Imagine passing on tom brady in the draft then passing again after seeing him Goated and just take a weaponless team to the championship game and you're his home dream team.

    80. Sam Barka

      Niners just woke up from their nightmare, they overpaid for Trent, they mortgaged the present and the future to climb up the draft and they are in a terrible situation in cap space, now they are trying to sell their Kia for the price of a Ferrari. Good luck with that.

    81. Adam Gates

      What if Denver traded for him???

    82. Sam Barka

      First round 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    83. John Taylor

      Shocking !

    84. FUSION

      I hope the Qb they get sucks

    85. James White

      I think Shanahan has kept the ball and chain on Jimmy.

    86. James White

      49ers should not trade Jimmy because now he will prove how he can play and win..He has competition..

    87. Federal Bureau of Investigation

      Jimmy G. is worth a 4th rounder at absolute best.

    88. Mel

      Jimmy G. is signed yes, but he’s inevitably going to be forced restructure. He could still be cut and the Niners could wait till late August to do it, which would significantly lower his value. If he is traded there will almost certainly be a restructured contract worked out, probably something close to Dalton’s money.

    89. ricod18

      Jimmy aint worth a 1st. Hell hes a late 2nd round at best

    90. Victor Machado

      They will trade jimmy and 3 overall to get zack wilson

    91. Matt Pereira

      Zero chance the 49ers get a 1st round for this constantly hurt bum

    92. Ezeckel Reichert


    93. R&R Productions

      Jimmy G has more rings than Rodgers, who would turn down a born winner for just one first round pick?

    94. Fred MacVenn

      I'll give them the 20th pick in the first round for Jimmy G

    95. Zach Simon

      As a New Yorker its hillarious to me to watch Pat struggle with the Italian names that i just read so easily. Rich Cimini of the Jets, Mike Giardi this other italian guy. Not hating its just interesting. Dov is pronounced DOVE like the bird, not Dove as in off a building nice jewish name.

    96. Brandon L

      Jimmy G is definitely part of their plans. They plan to use him to get another 1st round pick

    97. Omega419

      The fact that you even said Miami Dolphins to trade for Jimmy G makes you a certified stooge. GTFOH

    98. Matthew Belamont

      Wait somebody wanted Kirk cousins

    99. Tracy Guidry

      Lmao who is going to give a 1st rounder for jimmy g. Most I'd be okay with my team giving would be a 3rd rounder.

    100. Pablo Cruise

      I’m a die hard Niner fan.... JG is a bust...