Pat McAfee Tells Story About Jim Irsay Handing Out Money At Training Camp

The Pat McAfee Show

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    NFL owners are their own hilarious breed, but Jim Irsay is one of a kind.
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    1. bart y

      XFL team?

    2. Roderick Beller1021

      Anyone know what 1st round pick Pat was referring to?

    3. Ricochet

      Pat be on that adderall

    4. Braden Kame

      In that photo on the video clip pat looks like a young irsay

    5. dabeast

      I can put together a business plan for you 😂

    6. Undisputed Champ

      Buy the chargers bro

    7. Trash Talk

      He'd have a dynasty

    8. Colin Dreher

      Can confirm, when Jim Irsay would come to The Capital Grille... he would give $100 to whoever opened the door for him. Pull out his seat? $100. Bring him a water? $100. It became a competition to get $100 from him.

    9. Tomaltach O'Fearghail

      In 1973 George Steinbrenner bought the New York Yankees for $10-million dollars - with inflation, that's roughly $59-million today.

    10. Danny

      Watched Jerry Jones walk through Giants stadium, He had an army with him. nearly got carried away trying to squeeze through.

    11. Tim Southee

      The gigantic pest pragmatically push because swim eventually correct except a profuse frost. defective, vagabond price

    12. Ryan Turnwall

      I'm callin' it, Pat will be a future part owner in the Colts.

    13. Kyle Peacock

      Buy the Washington football team

    14. Chris Escobar

      Bring Vinny back again!!

    15. John Taylor


    16. Cameron M.

      Please buy the Cincinnati Bungals

    17. Stephen Grahn

      Irsay was at the Dead shows at Deer Creek back in 91. People were pointing him out he was partying like we all were. Great Truckin-New Speedway Boogie for Indy that night now that I know about dude I wonder if he put the word in. Crazy shows the 1990 shows were off the hook too.

    18. Dmack

      Pat should definitely be an owner for sure! 20 years incoming

    19. Happy

      Silicone valley lol!

    20. Christian O

      I could smoke weed all day and listen to Pat McAfee tell stories about football lol

    21. Michael Maddock

      This is why Pat doesn't do ESPN

    22. Pub Sports Talk

      Buy the bengals and grab them an indoor practice facility

    23. Captain Crunch

      It is interesting you mention owning a team. Potentially the LA Chargers could be for sale. Your venture capitalist live in the same state. Pat has the upswing with communicating in-and-out of the locker room. The true question is Pat, "Are you ready to own a team?" I think he can with a few years of experience under the wing of a few owners. We are entering a new era of sports. Owners can benefit in the process with everything you bring to table.

    24. Brian Sawyer

      In the early 40s, Redskins coach Ray Flaherty threatened to quit when George Preston Marshall came down to the sideline and tried to call a play. GPM went back to his box lol

    25. Higgs Boson97

      Stories like this is what sets this show apart and makes it the best. We never would get this sort of insight from anyone else... at least we hadn't yet...

    26. Kr Plop

      Jim gave me and about 50 others tickets to the first game at Lucas Oil when we went to visit training camp the week before. He asked the crowd who all was going to the game and the only person who replied was a friend of mine who said "I'll go if you give me tickets", just joking around. Jim came back with a quick snap of his fingers, his assistant came over, and he said "everyone right here in this group gets tickets to the game for them and their families. The assistant pulled out a piece of paper and started writing down everyone's names and the amount of tickets they needed. Then he just said enjoy the game and walked inside. They were ready for us at the will call office on game day. I love that man!

    27. Mark Temple

      What a funny ass video. Lol. Get this man an nfl team.

    28. Sam

      But the owners and coaches and many players are freemasons and their sons. Oh what a web we weave when we first practice to deceive. Isnt that their motto?

    29. Lord Denithal

      The trick would be to not become the biggest prick even. You have the ultimate f**k you money but you become the ultimate legend when you never (or hardly ever) use it to say f**k you. When you have the power to do anything but use it for the better, that's when you become a legend. I know a guy that has enough money he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants. He goes out of his way to make those around him feel loved. Not by just throwing out money but by giving them his time. Money is almost worthless to him but time is limited for everyone. This guy could do whatever he wants and he chose to spend 6 hours helping me (a random stranger) clean up my yard for no other reason besides doing something nice. Mine is hardly an impressive example but this guy does stuff like that all the time. He's like a super hero who goes around to help anyone he can find. Ya, he does the big stuff like funding charities and local community clubs but I told him my name once during a 6 hour conversation doing yard work and he still remembers my name. When you achieve success, use it to make the world a better place.

    30. Husker Jon

      OC/owner story had to have been McDaniels and Kraft trying to scheme for that 1st Round pick N'keal Harry right?

