Pat McAfee Asks Aaron Rodgers About The Drama Around His Contract

The Pat McAfee Show

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    There is a ton of stuff going around about Rodgers and the Packers lately with the talk of no contract restructure happening being on the fore-front.
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    1. Wakey Bakey

      the forever MVP

    2. R Mon

      Guess what Tom Brady is doing while crybaby Aaron is hosting game shows and bitchin about his situation?????? He's preparing to win Another Superbowl.

    3. Jradditto

      I love how under Aaron Rodgers they put “guest host this week for jeopardy” and then put packers QB 😂

    4. Jay Schwartz

      Packers don’t deserve Rodgers.

    5. Brett Jones

      Aaron’s dating a hippy chick. ✌️

    6. kingofkings040492

      Where does he end up?

    7. John Samos

      He’s a 2 time mvp and the packers got him acting like he’s still trying to make it lmaooo they don’t deserve him

    8. Randy Oswald

      Hey Pat, all this qb talk. Guys bouncing all around the league. Is there any talk out of Pittsburgh? Big Ben has had a great run, but they need to be preparing for the near future.

    9. unclejohnthezef

      Congrats to Aaron Rogers , he did JUST what he said he was gonna do on jeopardy: he did great interviews of all three contestants, made them seem a ton less geeky (50k ultramarathon, singing with Kenny Rogers, “go bears”) Prime job, AR!

    10. Og Loc baby

      Rodgers to the patriots

    11. Jblaze600

      How about going all in just once Packers management to try win a another SB. It worked for Tampa.

    12. alexander the 3rd

      Let's go

    13. Michael Hastert

      God I hate kirk cousins dude!

    14. Debra Congram

      Guy is great and I enjoy watching him play. But I think he is still playing it close to the vest. I think we don't know at all what he thinks.

    15. Ryan Belisle

      I never cared about Aaron until he came on the show! Now i hope only the best for him he seems just like me!

    16. Chickengenius420

      Can we get Aaron a new phone? I mean there is a huge opportunity for a sponsorship

    17. Wyatt Smith

      Mike Wilbon watched this🤣

    18. PR08Chips69

      Aaron seems to have really embraced stoic philosophy. Good for him!

    19. Kev Lacroix

      Negans looking good.

    20. Helio Duarte

      Rodgers is a high IQ dude.

    21. Glenn Roberts

      He should go to the Bucs...hahaha

    22. Al Bundy

      Packers: draft FB in rd one in this draft Packers: cut FB drafted in rd 1 before week 1

    23. Bryan Feliciano


    24. Tenacious T

      ARod just the coolest dude, love how humble he is, really hope he gets to play out his career with the packers because I don’t think any of us are excited about Jordan Love.

    25. Thicc Daddy

      Their gonna draft a qb in the first round again just to unlock mvp Aaron Rodgers

    26. Mellow NES Superstar

      What's with the blue beanie? Chicago Bears? As a Bucs fan I would die!

    27. Wishing B

      Mad respect for Aaron Rodgers. Glad he has peace.

    28. Dan The Patriot

      You know damn well Rodgers has had a say in everything. It’s easier to push blame when things are “out of your control”

    29. Birdman PB

      Ladies and gentlemen .....this is what a realist looks like

    30. Slllyy

      He will end his career in greenbay with 1 ring and 5 nfc championship losses. Yes Ik he’s only lost 4 up until now.

    31. Rambo

      The Packers treat Rodgers like he’s Ryan Fitzpatrick 😭

    32. Nas W.

      Aaron should come to Denver just like Payton .. while Denver needs to start the setup process .. Trade Von Miller and stock up on WRs either in the draft or Free Agency .. the Defense is already good enough to hold .. see how easy this plan is ? Any GM can work on this idea and add some tweaks like he's paid to do and get the Broncos 2 more Titles with Aaron as our QB

    33. Jemp Ski

      Why not just ask for a trade instead of making comments all the time?

