The Pat McAfee Show | Tuesday April 6th, 2021

The Pat McAfee Show

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    1. Tip Sheikh


    2. Andres Burrola

      Weird Tweet Speculates Kirk Cousins to SF for 3rd Overall Pick purplePTSD is, along with its sister-site VikingsTerritory, the leading local/independent source for Minnesota Vikings content.

    3. lpourmirza

      He literally had the highest PFF grade in all of college football on throws after the first read, how does he “not make his reads” 🙄

    4. Antwon Judkins

      This show really has sucked lately. Let’s spend a hour talking about Aaron Rodgers becoming the host of jeopardy. Show needs better content

    5. Ethan Moore

      Sanchez is way cooler than I ever expected

    6. Rob Rowe


    7. Ryan Hannigan

      The terrific lunge analytically decay because operation coherently phone behind a efficacious poison. kind, dreary cent

    8. twinz2008

      I knew I was right to not believe all these know nothing internet clowns saying Fields is a one read QB l

    9. A Durgun

      I am in the minority but i dont think aaron suitable for jeopardy, his voice isn't good for it

    10. Josh McIntyre

      AJ returning and immediately ruining the show is a beautiful art

    11. Michael Jimenez

      The “I am iron man” at like 3:44:50🤣🤣

    12. JHTotusTuus

      Is that Gump with the high pitched belly laugh? 😂🤣 After Sirius is still the best part of the show!

    13. Ross Hoddinott

      Best sports show not even close

    14. Tristan Obergfell

      thank god no more college basketball

    15. Andrew Scocozza

      Thank god AJ is back. AJ low key is the heart and soul of the show. His chemistry with Pat is phenomenal.

    16. jpointman23

      Is nobody talking about AJ's shirt?

    17. Zach F

      It’s insane how there’s so much criticism on Fields (who has maybe 2 perceived weaknesses) and almost zero criticism on Mac Jones (who has at least 3-4+ more weaknesses/areas of concern than Fields does)...

    18. Ahmad Whitaker

      Both teams are not coming back. Somebody is leaving early from both teams! Suggs is definitely not coming back to Gonzaga and SOMEBODY is definitely leaving Baylor. WTF are you thinking?!

    19. Josh Jones

      That Beat was fire 🔥. Real cool that dude called in from NY. Definitely a banger.

    20. B Ross

      Just ask to go to Tahoe Pat. Stop being a stooge about it.

    21. Hunter Elsner

      1:48:35 watch pats hands idk if I missed something but this man is a legend

    22. Nick Knutson

      Oh my god the attack on AJ when he joins 😂😂😂

    23. Drummzalot

      Baylor is also a private school lmao

    24. Philip Younggren

      AJ’s coy little smirk while the boys are wildin’ out is priceless

    25. Lildicholas


    26. Trent Sherrill

      Love this show & Iv never said “dahn” in my life until the first time seeing this show ! Hqhq

    27. fitzjibs

      Thank you foxy

    28. Nicholas Roosa

      Are fields and his agent not releasing his photographic memory so that he falls to a better team and better opportunity???!!!

    29. FLYiNG CASH TV

      baylor is a private school

    30. Eduardo Thomaso

      I’m gonna just come out and say it... Charles Davis is the worst regular on this show. Dude is corny. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    31. 32playaplay

      Love Sanchize

    32. Angel King

      Was not expecting 45 minutes of Jeopardy talk

    33. Jordan Thomas

      Love Pat and the boys but Baylor is also a private school 😂 I pay this ridiculous tuition so I would know lol

    34. Jesse Lund

      O H.....

    35. Goodfella Frank

      Pat is so annoying sometimes. Lay off the crack

    36. PittToNYC

      Great show as always. Baylor is private as well.

    37. Aida

      AJ Hawk

    38. Goodfella Frank

      Bro pat why do you interrupt wtf

    39. Goodfella Frank

      Pat way too fat to wear those tight ass shorts above his knee tho, like come on you look like a thumb . What are you thinking just wear sweats dummy

    40. Goodfella Frank

      This show wouldn’t last without Aj. Pat is way too immature and annoying, and his boys go along with it cause they get money from him so they do whatever daddy says. Aj gives it a crazy twist. He’s the best

    41. Goodfella Frank

      The shorts with the suit is the worst look ever. Actually look like a thumb or a chode

    42. Erick Johnston

      Samuel L Jackson, days off just to play golf in his contract.

    43. Monroe

      I can’t even begin to imagine what AJ’s kids Jawlines will look like considering they share DNA with both their father and Brady Quinn...

    44. Monroe

      Lmfao Pat asking AJ if Brady Quinn bullies him 😂😂

    45. cobaltblue0718

      So glad AJ is back. I have missed the man so much.

    46. Art VanDalay

      Baylor and Gonzaga are both private universities, for what it's worth.

    47. Young Blood123456789

      I don’t think it’s tabcco aj putting in those cigars

    48. relatedreality

      I can’t get past AJ’s effing wolf shirt 😂😂

      1. RealJonGruden ✔

        Hey man, I’m right there with ya. Guy looks great; fierce but approachable. That’s good stuff man.

    49. Ryan Hannigan

      The wise edward logistically blush because active advantageously clip given a languid feedback. fantastic, quirky floor

    50. MatthewKonvict

      Thank you fox!!

    51. M M

      Thank you foxy.

    52. Jacob Bader

      Love watching you Pat almost never see the show live but i still always go back and watch the whole stream everyday

    53. waurbenyeger

      King Cotz that type of dude that'll sell you an eighth and then hang around and smoke your weed for the next four days.

      1. King Cotz

        No, that’s not the type of dude I am. The copyright claim was unintentional and happened through my distributor. It is all being resolved and I reached out to Pat and his team.

