Pat McAfee Reacts To Bryson DeChambeau's INSANE Swing Practice

The Pat McAfee Show

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    Just watching Bryson's swing makes our back hurt.
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    1. Devlins10

      Yep until he got owned by Augusta.

    2. Jerome Watson

      PUT GOLF IN THE HOOD! I didn't even know I was allowed to play golf until I was older. Hell I never seen a golf course until I was an adult!

    3. B C

      Dramatize it as much as you want, end of day it's still just golf

    4. KC Crow

      Bryson Dechambeau is the Pat McAfee of pro wrestling who plays golf.

    5. Alex DeCristofano

      Well this didn’t age well 😂😂

    6. Jesse Lund

      Zeet in the green shirt behind Vijay

    7. Jackson Miller

      Lmfao Bryson ain’t winning the masters this year.

    8. Matt Reynolds

      Definitely not winning... because hes shooting, MILLIONS AND MILLIONS

    9. bruce maples

      Good good

    10. Stu Ramsay

      This guy sounds like the loudmouth golf fan that shouts "Yo da man!!" 0.2 seconds after the hot favourite hits his drive.

    11. John Lentz

      ***Practice Swing ***

    12. Scott O

      Talks about Golf Ball Wacker guy for 1 minute... oh btw Tiger 🐯🤪

    13. Griffin Burns

      You should watch him hit balls with world long drive champ Kyle Berkshire.

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    15. Joseph Baker

      "It's all in the hips ""all in the hips " 😁

    16. J. K.

      I don't mean to offend but isn't it legal to watch something on your smartphone while driving in the US? Maybe Tiger was watching some porn?

    17. T Rarick

      Bryson is completely changing the game, bring measurable things into evolving your golf swing. Torque, club head speed, etc. Dude is an absolute and complete animal.

      1. Andrew Sutton

        Hes averaging 1 yard over Rory, and rory didn't have to gain 15lbs of muscle to hit the long ball

      2. John Massingale

        I’ll take DJ/Brooks/Rahm all day. Bryson would be better if he was actually focused on hitting fairways

    18. J T

      McAfee would rather talk about "golf ball whacker guy" than an accuser giving her story on Deshaun Watson

      1. Jackson Dreyer

        Talking Deshaun is a lose-lose right now. It’d be very dumb to bring up.

      2. naxapo0nu

        No one really cares about accusations

    19. Dougie Barnard

      Bryson should come out with his own preworkout line

    20. Yep Yep

      Isn’t that the way you’re supposed to tee off?

    21. Brandon Coffin

      i dont think it works like that

    22. Sheriff_Branford

      That guy is an apex Chad.

    23. Michael Hastert

      Vikings are drafting a QB! :( sad Vikings fan

    24. XBLJohnstOnse

      Don’t worry Pat, your image of golfers is still correct. DeSchambum isn’t a golfer. Just gets lucky when courses play into his strengths.

      1. XBLJohnstOnse

        @Irie Ite DJ still has more green jackets than the bum 🤷‍♂️

      2. Larry Resevior

        @J Tommy Honestly i don't care about it i knew he wouldn't do good in the masters i just can't believe everyone hates him so much why is everyone getting so defensive about it ? I get it he's a bit of a one trick pony but he has got it done he won't last obviously l'm sorry i said anything i'm not a fanboy

      3. Larry Resevior

        @XBLJohnstOnse 🗣💩😭

      4. XBLJohnstOnse

        @Larry Resevior ESL much? What are you even talking about? It’s called punctuation, short bus.

      5. Larry Resevior

        @XBLJohnstOnse short bus? you couldn't tell me anything if your life depended on it thats how life works dum dum you win some you loose some,jealous crying is insecurity good luck

    25. Mw541987 had to of been a medical issue for them to keep it private.

    26. Roger Tafolla

      That dog on AJ’s shirt is staring at me too long

    27. Robert Joseph Fraser

      Fk golf, it's not a sport it's a game, sports have opponents or defense. Golf, bowling, darts. Games... Hockey, Football, Rugby.. Sports

      1. cody kidd

        Is running, swimming, powerlifting, or biking sports? Yes the definition is 1. an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. Which means that golf is a sport because individuals are competing against each other for entertainment. So just stfu and stay in your lane of your “real man sports”

    28. Seth Flower

      You playing with long John again anytime soon?

