Tom Brady LOVES Bruce Arians Coaching Style.

The Pat McAfee Show

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    I don't like the narrative that Tom Brady talking about Bruce Arians &the Buccaneers in a positive way is a knock on Belichick and the Patriots.
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    1. Ron Patterson

      Audio drops after first minute

    2. Rya J

      When you got a 6 time super bowl champ and holds serval other records in his field, as a head coach, you let that 6 time super bowl champ take over whatever he needs to win. Kurt Warner did it in Arizona, super bowl appearance. Peyton manning did it in Denver, super bowl appearance and managed it well enough with a D for a super bowl ring to retire. This offense is a hard hybrid system of brady and BA. They won because BA let brady have things his way to win.

    3. Cezar Rizea

      I think Mel absolutely stinks!

    4. Kelly Malcolm

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    5. Pokémon Master

      So Brady is allowed to take shots on people and coach’s but whenever someone else does it it’s called arrogant and he’s a POS. I’ve never seen a human more protected than Tom Brady. He could kill humans and people will still worship him like he’s a perfect human who’s only nice. Fake ass people

    6. Tammara Sporysz

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    7. Mellow NES Superstar

      No. PMac he BURIED NE and Bill. Love it. He hasn't stopped smiling in MONTHS and MONTHS!

    8. Joshua

      You can succeed in a player friendly environment when your players are Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, or Patrick Mahomes. If you don't have generational talent at the helm, then that coaching strategy fails. If you don't have a generational talent at the helm, then you need a coach that will put pressure on the players on their roster to get the best out of them. Tampa Bay this past season was basically a super team. Tom won championships in New England with guys like Mike Cloud, Matt Cercone, and David Givens as his offense.

    9. Charles Holmes

      @TomBrady get on The Pat McAfee Show!!

    10. Tammara Sporysz

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    11. Kid21

      Try to get Mike Evans on the show 🙏

    12. Superman23

      The G.O.A.T Tom Brady saying he likes Bruce Arians coaching style isn't a knock on Bill Belichick all the G.O.A.T is saying is he likes the freedom that he has with Bruce Arians that's all. he knows just like everyone else knows Bill Belichick is the best coach he's ever played for. because they won 6 rings together and that alone is why Tom Brady can never nor will ever knock Bill Belichick.

    13. AST

      No ffs, stop farming drama like other fake sports news organizations pat.

    14. Radar Onguetou

      In my humble opinion, as much as the QB’s position is arguably the most important position in FB, it remains a team sport. During his first 3 titles, TB12 was not the focal point, the defense was. This is not taking credit off TB12 and his playmaking abilities. We all know how special he is. BA just has his first ring 💍 and I believe that it is almost unfair comparing him to BB. Winning in any sports 🏒 ⚽️ 🏈 🏀 is tough and everything has to fall in place. You see studs like Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees who won a title and never went back to the super bowl. I don’t believe that because TB12 won elsewhere that we should all of a sudden call into question the success they were able to have for almost two decades in NE. This is pettiness although is TB12’s right to be petty.

      1. The 100th Time Lord

        This is a bit of revisionist history. The Pats defense was great in SB 36. Brady engaged in a shootout in SB 38. And Mcnabb didn't exactly have a historic offense like the Rams in SB 39. Both Brady and Belichick needed each other to win every Super Bowl. The Rams scored 14 points towards the end of SB 36 and Brady had to work his magic to steal the win. In SB 51, both Brady and Belichick had to be great to pull off that insane comeback. SB 53 is the only time the Pats defense dominated the entire game.

    15. megatron184

      After Brady retires he is going to become a coach and keep winning trophies.

    16. Keith Hall

      myopic view by the peanut crowd on the show but good evaluation on PAT but its all normal for GEN X folks

    17. James Williams

      Yes of course it's a shot. He hates Bill with every fiber of his being. Bill used to keep him locked in a dungeon below Gillette stadium.

