Pat McAfee Talks If Aaron Rodgers Leaving The Packers Could REALLY Happen

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    Do you think we will ever see Aaron Rodgers play for someone other than the Packers?
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    1. Vince edward

      I say this over and over. The Packer organization has squandered two MVP QBs. It's time for this organization to listen 2 its fans, Aaron should retire a Packer give him what he needs to win, the playoffs aren't enough anymore.This team should have won several superbowls with the last 2 MVP QBs....Hall of Fame players mind u. Gute and Murphy need too get this done or get out of town, the packer fans are sick of this every year....

    2. Myke Z

      This is why I love Connor. Speak it into existence bub. 2:30

    3. Conor Foley

      Tell rodgers to go to another team and win a super bowl in the first year

    4. Conor Foley

      Aaron Rodgers aint no tom brady. Ha! Hilarious dude.

    5. Conor Foley

      Your show automatically pops up and starts playing after every video i watch. It’s so annoying. Tom Brady is god.

    6. jimbo tho

      Rodgers replaces brady on. The bucs

    7. James Westen

      Yea, but..Princess Bride has 1 thing Jeopardy doesnt......ANDRE THE GIANT

    8. 45 pewterpirate

      I remember the same convo about #4.. (and why is Pat drinking a urine sample??)😂😂

    9. DarkSide Rider

      I feel very strongly about this position: I want Aaron to stay with the Packers forever! But I also love Aaron and don't feel like the Pack have done him justice the last few years and if he wants to go win a cpl somewhere else before he retires, get whatever he wants, it would crush me but I would support him and be excited for him the whole time.

    10. wolfking88

      He will end up in Denver next year

    11. Jeff Mohr

      He’s not a seahawk so who cares

    12. Vinyl Fan

      Born and raised in Green Bay. Lifelong Packers fan. The whole city is angry with the front office for letting this be a story. Who in their right mind wouldn't want Rodgers as QB for as long as he can compete? The front office is taking crazy pills. Them not wanting to admit their mistake in last year's draft is going to cost them one of the all time greats. I hope he sticks it to them if he gets the chance.

    13. hothamandfauri

      What if we let Rodgers go and make a move for Daniel Jones? Daniel Jones is a future Hall of Famer.

    14. Coyote112 12

      I think at this point Aaron just wants a Super Bowl team. I think he’s holding out signing a contract to hold management’s feet to the fire. Give me these assets to win the super bowl and then I’ll sign the contract. If Aaron walks GB is screwed.

    15. Ryan VWilly

      As a packers fan, I hope he moves off of Green Bay. They are not a well run organization.

    16. calibrazxr750

      If he does leave for another team, it will more than likely be when any chance of adding another ring is long gone.

    17. Jacob Dewey

      Rogers seems like the type to stick it to you if you cross him. Id love to see him jump ship to the bears. Greatest way to stick it to the Packers organization lol

    18. kar dave

      "I really hope he retires!" :Said Bears fan

    19. Nick Garcia

      It’s atl doesn’t draft a qb they will definitely be ring chasing and will make a play for Rodgers. Rodgers likes to throw Last minute haill Mary’s and Julio can turn on the jets so it’s makes sense

    20. Andrew Winslow

      is new full time Jeopardy Host

    21. ConvexSpys 8335

      Bring him to the bears 🐻

    22. James Carter

      Be funny if he followed in favre's footsteps.

    23. Skazellino


    24. Gamblers Anonymous

      I hope he doesn't leave until he retires. I think green bay will be in trouble if he does.

    25. wade is so old

      He’s gone unless they win the sb. Broncos, Washington, saints, Steelers would be good fits in 2022

    26. E ruiz

      I can’t be the only life long packer fan who wants Aaron to go to an organization who doesn’t continuously treats him like dog poop right.? I’m jumping on whatever bandwagon Arod chooses.

    27. Jesse S

      History in Green Bay is going to repeat itself in the next 1-2 years. We’re going to see Jordan Love with some play time and Rodgers is going to be out, unfortunately. Rodgers will get his own Tampa Bay, if he wants it, and Green Bay will be same old dog with same old tricks...

    28. Tim Bo

      Will he? No. Should he? Hell yes. This dude is too loyal for his own good.