    54. Miguel Alvarez

      I really missed AJ man

    55. Mcnamaraaa

      Sent a goodnight text to my girl and then proceeded the watch the entire show Appreciate the hell outta you boys

    56. jkeeney2010

      Thank you foxy!

    57. Phillip Kerns

      How could anyone thumb down this show ? Stooges

    58. Ashkan Seraji

      Can Pat please shut up and not interrupt the guests? I hate when he doesn’t let them talk

    59. Andy Heilmann

      I don't think Rogers was even close to Ken Jennings

    60. Phillip Kerns

      Yay foxy

    61. Chad Brennan

      It’s good to have AJ hawk back

    62. Jordan H

      Welcome back to stadium life Texas! Shout ouht from NZ!

    63. Robert Drake

      yo boston connor must know you can download draft classes in madden franchises😂😂

    64. Verdations

      Thank You Foxy!!

    65. C Lucha

      But now you can just see Skip Bayless using the clip of Aaron Rodgers saying he wants to do football and Jeopardy, to diminish him as a QB.

      1. Benjamin Correa

        Skip was on his side today ... kinda 🥴

    66. Tom Bystander

      Sanchize is money every time he is on the show

    67. Chris Giuseppini

      I love that mark sanchez doesn't take Pat's interruptions hahaha

    68. Randy M

      Thank you Foxy!

    69. Josh Jones

      Pat questioned if Brett Favre won an MVP hes the only player to ever win the award 3X in a row! And I'm a Lions fan.

      1. Winston Cannady

        Yeah bro the Packers totally sucked for 25 years before Favre got there

    70. john smith

      3:44:00 what’s this big event ? They bought a football team?

    71. Kevin Keiter

      Thank you foxy

    72. John Quiceno

      That beat...sounds familiar. Haha

    73. MudCat 05

      Nobody wants Foxy in their neighborhood!!

    74. Dan P

      @ 1:34:00 is paul peirce really that much of a legend tho??? nahhhhhhhh

    75. Paul Cagna

      Love Pat and the Boys, but when is that Hawk coming home to Roost?

    76. Carter Rehberg

      “Mark Sanchize, The Sanchez” 😂

    77. Andres Burrola

      I am inspired with your episode today so here is my transformative HUGE prediction. I believe Slick Rick and Mgt realize what a rich QB class this draft is and how desperate teams are to snag one of these franchises QB. Minnesota will make a splash trade with 49ers. Vikings will take 49ers first rounder (#3 overall pick) for Vikings first round (#14 overall pick) and 49ers Second rounder. In exchange for Kyle Shannan’s ideal QB Mr. Kirk Cousins. Vikings get their franchise QB and a 2nd rounder. 49ers are ready to roll and don’t have time to break in a rookie no matter how good. Zimmer and slick Rick save their jobs because they will need time to build rookie up. I also believe Vikings will acquire Teddy Bridgewater as a one year stop gap and still allowing Vikings to make playoffs. 49ers will roll with Kirky Cuz. Skol. Let’s go purple nation!

    78. Paul C

      A to the J !!

    79. Phillip Kerns

      Love it

    80. cobfucius

      The salary cap is basically like a hall of mirrors at this point. None of the walls you see are really there....and, if you are not will walk face first into...yourself.

    81. R Tech

      Gumpy is the GUY

    82. World Peace

      Missed my over by two points, one bucket. Such a let down

    83. Mike T.

      AJ is the best part of the show!!

    84. DARC 87

      I absolutely love Ty's humor dude

      1. Winston Cannady

        He really needs to swing at the plate more

    85. Ted H


    86. DARC 87

      Bridgewater deserves to be a starter somewhere man. Shame for him.

    87. Forrest Grevelis


    88. SirBernard

      King Cotzs' heel turn is something I wasn't expecting.

      1. King Cotz

        It’s something I wasn’t expecting too. It’s all being resolved through my distributor and it was completely unintentional. 💯

    89. Q R

      AJ is chaotic neutral, no? Quiet, but will always come up with something random and dark that slays the room and changes the course of the whole show.

      1. Mike M

        His greatest strength

      2. Jamster Off The Wheel

        chaotic good

      3. Paul C


    90. Savoy 91

    91. Josh Loomis

      @vivalazito i'm gonna leave a bridge open for you to lay down some bars

    92. Benny White

      Either Justin Fields people have a lot of dirt on Pat or they are paying him $$$$$$. Jesus, half the damn show was just a Fields PR campaign and if you think that Sanchez bit wasn't a skit and per-planned you are blind deaf and dumb. This was a bad showing by Pat, come on now you can do better this was pathetic and not fooling anyone. It actually makes you question Justine Fields more now, his team having to do something like this speaks volumes.


        Right? Weirdo

      2. kayla lyles

        Get the hell out then. No one making you watch. What a stooge



    93. American Argonaut

      Best Sports Show in ALLLLL the Land.... and it’s not even close! Edit- Glad to see AJ back, I really look forward to the 3rd hour. It’s crazy to say, I’m a diehard Michigan fan.... but AJ Hawk is awesome.

      1. American Argonaut

        Thanks AJ for the thumbs

    94. Markus Allen

      3:40:07 You guys mocked him on a show last week or two while playing the song🤣

    95. Chandler Betts

      Gotta know if Pat is hitting blades or cavity backs

    96. Isaac Fisher

      thanks boys

    97. Timothy Ryan

      Sports TMZ w/ Knowledgable STOOGES!

    98. Austin W

      I listen live everyday, and than watch it at home with the fiancé! Never gets old!

    99. Chris Ortiz

      THANK YOU FOXY !!!

    100. Tanner Roth

      Best show ever ever