Pat McAfee Talked To Patrick Mahomes About His Foot Injury

The Pat McAfee Show

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    Happy to hear that Patrick Mahomes' foot is healing as expected.
    This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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    1. Eli Blue

      Reno’s elbow is the worst pain ever.

    2. Chris Blanton

      Turf toe is no joke. I had it majority of my senior year of football. Hurts like hell. My right big toe still pops every time I curl it.

    3. Cora Bee

      Pat and the boys be like Bert and Earnie on Sesamoid Street.

    4. Myke Z

      He’s gotta come on the show what’s wrong with him.

    5. da bees knees 21

      Lotta big words and pat let’s relax for a second or two

    6. Jefboyardy

      Learning from Pat McAfee I love it.

    7. Eric Carlisle

      This is the most bro-Medical conversation I’ve heard in a while. I love it🤣

    8. Jeff Helsing

      So I was popular today at work. Guess what the topic of the day was lol.

    9. LK

      Dr McAfee : "Nah. Gout doesn't eff with the sesamoids"

    10. THE Fontana Jim

      Love this Stooge!

    11. DripSkip

      Imagine being somehow related to Mahomes and trying to find something that’s not football to talk about at Easter

    12. Kyle Boeken

      We need a spin off show with Dr. McAfee talking about injuries 😂

    13. Kitch G

      Umm, not impress. Kobe played in high level with broken fingers, "FINGERS", used to throw ball.

    14. jmac05r1

      PAT McAfee!! Your shows are FREAKING AMAZING! AND FULL of ENERGY! It lifts me during a bad day man!! love it!

    15. moe game

      Mahomes really is a great qb but he will be hurt in a few years that's why wilson is the luckiest qb ever hit more then anyone

    16. Wishing B

      Last year, Patrick was sacked 2% more often than the year before (not including the Super Bowl) He is also losing the typical 1% speed per year. If turf toe affects him, this will be the year that his style of play may affect his game. Not rooting against him. I just find him fascinating and I also find Tom Brady fascinating and the pocket passer versus the man who leaves the pocket debate is fascinating.

    17. Wishing B

      I am going to be really interested to see whether he comes back from the surgery the same. I have been interacting with someone who was a baseball player who thinks that the turf toe will affect his career long-term. The man had turf toe at a level that wasn't as bad as what Patrick had and it changed his career.

    18. Ryan Davis

      Can you imagine how often wrestlers get hurt that do that full-time?? Those guys must be in CONSTANT PAIN!!

    19. Janessa Serrano

      Mahomes is injury prone Concusion, dislocated knee, ankle injury, toe injury In 3 seasons starting

    20. J Peach

      His wife is a solid 4.

    21. Tee J

      The fast hemp positionally support because condition opportunely injure athwart a calculating bedroom. messy, orange mark

    22. B A

      McAfee just makes life interesting. Live long Pat.

    23. AP

      Turf toe is one of the most painful injuries i’ve ever had

    24. James Fitzgerald

      Forgot to say desk 😊

    25. James Fitzgerald

      I was waiting for Pat too knock over everything on his. He was moving around pretty good on one leg. Awesome show Pat is # 1

    26. Alex Benitez-Mena

      Pat, fun fact the gallbladder got it’s name bc it’s a bladder in the shape of a seagull ( seagall Norwegian origin) YW.

    27. Michael Murphy

      Can we get a shirt of Pat Mahomes in tribal outfit with a boot and it says chief of sessamoits ? If so I expect royalties - thanks boys ! FTB

    28. Jonathan Lukasiewicz

      God his wife and brother are the most annoying people in the world

    29. FBI Stat Major

      man I'd love to get drunk at a party with mahomes

    30. Yeahsure

      I fractured my big toe 5 mouths ago and it still ain't right. It was a minor fracture too. I've fracture vertebrae before. Dislocated my left arm. The stupid fractured toe was as painful and far more annoying to deal with since the whole walking thing.

    31. John Vane

      Sounds like Patrick Mahomes has had one or both sesamoid bones removed. A normal fracture would be a moon boot and 3 to 4 weeks rest whereas removal would require keeping weight off it for a month, immobilisation to prevent deformation of the big toe and then rehabilitation. Removal has no real side effects.

    32. Anthony B

      All this talk about patellas & knee caps and not a single Motor City Dan Campbell joke? Pat, I'm disappointed

    33. Jonathan Esser

      How come every celebrities walking boot looks the exact same? I've seen various types of walking boots but it seems every time a celebrity hurts their foot, they have the identical ankle bracelet. I think it's symbolism. They did openly have satan in the superbowl show when the weekend was performing.

