Aaron Rodgers' Return To The Pat McAfee Show

The Pat McAfee Show

310 миӊ. көрүүлөр27

    We miss Aaron Rodgers Tuesdays, but we are happy Rodgers is enjoying life.
    This is a clip from The Pat McAfee Show live from Noon-3PM EST Mon-Fri.
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    1. future hendrixxx

      almost had Shailene Woodley on the show haha well get there lmaooo

    2. Eli Blue

      When are you gonna get Aaron actually on the show in person.

    3. Karan Phull

      Give Rogers PR team a raise. A year ago people are hating on this mans character and now this dude is relatable and likeable. 💯👊🏽

    4. Trusted Source

      look at pat starting at 20:18 you're welcome.

    5. Josh N

      Rodgers should have got his haircut and stuff for the show, it would have given him a better shot to host jeopardy after he retires.

    6. Christine Pozzo

      Intelligent, classy low keyed individual. GOAT happy to be is greatest fan. Best Quaterback. Enjoy Jeopardy. Mr. Rodgers.

    7. grundels420

      Come on Pat, get Aaron to the Colts

    8. Justin B

      Greatest of all time

    9. Ryder Kalaris

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    10. E Piff

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    11. Aj Melton

      Why is no one talking about the thing falling from the ceiling and pats face 😂 only at PMI hahaha

    12. Shota Toriumi

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    13. Stone Cold

      The insane stat GOAT = Rodgers. The SB ring GOAT = Brady. They say there is only one that matters, but this is a team game, and so I have to go with Rodgers carrying his team more than Brady ever has. Brady's stats were not very good in 2020....pick after pick after pick, and he still won....why? Because his team SAVED him. Facts of football = Brady's team is better than him.

    14. John Finnegan

      Aaron should be one of those voice overs for putting people to sleep

    15. P Cather

      I love seeing Aaron being his true self. His humble, gracious, calm and quiet. I would love to go see him play in NOLA playing against the Saints. GO PACK GO!

    16. MLM Warriors

      Last Saturday in May little 500 Anderson IN

    17. utboilerman

      Pat, One of my coworkers turned me onto your show sometime ago. And I became a huge fan of Aaron because of your weekly interaction with him. Aaron is a cool dude. A fan of the man. Thanks Pat.

    18. lil Sebastian

      Did anyone else think Rodgers was a dick before he was on the Pat McAfee show? I did... I'm glad I was wrong. The packers arent my team, but I'm definitely a Rodgers fan after watching him on this show for the last year.

    19. Rodney Bolman

      as a Packer fan if Murphy runs Rodgers out of Green Bay, I'm done with that organization until they run Murphy out. I don't trust him running the football part of the team

    20. S Moore

      I like this simply because it pisses off ESPN and Fox (cough skip) that he won’t play their dumbass games

    21. Amber Abalama

      Daily double question. Is Aaron Rogers a super stud? Yes, yes he is.

    22. Joey Riley

      One a month in the off season PLEASE!! And THANK YOU! keep it movin!

    23. NadNav 23

      Aaron looking so freakin happy!

    24. CJ LEX

      I hope he keeps growing the hair out and comes back wild and vengeful next season so I can call him Aaron Yeager

    25. bradymiko

      Much love Arod happy for you an hope you stay here in Wisconsin love ya bud

    26. Proud Straight White Christian Conservative Man

      Don’t matter where AR is playing. I’ll be there to cheer him on ❤️

    27. Proud Straight White Christian Conservative Man

      Big love, AR! ❤️❤️❤️

    28. Proud Straight White Christian Conservative Man

      YAAAAAAY! So happy to see AR again! Hope y’all are well! ❤️❤️❤️

    29. RudeBoy Rok

      Pat you look high AF! 😂

    30. A W

      This show is starting to tank with all the same people over and over. I couldn't get enough before it became the Pat McAfee /Packers show.

    31. Landon Nguyen

      missed these interviews

    32. Zachary Snyder

      A Aron is the man.