    29. Nova

      All i know is my neighbor was his ex wife, and he would never see or send his kid any money.. But hell of a golferrrrr

      1. Allen Mol

        Are you talking about Bryson?!?

    30. partridgepimp

      The Tiger thing is probably a medical issue.

    31. Duv Land

      He tried to murder four straight balls.

    32. partridgepimp

      This guy needs to talk to tiger, he is on his way to multiple back surgery’s. Trust me, I used to swing lobster traps for a living, same kind of motion. He is going to pay for it down the road

    33. Jason Moser

      Bryson’s back and knees will NOT last... bet!

    34. E D

      What does aj contribute to this show hire me instead

      1. E D

        34th ave football queens ny

      2. Ian McConnell

        What team did you play for?

    35. Jacob Leonard

      That was a speed workout

    36. Michael J

      Talks about this amazing swing session, and doesn't show it ..ESPN much?

      1. Jesse Lund

        Probably can't show masters footage from ESPN on this show

    37. JP1348

      That's a terrible shirt AJ.

    38. Luke Fink

      You guys should look into Kyle Berkshire if you want to see a truly majestic golf ball whacker guy

      1. Jake Pierce

        He's also a very good golfer too. Excited to see if he can cut it in the future

    39. bill tyler

      I love pat, used to hate

    40. Kyle

      AMEN.....that boy can swing!

    41. Slappy mcballs

      Tiger was beatin his meat

    42. Steady Gleamin

      Tiger incident likely involves health and the law keep people’s health records private. HIPAA

      1. Rob Banks

        benzodiazepines... he looked pretty out of it the day before during the live interview on tv.

      2. Colin Smith


    43. Matt Powers

      Any word on Kevin Greene's cause of death? Seems a bit suspicious that there's no info. (Unless I missed something...)

      1. Matt Britzius

        @Brian Conuel also steroids don't exactly help heart health.

      2. Brian Conuel

        @Matt Powers it’s not uncommon for professional athletes to have heart problems later in life, especially for the bigger guys. It also could just be a genetics thing.

      3. Matt Powers

        @Taty Mindana From what though? Hearts don't just fail at his age.

      4. Taty Mindana

        Heart Failure

    44. Sempre Omertà

      “Golf ball whacker guy”

      1. Justin Cravens

        I'm a Hockey Player. But I'm playing golf today.

      2. Allen Mol

        50 bucks says he can make it over the highway...any takers?

    45. iamteamyou

      Word on the street. A UFO fell from the sky and landed on Tiger’s car. Causing the crash.

    46. men with ven

      I've never heard of this guy but just searched him on KGup and this dude CRUSHES the ball.

    47. TheA10Thunderbolt

      I assume tiger either had some sort of medical emergency (seizure, stroke, etc), or like AJ said maybe he fell asleep. Makes more sense for it to be private if it was something medical.

      1. World Peace

        He was late cruising 40 mph over the speed limit, the road taken was talked about being dubious n having multiple crashes. Empty pill bottle was found, maybe passed out and floored it.

      2. TheA10Thunderbolt

        @laicuan1 yea saw that too. Seems weird how that would be kept private but makes sense either way

      3. laicuan1

        Report just came out he was going almost double the speed limit

      4. John Hoke

        Something medical like opiates or ambian

      5. Colin Smith


    48. Swaggin Goat

      if Bryson wins, he literally changed golf. look at Kyle Berkshire. he will he on tour within the next 1-3 years.

      1. J Tommy

        @justin weber no he didn’t, the masters is the hardest course and he will never win there. Bryson won at the longest course using a cheat stick. He will maybe win 1 more major at most

      2. justin weber

        Stop , Bryson won a US AM , Kyle played college golf at north Texas. Length doesn’t matter in tournament golf. Bryson won the us open at the hardest us open course .