    18. Tim Harkins

      GET TOM BRADY ON!!!! That would be Epic!

    19. Dennis Yen

      Dour face Bill Belichick is a party pooper who is utterly miserable to be around. Tom Brady the typical football jock that he is couldn’t get the Hooded One to lighten up and have fun. Bruce Arians on the other hand is a total opposite of Belichick. Arians is a rebel rouser who Iikes to play golf with Brady. They’re a match made in football heaven.

    20. Z356

      BB made brady. BB had such a great system, and a good enough roster, that the pieces clicked and it worked. There was also the auromatic 6 wins, easy schedule and automatic playoff spot, helping keep the team healthy. Brady proving he needed the best roster shows he was not the pats success

    21. Jonathan Esser

      Bruce one with the freaking Cardinals. Is it really a surprise he would do great with the greatest QB ever? Bilicheck failed with Cleveland and his only year without Brady. Assuming the NFL doesn’t go under and Brady has another stellar year and Bellicheck does what we expect him to do(go 6-11) people will finally understand Bill is an average coach who got incredibly lucky

    22. alex_de_tampa


    23. Griff Mustard

      BUCS vs. PATS next season, will no doubt get FLEXED into a Primetime Game slot, either Sunday Night or Monday Night.

    24. Zeusasaurus

      Brady prolly calls the shots. How could he not love that ?

    25. Moose

      BA has been legit this entire time. He made the cardinals contenders out of the blue when we had Carson palmer. I'm happy for him

    26. MrDanielcool

      I thought i hated the pats turns out i dislike brady not the pats.

    27. Matt

      Tom Brady: What’s you’re coaching style? Arians: Yes

    28. Chargers Stan Account

      Talk about Mac jones 2 DUIs

    29. Kris Libby

      The brady vs belichick thing is so contrived. New Englanders just can't be happy. Gotta have someone to hate. It gets old really. Here's the deal. You get 1 random draw for Bill or Tom. Win win. Great coach or great player. Both are huge impacts on your success.

    30. Larry Macgyver

      You need to get Brady on the show Doit Doit

    31. Jordan Anderson

      Bring AB back! The dude is a changed man! He’s humble and freaking talented! He will be one hungry receiver after his experience in free agency.

    32. elamigo00

      So brady basically bringing the patriot way to Tampas locker room had nothing to do with the change they had then ?

    33. R. Wong

      Bruce Ariens only SB win was with TB? But still going forward, Super Bowl TB win number one vs BB ZERO.

    34. Charles R

      I think he saw that when Philly beat em

    35. Ozzie Loki

      Everyone seems to want a piece of bill these days. You'd think with everything he's done he'd get some respect. It's like it's Team Bill Vs team Brady. It's starting to feel like bill is Enemy #1.

    36. Jimmy Logan

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    37. Joe Climer

      Damn that stack of papers is getting large

    38. dakota beetz

      I foresee an espn special 30for30 brady belichick sit down a few years dahn the road

    39. jc sta maria

      Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah

    40. An Anthropomorphic Talking Gourd

      For an old man, Brady sure is an immature crybaby.

    41. Abhi Lehal

      Hey pat big fan but Pete Carroll got more super bowl rings then me and you combined stop hating playa

    42. 7 Rings For A GOAT

      Yeah, but Brady brought that hard nosed mindset, to Tampa, in mid season at the bye week... So, all the ‘players coach’ ways didn’t exactly work in the beginning... It’s a mixture, in Tampa, now...

    43. sell god Xid

      The crazy part is that’s not what’s happening no ones eating their words the narrative changed come on it’s Tom Brady we all knew he’d win come on I was joking just a joke

    44. AS J

      Tom Brady is a system quarterback.

    45. sflxn

      Tom doesn't need to bury Bill. Bill is fully capable of doing that over the next few years.