      1. brosif29

        Oh my lord.

    34. Ken Peng

      See the sesamoid is where it all comes together, underneath the toe, way down the C gap....

    35. Daniel J. White

      I will never be able to look at Patrick mahomes without thinking of the word sesamoids hahah, epic lol

    36. Adrian

      I learned something today 😂😂

    37. John Smith

      Pat really just a big ass troll

    38. TeamWorkHorse Garage

      "looks like nuts on a big toe" @5:53

    39. Hannah O'Brien

      Sure glad to hear Patrick Mahomes sesame seed oil will be alright!

    40. Ben Delatore

      Dr. Pat

    41. lake rouse

      Word of the day...

    42. Thomas H.L.

      Why isn't there a segment about MLB and their TERRIBLE decision to move the ASG from Atlanta?

    43. Thomas H.L.

      Why isn't there a segment about MLB and their TERRIBLE decision to move the ASG from Atlanta?

      1. Thomas H.L.

        @brosif29 use or lose? Why was it the right decision?

      2. brosif29

        Lol, because it was the right decision, georgia is gonna use it's movie business too. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    44. Thomas H.L.

      Why isn't there a segment about MLB and their TERRIBLE decision to move the ASG from Atlanta?

    45. Chickengenius420

      Seems like a video game enemy. The sesamoids

    46. madmaxdelta

      Did you guys ask him why he thew his teammates under the bus after the Super Bowl and why the Media didn't cover his statements?

      1. brosif29

        Because his teammates let him get obliterated, the man threw a perfect pass flying through the air like superman and his receiver drops it, they dropped many critical downs. As a diehard Chiefs fan every team member but him should be ridiculed for their performance in that game. They were asleep.

    47. Zac Saleski

      DAS BOOT?!

    48. Caleb M.

      Dr. Pat McAffe M.D.

    49. Eric Ramirez

      The zooming in on the foot killed me!!!

    50. Josh Sanchez


    51. Connor Bettge

      it looks like nuts on the big toe 😂😂😂

    52. keith lubak

      @PatMcafee- thanks for proving everyday is a learning experience!!!!!! Learned a lot about sesamods (however the hell you spell it) and da goooooout. Geeeeez 7:24 of my day I will never get back!!! Lol Love the show Pat!!!!!

    53. william mcdorman

      Turf toe, it can be a career killer, if it is pushed to soon....artificial turf is the major cause....RB'S like grass because of for the bad news, it can become a chronic condition, not for just a season but years, if not allowed to heal fully...players who stop and go and make hard cuts are most prone for injuring it again...he should be fine as long as he adjusts his play style a bit sooner than he may have wanted to.

      1. brosif29

        They revamped the line because of this exact thing.

    54. Smbundy 13

      I had sesamoid surgery as well. I hope Mahomes had a better surgeon than me. Had a second surgery 8 months later to remove one of them. It’s a tough surgery to get through.

    55. Kevin Fung

      most entertaining part of the show is when pat and the boys try to do anything unsports related

    56. Epic Galleries

      The tan hacksaw unfortunatly sound because division alternatively entertain outside a enthusiastic ethiopia. soggy, ugly biplane

    57. S Mac

      Eh... he didn't actually talk to Patrick...

    58. rogerm4a1

      Too late for my mans, he girl gonna take everything in a few years. She just has that stank look.

    59. Jordan Newbury

      Sesamoids bro

    60. Steve Mann

      I know sesamoids shirt coming soon

    61. Austin Genova

      BIG sesamoid show, gotta love it. Pat and the boys educating the public

    62. Sam Wooten

      I love this man teaching us something he just learned lol

    63. Baby Simba

      I love the little back ground comments “ your allowed to show your sesamoids??”

    64. Chris Klooz

      You're a sessimoid! ;)

    65. Yeti RC

      Hes already had one leg injury and now another.... as a scramble QB his mobility is everything. If they don't heal this the right way, the NFL will be on to the next "big thing".

      1. brosif29

        Lol, he's not a scramble QB. When he has a clean pocket he stays in the pocket.

    66. Jordan walker

      bodies are wild

    67. jackson linn

      If you saw a jimmy tatro ad I’m sorry too

    68. Simon Shay

      Pat McAfee *MD

    69. tyo9409XX

      Damn this is great coverage 😂. We better try and get Pat and the boys an Emmy for this medical coverage

    70. King EZ

      Chiefs Kingdom the back to back AFC Champs will be back healthy and stronger! Ready to reclaim our throne! Chop Em’ Up!