    29. David Alvarado

      Absolutely NOT Mount Rushmore

    30. Julian Vargas

      Let the record show “A-Rod” has the easiest schedule and his team was overhyped... not really much of an MVP

    31. :D :D

      Say Washington gives up 2 firsts and Fitzmagic for Rodgers? We got a deal? LOL

    32. Forandras

      Rodgers and Belichick would awesome together 😁

    33. Some Dude

      Is it really an nfl off season unless we have a Rodgers leaving Green Bay rumor

    34. Daze Zeroks

      imagine thinking carrying a team to the last 4 out of 32 is still a failure, yall dumb

    35. Ben W

      Aaron said he could do both jeperody only films 6 months a year and does football the other 6

    36. James Saunders

      Lol so much speculation over a decision that hasn't even been made yet. RELAX

    37. Homer Simpson

      And just like that the Bears season is looking at a lot better. Lol GO BEARS 🐻

    38. spore chrome

      I sacked Aaron Rodgers back in highschool..... LP pride 🤙

    39. Aaron Rodgers

      Well guys

    40. jowar

      I hope the 49ers trade for Rodgers with some picks and 2021,22,23,24,25, 2nd round pick, and Rahim mostert , then pick devonta smith with the 3rd overall pick and have a goated team

    41. Mike Lopez


    42. GBP4EVR

      I am a 3rd generation Packer Fan and can tell you without hesitation that everybody in the World loves them some A-Rod except the GB front Office, these bumble nuts have done everything in their power to treat A-Rod like complete garbage, they have always been a joke, remember We had 8 years of Mike Sherman and another 8 with the plumber McCarthy, draft a qb and no WR's it goes on and on and on with these fools. I hope He leaves to a place that respects Him and gives Him some more well deserved SB hardware.

    43. Galacksi

      Packers deserve to be as bad as the browns

    44. El virus Corona

      If Rodgers becomes the host of jeopardy, views are gonna skyrocket 📈

    45. Andrew Repinski

      Rodgers would be an upgrade over Brady.

    46. alexisdlg96

      I want A-Rod over to the Steelers so bad

    47. Bavarian Cheese Head

      this would be a shame for the GBP Wien aarod not will retire as an Packer

    48. Bofi

      *Leave Rodgers, for your own sake!*

    49. llamawizard

      Jordan Love. Ha!

    50. Peter Harris

      Hey he's not looking to put the end of his football career in Jeopardy.....

    51. Get Yuckied On

      As a bills fan love Rodgers would not even consider taking him over allen

    52. Marty David

      Honestly I see the love pick as a statistical one. Quarterbacks at his age tend to decline. Obviously rodgers is special, but there's no way to guarantee his health and production over the next few years starting with before his mvp season. Of he keeps playing lights out...ok, bust of a pick. But if he gets hurt and or anything else , we're not caught with our pants down. There's still time to address rodgers contract. My guess is it will depend on if Rodgers can basically have similar success next year.

    53. Jabez Gill

      ⚠️ Danger Will Rodgers ⛔️

    54. Tyler Durden

      Rodgers did NOT crush on Jeopardy... Meh at best.

    55. elijah Quest

      49ers should trade the 3rd overall pick for "Ohh Aaron Rodgers"!

    56. Hypnotic Dreamerz

      Tom Brady and Peyton Manning left the Patriots and Colts. Both won Super Bowl when they left. It is not far fetch that he leaves.

    57. Karen Hardie

      He should totally take that jeopardy job. Brees' last year was full of injuries. He has his superbowl win. He could do that jeopardy job for the next 40 years.

    58. Bofi

      I want him to go to a better organization. I want him to win a another ring before he retires.

    59. Matt Allen

      Come to the saints it's nice and warm

    60. Ligaya Barlow

      Fire Mark Murphy

    61. Evan Bush

      Rodgers will head down to Tampa after Brady retires....

    62. Yeti RC

      Rodgers is not even close to the "Mt Rushmore" of the NFL. I get it, you guys like this guy, but he's not anywhere near that level at all.

      1. Doug Vohs

        Well he's only the best QB to ever play so he definitely is on the Mt. Rushmore of the NFL

    63. Robert Snow

      Rogers to the bears.....

    64. mentholpedro

      He has one foot out the door all ready

    65. scott campbell

      Mount Rushmore of qb’s he lost two years in a row championship game.

    66. Josh Coates

      I love how all these commentators know exactly what to do with rodgers and the Packers. Come on man!

    67. Nick Murray

      Uhhhh Aaron's amazing but your kidding yourself if you think the bills would take Rodgers over up and coming josh allen, like please stop

    68. iPotency !

      Lol yes please give rodgers a half billion dollar contract so we can keep hearing green bay fans cry and wonder why the Packers won't draft or sign free agent new stout receivers and a defense. Where brady like hey give me this much I'll be happy and take the extra money you were gonna give me and get me good players around me and we can win another superbowl. While me and my team sit on the playoff couch after the first round or missed the first round.

    69. iPotency !

      As big of a bears fan as I am and would love to see rodgers out of the north. But rodgers leaving the Packers is not going to happen. He's their best player he makes everyone on that team look good. The Packers front office may do stupid things like the bears front office but I don't think they are that stupid.