      1. Rya J

        I think bill is out the door once he takes over as the coach with the most regular season wins...which isnt far off I think...325?

      2. SAVVY

        Preach. Also trey trash trades

    46. Do It

      Mahomes: Does anything Media: OH MY GOD IS HE THE BEST QB EVER?!? Brady: Says anything Media: OH MY GOD IS HE TAKING SHOTS AT THE PATRIOTS?!? Same vibe

    47. Alain Belanger

      So why you thinks 22 free agents resigned no state income tax maybe it seems the accomplish a lots in short period and existing be a new place TB12 it's the way to go people's he still have a Chip been the last draft choice no it isn't it's about TB12 not only championship QB also as a entrepreneur It good for the franchise be successful on the field

    48. Rob W

      "Bruce Arians is great at evaluating talent".... is a shot at Belichick and every lousy receiver they drafted.

    49. firebirdnewt

      We need to spam Toms social media accounts to ask him to show up on Pats show

      1. firebirdnewt

        @Old School Gamer You really don't know Tom Brady do you then. That wouldn't piss him off at all

      2. Old School Gamer

        That's a great way to piss him off and make him not want to do it

    50. Colton W

      What he suppose to say? Oh yeah Bruce Arians is a third rate bum hell never be Belichick. Of course hes going to say this although one thing ive noticed is it appears Tom Brady was the hard ass out of the two. Those Buccaneers players were getting cussed at and yelled at by him all season lol

    51. Camo

      If I gotta be honest bruce arians was the reason the bucs almost didnt make it last year. They literally had the best roster. Even adam gase couldve led that team to a super bowl

    52. M

      Don't forget the guy who drafted you.....just saying.

    53. J Cout

      Loves his coaching? The dude literally threw Brady under the bus every time they lost all season. Bruce is a fuckin douche bag. You don't throw the goat under the bus.

    54. johnlinks

      Arians is still a boob of a coach

    55. blue davinci

      somebody said that the scouts in NE tried to tell BB about AJ and Deebo samuel but he picked Nkeal Harry sooo...

    56. Sean Dolan

      Brady has praised Bill plenty over the years, Bruce deserves the love too.

      1. Rya J

        @Nick Sanford that might be Bill's way of existence. Brady walked away from bill to show what he could do without him since bill wont build the team the way tom wants. It appears the way tom wants it worked for this year. And maybe itll work as long as theres cap space and good drafting to work next year

      2. Nick Sanford

        @Rya J This is true, but Belicheck turned into a toddler over his ego and pride wanting to show Brady up for sole reason. Pats fans are in denial of this even after so many examples. What's sad is people fail to acknowledge that Bill pulled similar moves towards Parcells back in the day making their relationship go South.

      3. Rya J

        Bruse did let Tommy take over whatever he needed and installed player brandy know works and ran the O and dictated to the D how they should do it. Great leader and Brady wouldnt be as good as he was if it wasnt for the early years in New England. He took those experiences and only built on it after year 9 or 10 Brady could have gone anywhere and made them winners

      4. Jonathan Bentley

        Bruce jus does what Tom wants

    57. Luis Vela

      Hes burying new England the same way Arians buried him when he had all those interceptions 🤣🤣🤣

    58. annachiegordon

      Bellichick is in the past now, let it go as I'm sure Brady has.

    59. Jamie Galvan

      Arians is player friendly but he holds players accountable

    60. JaeDeeKae

      Brady was just sayin I showed I can WIN the Patriot way and any other way

    61. Ellen W

      Pat was OH SO WRONG!!! Did you catch the video Brady put up after winning the Super bowl? It was a compilation of all the talking heads saying things like "Brady has fallen off the cliff, No way Brady wins another Super bowl, " and tons more hate. And it ended with I think a picture of him holding up the Lombardi trophy 😁😁 I was honestly so surprised because I've never seen Brady post anything even similar. It was awesome!