    33. Intellectual

      ESPN wishes they could get these interviews

    34. Jack Davies

      "There's not a lot going on with sports." It's literally one of the few months in the year with NBA, NHL, and MLB

    35. NothingTo DoCrew

      Shailene, if you are reading this...you can do better!

    36. ChumblesMumbles

      If Aaron Rodgers Tuesdays don't come back next season, I don't know how I'll deal.

    37. elijah Quest

      49ers 3rd 2021 pick for Aaron Rodgers! Rodgers and Kittle will be the new Nelson!!!!

    38. DaGuap Getta

      20:18 shaht aht Chase

    39. Matty Mack

      Damn. Lifelong vikings fan here, but Aaron Rodgers is a SOLID fuckin guy. Better person than I am when it comes to handling adversity and uncertainty for sure. Respect. 👊

    40. Sophanna Sokhon

      Pats a fool lol. The whole thing at the end about forgetting what was said cuz of good convo. I can relate.

    41. Bryan Buttons

      If you put the Steelers logo on the side of your Head?

    42. Chedta Bogdanski

      Aaron Rodgers has a great perspective. Not allowing himself to be a victim of circumstance. That’s great. Totally peaceful

    43. drew chodnicki

      If Aaron joins NBC, would HE be able to still do the show?!

    44. Eric Nelson

      Has a Vikings fan I didn't care much for Aaron Rodgers but I think after this I am becoming a Rogers fan. I always knew he was a bright guy and now he really gets to show it

    45. Ben Dover

      Nice to see Aaron passionate about something. If he studied the Buccaneers with the same effort he used to study Alex Trebek he would have had a super bowl appearance in February

    46. Fabian Duran

      lol on jeopardy Aaron said "Go Bears"

    47. John Chedsey

      As someone who has liked Jeopardy for decades, I have but two choices for the future permanent host: Levar Burton or Aaron Rodgers. Anyone else can forget it.

    48. chris fabian-maceda

      Imagine if he walked out with a shaven face and head 🤣

    49. Mario Garcia

      pat mcafees first regular interviewee hosts jeopardy.. pat mcafee will eventually be on jeopardy

    50. Pam Hepp

      I hail from Wisconsin, always a Packers fan, but realize I am TRULY an Aaron fan because of the way the team is projecting themselves. It's a beautiful mystery..lol

    51. Josh Moore

      He's gonna look great in Purple.

    52. Hot Shots Sports Talk With Dustin Murr & Willie G

      When Aaron talks about the changes before the draft even, he means droppin Danica for something real.

      1. Hot Shots Sports Talk With Dustin Murr & Willie G

        @NadNav 23 That's what I'm saying. Best move he ever made. Not that Danica isn't bad af though

      2. NadNav 23

        He broke up with Danica to be with Shailene. She must have been a really great influence in his life 'cuz he was so happy and at peace.

    53. Jaret Heath

      He looks and talks high af all the time

    54. Patrick Nilan

      I absolutely LOVEEEEE how mad every other sports network and or radio show gets that Aaron only faithfully does interviews for the Pat Mcafee Show rather than them!!

    55. Aj Mehalick

      this show made me see aaron in a new light. cool fuckin guy , colin cowherd does him dirty.... GO PACK

    56. David Thompson

      Watch Aaron retire just to host Jepordy full time.

    57. shhmichael8986

      aaron rodgers tuesdays brought me to the show.. i listen daily now..

    58. The Angry Cowboy

      "Of course I know that guy... He's the host of Jeopardy!" - My child (2035)

    59. Pamika Monts

      The Aaron Rodgers interviews are complete GOLD!!!

    60. SlattMan69

      When he retires this dude is gonna be surfing in Malibu in his spare time.

    61. CharlesD

      Pat is speaking french. As a quebecer I appreciate the effort. Love Aaron too.

    62. Jim

      Cool 😎🤗!!!

    63. DavSav93

      Can't help but notice how similar Aaron Rodgers looks to CM Punk

    64. John Baer

      Hey ESPN: suck on my Aaron Rodgers exclusives - Pat

    65. jj jj

      Reason he at peace because he knows it will be a lost for green bay, he knows any team will love to have him on there team. I love my green bay team Aaron Rodgers deserves the best where ever team he plays on Go PACK Go!!