    70. The Lop

      No, they'll throw him out.

    71. Cody Vandal

      Jeopardy might only pay him one third of what he gets in the NFL but he could do it for 30 years.. and be wont have to worry about concussions

    72. Jade Imingan

      Tom Grossi will have a heart attack if this happens.

    73. SuperNoahMan

      God I love this show.

      1. Benny White

        Most incels do.

    74. Johnny Longfeather


    75. Brandon Harmon

      Lmao throw him on to a team that plays the Rams twice a year.

    76. A W

      I'm sick of Aaron Rodgers name and this show is slitting it's wrists by constantly talking about him.

    77. Audaces Fortuna Iuvat

      i am a packer fan since nearly 25 years, all i saw in my life was pretty competitive from them , even more when you compare the performance of so many teams in the league that can have such long streaks of missing playoffs or the lack of a division title , but if you look the other way around like with the patriots you can see a team that in the same time with someone not as skillful as favre or rodgers make new england the most succesful team in the league cause his mentality, i really love AR but i really believe as well he didnt show up in moments when he could prove his greatness as much as we value his talent, at the moment we have a head coach that within 2 years brought us to 2 consecutive nfc championship games, so if based on a mid-long term plan the idea is to make his system stronger than the individuals, after 25 yrs and yeah FAVRE AND RODGERS but just 2 super bowls i really give the benefit of the doubt to maybe prove that the system can make us greater.

    78. Kevin Cerce

      MIAMI, Perfect fit for Aaron Rodgers

    79. Rick Nesar

      Packers will showcase Jordan Love in the coming preseason. Extending Rodgers now would make it impossible to get anything in return for JL. Unless Jordan turns out a superstar, Green Bay will trade him post 2021 or 2022. Packers don´t have to rush anything, this situation is a dream for sports media to report about.

    80. ConsumerExtraordinaire

      Broncos will snag him next year

    81. The Bear Minimum

      It's not "leaving" if they trade him next year.

    82. Keith McGregor

      30 or 29 teams 😂😂😂

    83. Keith McGregor

      Packers trading him after the season

    84. DazILL

      think he leaves and looks for a team that supports him like the bucs did brady

    85. TTs

      AR12 should get all the money he can from the Packers, go to Tampa after TB12 retires, get a minimum contract and win a couple of more SB's.

    86. BigSteelThrill

      Steelers have 122+ (whatever cap raises, which is going to be huge) million free next year. Yes TJ, Minkah, Tuitt, DeCastro and maybe Juju will need some money, but its still an insane amount. Aaron and a couple Olinemen c'mon down!

    87. oomay NOLASTNAMEEVER

      hey Aaron. come on over to detroit. we suck. and we'll all love you. :P

    88. President 2036

      Rodgers to the Steelers

    89. gdubsterz

      He needs to play in New England first...then he can do Jeopardy.

    90. Roll Tide

      If the Packers let him go, somehow the Vikings will sign him

    91. jake victor

      Rodgers to the Bears 😌

    92. sflxn

      Aaron Rodgers is waiting for Brady to retire to sign with the Bucs.

      1. Bofi


    93. onone since81

      Everybody thought tampa was crazy for getting tom ! Rodgers can play better then tom 5 + years theres gotta be a reasonim hoping its not the office slacking! Rodgers was the best player in the NfL last year sign this guy go pack go

    94. Nelson Swanbeck

      He’s gonna pull a Favre but go to Detroit and win us something

      1. Benny White

        He can't win anything in Green Bay

    95. Rayzaa

      Rodgers needs to be more peppy on Jeopardy. A little too serious. He is kind of a monotone, needs show some personality. He needs something. That something is missing. He has been ok but so far not the best guest host they have had. I've watched them all. Maybe he gets more comfortable in week two but imo he don't have a shot at being the fulltime host the way he is now.

    96. Leighton Dickson

      the fact that he didn't mention the Bills as teams who wouldnt want Rodgers kinda hurt. JOSH WILL BE BETTER THAN HIM NEXT YEAR

    97. Ninjaballer

      All Packers fan salty, he doesn’t want to retire yet. “I rather have him retire then go to another team” Your front office is trash. Come to the Vikings we’ll help you win Rodgers 😂😂

    98. Troy Staunton

      Could the 49ers have moved up to get 3rd pick to stack an offer for Rodgers.

    99. Do It

      Rodgers is that one guy who knows his gf is toxic but can’t bring himself to break up with her. Ironic really...

      1. Jackson Dreyer

        Piss off with these tired storylines

    100. JP Gutierrrez

      As a Bears Fan, this is the best news I’ve heard all year

      1. Homer Simpson

        Lol yes it is. Bear Down 🐻⬇️