    62. Yep Yep

      Honestly not sure how much credit Arians even deserves in this title at all

    63. Steven Cokley

      I hope Belichick whoops Tampa this year and surprise everyone and wins the superbowl. Everyone hates Bill.

      1. Steven Cokley

        @John Smith I don't pray for football games fool. Lol I will come find you when the pats win the east and then when they get to the Afc championship game. So be on the lockout this year. 😎

      2. John Smith

        Belichick is a very bad head coach without Brady. He is under .500. You better hope and pray really hard because the current Pats team is trash even with all those F.A.

    64. Peter Marshall

      As long as Brady is GM...

    65. PenguinREA008

      Wow TOM

    66. PenguinREA008


    67. Hydra Dominatus

      Bucs are LOADED. They are gonna be a problem for everybody.

      1. John Smith

        Not only loaded, it's the players having the believes they can beat any team any day. They are not soft and a gimmicky team like the Chiefs, they like to play nasty football. These are the signs of a very very dangerous team.

    68. FoeReaper 4000

      Bruce Arians is one of the most mediocre coaches in history, lucked out by rolling the dice on Tom.

    69. Nicholas Woods

      Why is pat always standing lol

    70. BList

      great eval of talent is 100 percent a shoot at bill. look at his draft picks lately and the offensive roster

    71. Zach Schendt

      Pats talking about rob parker a lot here

    72. Zach Schendt

      Lets go bucs!! 3peat

    73. Gglucs

      Arians is not a great coach. Tampa finally thrived when Brady assumed the board.. People forgot that even Bruce Arians was putting Brady under the bus when Tampa were loosing some games

      1. John Smith

        @Gglucs Brady won 7. If Brady said that this way of doing things is better than he knows what he is talking about.

      2. Gglucs

        @John Smith This should not be a topic tbh. Belichick won 6 rings, while Bruce Arians got his first now. Doesn't matter if Belichick's approach is different

      3. John Smith

        That's B.A's style, he calls out his players publicly, while Belichick calls out Brady in closed doors and meetings.

      4. Hydra Dominatus

        Maybe not Great but he's at least a Good coach. Not a lot of teams can say the same lol

    74. William H Music 2021

      Bill belichick EXPOSED 😳

    75. Prestige V61

      Tom Brady: talks about football The media: DID HE JUST TAKE A SHOT AT BILL BELICHICK!?!?!?

      1. Ellen W

        @HGsoul4ever Funny how you never know who u are talking to online. I wouldn't post my opinion as facts, if I didn't KNOW the facts!!! But I don't have to prove a thing to you. Dismiss the truth, if you want. PS I have had info confirmed from 1st hand sources, but again, I don't have to prove a thing to you. Believe incorrectly is that is your foolish choice

      2. Hampsted

        @Ellen W "Given the multiple horrific ways Belichick disrespected him." Yeah, this never happened. The only thing you could construe as "disrespect" was Belichick refusing to extend his QB through the age of 45 when in the history of the NFL not a single quarterback had had even a relatively okay season past the age of 41. When Tom left, Belichick directly called him the greatest quarterback to ever play.

      3. HGsoul4ever

        @Ellen W Assumption is the weakest form of knowledge. Again, unless he told you that himself, you're speculating.

      4. Ellen W

        @HGsoul4ever I've listened to 20 years of TB12 press conferences, interviews, appearances etc. There is a joke w/some in the local sports media about interpreting "Bradyspeak." So trust me (or don't, I don't care lol), it's something we all got fluent in. Based on that, and having accurately read between the lines/interpreted Bradyspeak countless times), I know what I heard!