    66. Paul Lee

      This weirdo wears a winter hat 24/7 also sounds like Kermit the frog

    67. Jacob Opaczewski

      You should add a timeline that breaks down what topics you discuss and what time frame during the video!!

    68. Warren Rideau

      How come employees from ESPN cant appear on the show but ESPN can use clips from your show

    69. Adventures with Wednesday

      It's kind of sad Aaron Rodgers has to have his balls fluffed or he won't take an interview.

    70. laufsteakmodel

      I dont think anybody will believe anything about Aaron Rodgers ever again if its not coming directly from this show. Also. Thx Pat for finally giving us a spots show that is so far above the rest

    71. City Farmer

      Love these conversations..vikings fan that disliked rodgers...after these videos i actually wish he was a viking.

    72. Duke Aguirre

      Man its crazy the difference in Aaron Rodgers is in interviews between ESPN and Pat McAfee show.

      1. Duke Aguirre

        @Ben Dover yep 100%. Just saw an espn interview with Rodgers and he wasn't feeling it at all.

      2. Ben Dover

        I believe Pat deserves credit for that

    73. Brent naylor

      Pat and Aaron interviews hands down best thing on the internet

    74. Epic Galleries

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    75. Joseph Shipman

      Who y’all got in a fight: Hippie zen master Aaron or Avocado Tequila drunk Brady?

      1. Mike C

        Brady just compare how each of them chugs a beer 🍺

    76. Joseph Shipman

      I would very much like to see Aaron host jeopardy after he retires

    77. jules7209

      I love that espn is using the clips of this show.

    78. Chuck Hustle

      lol....He's all smoked up....

    79. Justin Shin

      Aaron Rodgers should come to the Bucs once Brady retires. It won’t happen but it should

    80. Efrain Garcia

      Aaron Rodgers looks high

    81. Jose Gringo

      Who wouldnt want to be the Jeopardy host it pays better than many NFL salaries and you dont have to worry about getting smashed, physically, to do it. Dream job for anyone.

    82. Brian Coleman

      Pat looks at Aaron like I look at a waitress bringing my piping hot sizzling fajitas to me.

    83. Robert Hodges

      “Not a lot going on”? Freaking baseball is back and there are fans in the seats. Come on, Rodgers.

    84. Blaine Stevenson

      Aaron is looking a little strung out. Not quite "wondering good will on monday morning" but definitly looks like he is heading there .

    85. Spencer Cokely

      A-Rog is a national treasure

    86. Cameron Gore

      Can we get to the football talk please? 😴

    87. Adobo Hutt

      Pat is such a hypeman.

    88. DaNewWaveLee

      Pat. Thank you for this show.

    89. Sean Stewart

      He should be the new full Time host when he retires.

    90. Tristan Platts

      Gosh I hope they keep doing these interviews next season. That was one of my favorite days of the week. Always looked forward to them.

    91. Landon Wilcox

      So about that Field Goal... 😂😂😂

    92. Cassandra Braden

      Us Lions fans can’t wait for him to retire. Great guy though!

    93. Leevi Erickson

      Aaron rodgers looks baked af.

    94. Daniel Ratspliff

      Man this show would be so good if Pat hired other talented panelists instead of using this band of dipshits. I guess it probably allows him to pocket more for himself, but good god these guys suck.

    95. Caelan Penado

      we still need that tom brady interview

    96. Jesse Warshak

      Pat sus

    97. AboveTreeLines

      “I’m in a log Cabin”...Looks like a brick cabin

    98. Robert Stahl

      I'd say so.... An mvp season really makes that qb#1 look silly... They were very wrong about the timeline

    99. Randy Peters

      A gameshow host probably makes more money than Rodgers. Look how much Skip Bayless is getting. Steven A... and you can do that job for 35 years like Alex did. Tony Romo discovered this. Many of these players see the writing on the wall. Pat Sajak used to work 40 days a year, and that was when he was in his prime.

    100. Randy Peters

      Rob Demovsky is first rate, came up from local Green Bay media.