    71. Dream King

      Fat McAfee

    72. Tim Neal

      I had a sesamoid removed from my right foot

    73. KzrDtl

      So do you like your hamburger buns with or without sesamoids?

    74. Logan Karam

      He played amazing this season with a torn sesamoids, Just wait for what he’s going to do with rebuilt sesamoids

    75. Mr Bouche

      its interesting how he type that message.


      open sesamoid

    77. Lil Savage

      Nobody, Nobody EVER: Me: Gotta stretch, don't want to mess up my sesamoids.

    78. Mando 6684

      I wonder what injury I'll be when he loses another super bowl to the bucs 🤔

      1. brosif29

        @Mando 6684 lol, I love the confidence 🤣🤣🤣🤣 that Oline isn't gonna be so weak this next year, and we know what happens when you can't get to him... What was that like 250 yards passing in one quarter? Lmfao. I don't see a single improvement on the Bucs roster.

      2. Mando 6684

        @brosif29 I hope It is the chiefs, we've beat them for 3 quarters in regular season and destroyed them in the SB. Easy win keep it moving

      3. brosif29

        Bucs aren't going back, and if they do they better hope it's not the Chiefs. Lol

    79. Brian Anders

      🎶Can you tell me how to fix, how to find my sesamoid feet 🎶 kudos to sesame Street for this musical motivation :-)

    80. Will Jimenez

      I bet the dad happy he white washed his grandchildren mission accomplished

    81. Kai Pedersen

      Can we please get another channel of Pat just teaching us about sports injuries? 😂

    82. Jeff Klein

      Can we just clip the part after his source tells him why he has the boot on so pat looks like a scholar

    83. Kevin Sargent

      I know something that Pat McAfee doesn't... What an idiot! - the internet 2021

    84. Steven Bartels

      Get Dr Sutterer on your show. He reps your show hard and breaks these injuries DAHN!

    85. Luke Hedrick

      McAfee School of Medicine

    86. Eric Nielson

      Tell me with a straight face you didn’t start moving your toes around after he was done talking about the sesamoids

    87. Holly Winchell

      As a veterinarian, I can attest that the sesamoids are the unsung heroes.

    88. Dan Emmons

      TL;DW - The MCDC interview with a foot fetish. Both Pat's are (relatively) fine.

    89. Clint Purcell

      Need to see a Pat on Pat interview now

    90. William Hedrick

      Ah so like the knee bone song ok got it.

    91. SoCal Golf

      He’s till in a boot all this time

    92. Dro 408 SJ

      Sesame moids lmao

    93. Matt kernel

      Pat snaps like a champ no pun intended! 4:00

    94. Colts Nation

      How many people have came back from turf toe in the NFL and played well not many Madden curse is coming and where is the curse for Brady

      1. brosif29

        Tom Brady, Deion sanders etc. Lol

    95. Will you

      Really? you think his family is a great group?! did you see their behaviour during and after the superbowl? talking out your ass dude.

    96. Steve McQueen is King of Cool

      injured, done, traded in two years.

    97. JACKI PROD.

      Omg if Pat got Mahomes on the show it’s over

    98. Ray Brozzo

      The Chiefs had no chance with no tackles and that foot injury...gonna be one hell of a season coming up especially with fans coming back there will be a ton of offensive records broken this year

      1. Poizie Gaming

        @brosif29 You just helped my argument by mentioning the Bucs bringing people in if you run more. That's the point I'm making. It opens up the deeper passes instead of trying forcing it down field virtually all game which played right into the Bucs defense. Never said Chiefs would win, but it would be more competitive.

      2. brosif29

        @Poizie Gaming you run more with a crappy oline huh? 😂😂😂 They averaged 7 yards cause they completely shut down the pass with help from Chiefs wideouts dropping perfect passes on major downs, if they just kept running the average would of been abysmal when bucs pulled in, that DLine smoked the Chiefs 4th string oline, There was not a single adjustment that could of been made to win that game because of how bad that oline was.

      3. Poizie Gaming

        @brosif29 You run more and throw short passes. They averaged 7 yards per rush. Shorter passes also help the O-line and the QB. Tampa played cover 2 90% of the time and Chiefs played right into it by forcing in down field.

      4. brosif29

        @Poizie Gaming how do you adjust with no oline and WR dropping every big play, and your QB hobbled by injury? You can't. Lol

      5. Poizie Gaming

        The lack of adjustments doomed them more then the foot and o-line combined.

    99. J Warrior

      Raider Nation Mahomes has a foot problem. He has a weakness booyaaa

    100. Josh Gilly

      The pat/pat interview thats coming is gunna be lit