      5. Dyrty Barstud

        @Ellen W TB provided the ultimate broadside when he won the super bowl the first year out of New England. Im sure he knows what he says is poking Bill and he is most definitely entitled to do so :)

    76. Christopher Henderson

      Would love to have seen Arians win Fitz a title... but glad he got a title... even though that came at the expense of my QB Rodgers 😒

    77. Leonardo Riojas

      Mel kiper definitely stinks

    78. Clyde Mitchel

      BA isn’t better than Belichick if that’s what you’re insinuating

    79. Colt Miller Hansen

      Pat, you ain't fooling anyone. That's clearly beer in that bucks cup everyday. 👌

    80. PNK.FLYD. #1

      Pat you better put in a req form for a bigger desk

    81. William Bevins

      Bucks were 7-5 until Brady started running the offense his way. How did he learn it. From Belichick. Also, let's see if the Buccaneers can repeat because that will be the test. Most SB winning teams are one and done except Belichick's Patriot teams.

      1. blingman78

        @William Bevins Haha, it's irrelevant? Your best coach in NFL history is 62-70 with 1 playoff appearance in 8 seasons without Brady.

      2. William Bevins

        @blingman78 It's irrelevant. Every great coach had great players. You obviously are cherry picking stats to hate on Belichick.

      3. blingman78

        @William Bevins You want to tell me what Belichick's head coaching record is without Brady?

      4. William Bevins

        @blingman78 So a coach takes a player no one else wanted, coaches him up and together they have an unprecedented run of winning and 6 Super Bowls, but you want to discount the18 best years of Belichick's career, and just judge him on the other seven. Anyone saying Belichick isn't the best head coach in NFL history is either being ignorant or just being a hater.

      5. blingman78

        @William Bevins Nah, look at Bill's record without Brady and you will see what everyone is talking about with Bill being a terrible head coach.

    82. Crosswalk

      Tampa played the WORST records last year.

      1. blingman78

        Saints, Packers and Chiefs? Yea, those teams sure had bad records.

    83. jimi grönlund

      yall remember when peoplr said that ba and tampa had beef

      1. Gglucs

        Because somehow they had. Bruce Arians was publicly critizing Tom Brady's performance as if he wasn't the problem. Things started to work out for Tampa when Brady assumed the board

    84. Noah Bakongo

      colts vs bucs superbowl

    85. lopezfam

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      1. ohhellyeah 287


    86. piscessaga

      Brady is just saying... whichever way you want to do things, you need me at qb.

    87. J Martin

      Out of the 32 Qbs who is considered a game manager?? Only Brady because everybody else is just chasing their own tail

      1. Rya J

        @The 100th Time Lord we will find out when Rogers walks away. He may be system but we won't know how good he is until he does leaves for another team. But he hasnt won another ring with another coach.

      2. The 100th Time Lord

        @Rya J Those are all excuses. I want to see Rodgers and Mahomes go to another team and win it all. Unless they do that, they are system QBs

      3. The 100th Time Lord

        @Pokémon Master Why? Am I wrong? Brees and Montana have never won a SB with another team. And unless Rodgers and Mahomes do the same thing, they boy are "system QBs". In fact, John Elway, Roger Staubach, Lamar Jackson, Russel Wilson are all system QBs. I want to see these guys go to a brand new team and win a Super Bowl. Unless they do that, they are system QBs

      4. Rya J

        @The 100th Time Lord given the shelf life of a player, the window to go other places and be successful isnt very big. Other QBs, including Montana, got close to winning another ring under a new coach or team which they you saw a massive drop off in once the QB was gone. The greatest and underrated QB would be Kurt Warner making the Rams champions in a season they had no hope and a story run in Arizona when he took over week 2 by going to the super bowl again.

      5. Rya J

        Rogers is up there too. Without him the packers would be bottom dwellers.

    88. Clark Henkel

      The ravens super bowl was also a time a player coach showed up. That team is all about the people 🙌🏻

      1. tony polous

        More about deer antler spray abd roids

      2. Jake the Outdoorsman

        Them and the broncos with Kubiak as their coach

      3. John Swid

        Ravens would have repeated if they had kept Dilfer at QB.