      1. Justin Taft

        Kyle Shanahan and Jimmy Haslam....Haslam wanted Manziel to play

    31. Danny Grove

      I would be willing to bet that story at the end was about Kyle Shanahan, Johnny Manziel, and Jimmy Haslam

    32. Jak Jones

      Jim Irsay is a Billionaire Dope Fiend! If it wasn’t for Dad’s money, Jim would reside in a crack house somewhere!

    33. tony padula

      Jim offered me 10000 grand to watch me bang my girl. I said for another 0 u can jump in the sack with us.

    34. Gabby Jim

      Oh wow how cool! Handout thousands to millionaires while being a billionaire! Okay that’s like me flipping a quarter to a middle class person!

    35. FillHerGuts

      Pat buy the Chargers please💙💛⚡

    36. HindSighterinoKripperino

      Pat makes Mr. Irsay sound like the greatest man alive

    37. Hopper830


    38. Alexander Cooney

      I feel like Jim I. Is the only owner who goes to dap up his black players and it doesn’t come of as an awkward train wreck of hand holding.

    39. Alexander Cooney

      I’m a Pats fan, he’s always trying to wine (not mispelled” and cry and a screw us).. But... if not for that I feel like I’d actually like hang out with him more then 95% of owners

    40. Hunter Ralston

      Idc if I sound dumb but I kinda thought Jim was generally disliked but he sounds pretty great lol

    41. GHOSTX

      If Pat owns a team he will hire Troy Polamalu as his defensive coordinator. Captain C-Gap! 💯

    42. Mellow NES Superstar

      Hilarious but true. Sleeves. All I have to say.

    43. Chris Laskowski

      You may have looked into this already, but the late Howard Schnellenberger was essentially fired at halftime as the head coach of the Baltimore Colts. Jim's father was the owner at that point. Howard told me this story a couple of times. Absolutely EPIC! RIP Schnelly

      1. Chris Laskowski

        Mid game, 2nd quarter, Irsay starts making is presence felt on the sideline. Allegedly there was a particular quarterback he felt should be playing. Howard is getting wind of it. According to Howard, Irsay ends up mustering the nerve to say something to him. The words exchanged were intense, separation of both individuals was in order, half comes to a close. Nedless to say, both parties realized "this ain't going to work!" ✊🏼✊🏼

    44. Ryan Pettus

      Best fuckin show comin out the speakers since forever!

    45. Dennis An

      Just to be clear: Pat did not clarify WHO Jim gave money to. For all we know he could’ve been giving it to 3 year old kids on the field and players’ kids. 😉

    46. Brian Fasulo

      Hey would hand us 100s at the resort I used to work at. Guy is great.

    47. James The Goat

      Lol pat i love u brah brah on everything 😂 but u would one fucked up owner 😂.. hella pressure on personal players an staff 😂 🤦🏽‍♂️

    48. Tarez Rutledge

      Is it really a Pat McAfee video without hearing Jim Irsay😂

    49. Cold Creative

      Lmao Hes just trying to clean all that money after his latest percocet deal, that's all that is.

    50. Leevenzo Tube

      😂😂😂😂😂 I’m the captain now!

    51. John Smith

      Goddell is literally shitting his pants thinking about having to deal with Papa Pat

    52. Mat Kiley

      He was on crack lmao he slipped that in so smooth hahaha pat forever hahaha

    53. Javier Sanchez

      I love Jimmy from the Colts

    54. Allison Johnson

      Are we thinking he’s talking about jalen hurts in philly they added him to the active roster surprisingly then had a few gadget plays drawn up for him the first week he was active

    55. MrFlyersfan28

      OBJ watching this like 👁👄👁

    56. Jacoby spelled Jacob Hetterscheidt


    57. Ste 45

      Irsay looks like Pats father

    58. Christian Alfaro

      Pat McAfee, new owner of the ⚡Los Angeles Super Chargers⚡

    59. Michael Massimo

      Annexation of Puerto Rico lol if you’ve seen the little giants you already know.

    60. Vegeta

      And who is the coach of Pat McAfee's Team? Motor City Dan Campbell

    61. Philip Teague

      He was drunk and high again

    62. John Doe

      Is this different than the Mike Tomlin handing over unmarked envelope to James Harrison after smoking massaqoui or whatever we may have a story here

    63. Richard Tardif

      Buy the football team lol

    64. D.

      The ego of fools

    65. Taylor Watson

      Imagine Pat at the annual owners meeting, sitting there at the conference table in a sleeveless hoodie. 😄

    66. Politics with Frenchy

      Ah yes, the rich clearly don't need to be taxed more.

    67. C Willi

      You won’t see kraft do that. Know why?

    68. Shane Sommer

      Yes give thousands to people making millions

    69. Spencer Wright

      Pat is a legend!

    70. Daniel Micheals

      Must be awesome to be able to pass out cash like it’s nothing. Making people’s days.