      3. J Tommy

        @dan shaw are you always so passive aggressive? That’s cool. Belly putters were made illegal yet long putters are allowed? You can anchor it against your arm but not against your body? Any real golfer knows that’s cheating. Why can’t he putt like a normal golfer? Because he isn’t good enough.

      4. dan shaw

        @J Tommyyes, using pga regulated gear is cheating, you're right. Not like everyone is allowed to use it right?

      5. J Tommy

        @dan shaw go on with what? He uses a long he doesn’t count. He’s a just a long ball hitter and Augusta isn’t designed for that type of player to win easily. Augusta is a finesse course.

    49. DarkSouljah

      He is like the slowest golfer on tour. It's to the point that it's slowing down the entire round because of him and his pre-swing routine and caddy talk.

    50. Swaggin Goat

      im betting on Bryson to win the masters. luv the guy.

      1. masonotp332

        @Dom Dom I was just thinking how unpredictable this tournament is... I’m not sure if Rose will hold on to the lead. Spieth and JT are looking good. Morikawa and Bryson might climb the leaderboard but watch out for Si-Woo and Xander, I can see them making a run. Can’t wait for tomorrow and Sunday!

      2. Dom Dom

        @masonotp332 and Phil mostly as expected. Made the cut but that’s about it

      3. Dom Dom

        @masonotp332 still so unpredictable. First day Bryson was close to not making the cut. Today great he was amazing, Rory is out, finau alright, DJ was close to not making the cut in between and only Dustin was on track. Crazy rollercoaster so far... excited what tomorrow will bring

      4. masonotp332

        @Dom Dom It would be really cool to see Phil win but like you said that is pretty unlikely. Tony has the game to win there for sure but he never seems to close on Sundays... I’m just pumped for the next few days!

      5. Dom Dom

        @masonotp332 same here... maybe Bryson does pull the trigger but I doubt it. Also routing for Rory. But tony, JD, JS and many others got a shot. Most amazing win would be Phil but we both know that it’s highly unlikely. Him and Tiger are still the real OGs and since Tiger is not participating after his drug race, Phil is the greatest on the course... that would be a great last hurray 😬

    51. Cole Trautner

      Tiger Woods could of been jacking it when he crashed.

      1. Casey Stewart

        Perfectly legal

      2. Tim kinley

        Surely he doesn't have to do that himself.

      3. Jonah Bacon

        I think that's one of the prevailing theories right now

    52. LaceUp605

      If you think he swings hard, go watch Kyle Berkshire.

      1. LaceUp605

        @Ryan Dann lol when?

      2. Ryan Dann

        Cept Bryson hits the fairway

    53. Matti Suffron

      They should call him De Jambon

    54. Jay F82

      It’s called a speed drill that he does. It’s not that he didn’t like the drives.

    55. Riley Johnson

      7th comment 🤪

      1. eireforever

        Wow lucky number 7

    56. Justin Sullivan

      You mean practice swing? Lmao who makes the titles for your videos and polls?? 😂

      1. 4thecasualgamr

        Justin Stoogeivan over here

      2. Conner Meyers


      3. Poe

        What a stooge

      4. Jack Bradley

        stooge of the year candidate right here

      5. Al J


    57. Doink Productions.

      And yet the bengals still don’t have an indoor facility!

    58. Ricardo Masvidal

      AJ read my mind I was wondering what's going on with Tiger Woods

      1. Patrick Stark

        I literally read this as AJ brought Tiger up

    59. Sean Nadir

      Bryson is pissing off old man golf and I love it

      1. Devlins10

        Augusta requires stealth iron game, savy knowledge of its nuances and pinpoint accuracy on approaching. If you are off at all it will expose you in a hurry.

      2. thomas walsh

        Yeah what was he six over? He really showed them

      3. Sean Nadir

        @Jackson Miller bryson won a major, that’s a lot more than many players on tour.

      4. Jackson Miller

        You may love it, but Bryson is just going to be known for his distance. He’ll never be in the same arena as Jack or Tiger. Wtf is old man golf anyway? Lol

      5. Sean Nadir

        Old man golf wasn’t the right word, but I love that he’s going for it

    60. Michael Harter


    61. First Down Football

      First comment!!!

      1. 1Touch