    89. King EZ

      I’m sure Brady LOVES the Bucs emptying out there pockets too for buying a super team for him to play on as well. 😉

      1. John Smith

        Belichick would not empty the team's pocket to get Brady any weapons on the offensive side. He did emptied the team's pocket for paying himself over 20 mil a year. An under .500 head coach without Brady.

      2. Ellen W

        I'm sure above that Brady loves the fact that His trainer has not been thrown off the team playing, the sidelines, and out of the locker room. I'm sure he loves that they give him the input that belichick point blank wouldn't give him. Think AB! And I think he's also quite happy that the team extended his contract when BB wouldn't even give him 2 years to stay. Some people still don't realize he was pushed the hell out of New England. I honestly feel he's better off and way happier than I've ever seen him, But not sure when I'll get over my anger at Belichick!!

      3. Johndurham Fakeinvestigator

        Not emptying pockets, there's a salary cap. Every team is on a level playing field.

      4. Kartik Vyas

        I'm sure the Buccs fans also love that

    90. The 100th Time Lord

      It's been documented that Tom saw what Manning did with the Broncos and considered it a fun challenge. Brady's just saying there's different methods of winning SBs. The Patriot Way is one of those ways. Its not a knock on Bill in any way

      1. The 100th Time Lord

        @Alex Anderson Clown

      2. Alex Anderson

        Brady could win 2 more super bowls and belichick is still the goat

    91. Harvey Ayala

      Except when Bruce calls him out lol

      1. salamipitza

        That's what he's expecting from coaches

      2. Balvin

        that motivates him probably

    92. johny

      'You're too F***ING OLD' -edelman

      1. Cody Vandal

        I mean that was him obviously just gassing him up

    93. Jon Stevens

      not sure how brady put up with bill all those years

      1. Luke Vilandre

        Ya must have been tough for him going to 50% of the Super Bowls in 20 years

    94. BradyBaseball13

      This is a stretch

    95. Team Time Riders

      There are two things Tom Brady loves in life: kissing his son and proving people wrong.

      1. Garbanzo123


    96. Shadow Wolf

      were moving forward, both have moved on we should do the same.....brady already showed us he can win without billyboy...7 rings and counting

      1. Rya J

        I'm just waiting for Billy boy to win one without Brady. Year one didnt go so well for him...and Cam is a former starting super bowl QB. If anyone had the motivation, it would be cam to win it all after fallen short to Denver.

    97. Carl Freeman

      Nah... It's still the Tpm Brady way in Tampa..BA was the coach last year

    98. FRANKG

      Dude I wish you can get Tom Brady on your show

      1. DJ Trankilo

        I feel like Brady likes attention, though. He probably wants to be featured on programs that have a lot of viewers. Pat's shows don't have as many followers as GMA yet

      2. Patrick O'Toole

        If you get him on you gotta talk about his drinking days, apparently before TB12 he was beating O-lineman in beer chugging contests

      3. Hunter Waits

        @FRANKG Amen. @Hisoka Morow would be more entertaining on Pat's show, but why not get him on both.

      4. Hunter Waits


      5. Hisoka Morow

        No I want to see him on Joe Rogan.

    99. Zac Woods

      LMAO this is why he’s a straight b*tch. “Other ways to do it” then how come you couldnt show us the way when you were here??? How come you were so quiet and let someone rule over your career if you’re “that guy”. Crazy how much courage he has now after leaving the area. Yet he couldnt even ADMIT he cheated twice and put shame on our franchise and instead just flies under the radar as if he has nothing to do with any of it. Gtfoh. Idk how any other Patriot fan respects this guy as a person at all. Imagine having to go behind a former coaches back to get someone traded, sneak dissing that SAME coach through your wife at first because the team was “bad” and now through the media because for 20 years you couldnt man up and say anything yourself. Shameful.

    100. Brandon P

      If the sports media could talk about Brady and LeBron all day they would be so happy... wait