    71. Shinobu

      4:52 Woah... "Silicone Valley" may be a very different place from "Silicon Valley"...

    72. BMShane

      still remember back when andrew luck and coby fleener were still on the team and jim just handing out signed 100 dollar bills loved that day still got it

    73. Tyler Falmer

      Buy the lions

    74. Julian Ponce

      Al Davis used to come to practice on Saturday before the game and change the entire defensive scheme. That doesnt work for me brother. We're running Single High Safety. BTW. Best regional show around. Keep holding it DAHN

    75. Dave Hockenberry

      Everytime.....Irsays stories are fkn epic!

    76. Axe2Grind

      My buddy was a station engineer at harbor center in Buffalo and said Jim Irsay was one of the best dudes ever. Tipped him $1000 just for helping him with an internet issue in his suite.

      1. Teddy Brosevelt

        “Don’t spend it all in one place” 🤣🤣

    77. Energeticphenom

      Could be 2 years if you dump $50 mil into HMBL stock

    78. Nick Bk

      Sneaky funniest part of this video is where pat says “silicone valley”

    79. Joseph Prewett

      Pat in my house your nickname is ...P MAC

    80. Joseph Prewett

      Hellyeah on a team I work for you any day... I would sit out in front of the stadium 10 hours a day until you gave me a job....I WORK FOR PAT.... print those shirts I'll wear those

    81. Trae Williams

      More I listen to pat the more the NFL sounds like the movie any given Sunday

    82. Kenny Shaw

      True story . I worked at luxury resort in California and he really did have a guy with a bag that would hand out $$$ to who ever helped him even if you got him a glass of water he’s going to the bag pretty cool . He’ll yeah

    83. T

      He needs to hand out thousand of dollars to Los Angeles Chargers ownership.

    84. David James

      DRY snitching be careful Pat!!!! Salary Cap - Goodell pissed

    85. Landon Wilcox

      Bro I dont think youre taking inflation and team valuation into account. 30-45yrs from now the “cheap” team will prob be 10-15x the current cheapest today. 😂

      1. Alex Eubanks

        The dollar has lost Around 90% of its value Or true purchasing power since the suspension of the gold standard by Nixon in 71 . With our current Free money giveaway system and a completely wasteful government I believe we are closing in on 5-7% real annual inflation not the phony CPI number The loser is the person who holds dollars and their equivalent bonds / treasuries . If there ever has been a time to get ahold of something real it is now . Real estate , land , Precious Metals , vehicles etc. the Great Depression will look like a bad day compared to what Is coming . Printing money doesn’t equal means of production.

    86. PenguinREA008

      Training camp I am pumped

    87. PenguinREA008


    88. dezz nutz

      I live in Indy and 2% of my restaurant sales tax, and the rest of everyone elses paid for this already filthy rich mans stadium....Jim was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and is a spoiled, entitled elitists who cares nothing for the citizens of Indianapolis, nor Indiana.

    89. Stephano Vargas

      Jim gave me and all the employees hundreds at the Four Seasons. His crew was so welcoming and nice. Wish there was more rich people like him.

      1. Axe2Grind

        He’s the man. Irsay just fires cash at everyone. He’s the nicest billionaire in the world.

    90. ZekkSkywalk

      Hey man they're saying the Chargers are looking, ;D

    91. atia m

      He sounds JEST like Jim. 😂😂😂

    92. Steven Wasikowski

      Ralph Wilson on rob Johnson playing in the play offs

    93. Coby Kerr

      They portray irsay as a pos and he is nothing close to one

    94. Kavan Samant

      Pat, you could probably buy an FCF team right now that would be electric

    95. Julian Olmos

      Favorite part about this whole conversation is that Pat is saying “WE” like even tho is really him, but he’s bringinn the boys with him. Love that

      1. Emilio Avila

        @Bill yeah if you think about it, if Pat wasn’t a famous NFL kicker, but had the exact same personality.......he’d be the dopest boss of ALL TIME

      2. Bill

        Probably a really solid employer. Love the guy

    96. Big Baller Midwest

      I was there at training camp for it

    97. josh

      Imagine If Dave and Pat reunite to buy a nfl team

    98. Corey Hadley

      You guys could probably buy a soccer team? Buy Indy 11 and get them into the MLS? I guarantee with your fanbase MLS can not deny you. That would bring w huge fanbase to soccer.

    99. Brad Brown

      Jim Irsay is all about his players and fans! He give tons of $$$ away and often... Just a stand up man in our community. I respect this man!

      1. Axe2Grind

        100% Tipped my buddy $1000 just for helping him with an internet issue in his hotel room. He said he was super nice to everyone no matter who you were. He’s a normal guy with billions of dollars.

    100. mtorngren15

      How many hundo's did he hand out at that runner up banner ceremony?