    34. Baumgard08

      Pat, send this mad a damn good computer so he can have a better connection! Lol.

    35. Ali Razvi

      Is Aaron using AJ’s WiFi?

    36. Jason

      Aarons mind set is basically what everyone need in this post 2020 era. Things are happening around you can’t control and you will go crazy trying to take it personally. Aaron probably realizes that he make a literal boat load of money Playing Football. He might as well have fun while doing so.

    37. Wesley Bundy

      What an awesome way to address uncertainty- ... A beautiful Mystery.... Awesome- Love it! Let’s go-More Aaron Rodgers Tuesday’s!!!!

    38. Captain Eyebrows

      Tom Brady will be President one day

    39. Bud Waller

      You are all gonna wait till Aaron Rodgers is gone before firing Mark Murphey?

    40. MrMW2nd

      So what are the odds Aaron Rodgers microdoses on shrooms? Like, +250?

    41. Khalil Ali

      The man threw 48 tds stop playin packers

    42. jbones1987

      R E L A X...the man practices what he preaches

    43. Danny Hanley

      This is the best and realest segment in sports casting!

    44. Ian Harris

      I feel like Rodgers. I gotta explain everything

    45. Jaylee Clough

      Will it be russia or china that's gonna catch smoke first? Russia over ukraine and china over taiwan and nkorea.

    46. Jonathon Lee


    47. Drip _

      This is coming form a bears fan (me) I think the Green Bay packers should treat Aaron Rodgers how The Buccaneers are treating Tom. Tom wanted AB and he got AB even tho Bruice didn’t wanna get AB

    48. Zachary Gaskill

      Aaron is at peace... but damn imagine if the Packers actually tried building around him last year and this year, signed a few guys, drafted better, they may be a top 2 team...

      1. Matthew Erickson

        If they got past the Bucs last year no way they don’t bear the Chiefs with how beat up the Chiefs o line was

    49. Scott Hinkens

      Please leave for another team, Rodgers so you can say "f*** you" to the Packers front office. The least appreciative front office out there. A bunch of penny pinching pussies who never get aggressive and go for it all. This teams front office is fine with getting close every year and seems to not care about actually winning....go to a place where they will go all in and get another ring because you deserve it after your stellar career. 2 rings combined with Rodgers and Favre is unacceptable and the Packers need to rethink how they approach their drafting and FA/trades.

    50. Ever lasting Fury

      Arod ain’t going anywhere relax !

    51. Westsideguy

      Aaron Shama-Rogers 🙏🏻

    52. Keith Riggle

      Cocky yet honest can't wait for 3 decades of green bay mediocrity quickly approaching

    53. Robert Carlson

      Boy does this interview sound differently when you read it. You can hear the peace in his voice. Media will always want to make this more than it is. Much luv to arod. I'll be a rodgers fan wherever he ends up

    54. Jossue Sandoval

      Me being a Saints fan in GB wants him to get tf out of here . Most fans don’t appreciate him in GB ...

    55. Robert Eramian

      Great conversation!

    56. Kenny Mclemore

      Pat really loves him some Aaron Rodgers Lol

    57. Jeff Go

      How crazy would it be if he went to the Bears next year?

    58. Riled Mouse

      How can we watch these jeopardy episodes? Am I going to have to subscribe to Hulu or some other steaming service, or do you think they’ll be available some other way?

    59. megaduffpuff 24

      There’s about 28 teams ready to sign Aaron Rodgers to a contract with an insane amount of money and apparently the packers aren’t one of them.

    60. Anthony None ya business

      I feel like he’s not going anywhere & it’s just the media making drama . The front office already said there not stupid he’s not going anywhere

    61. The Professional Amateur

      I’m going to say it. Mr super hinty Rodgers is playing for the giants next year. You explain the blue hat

    62. Blah Blah

      Aaron Rodgers blue beanie. He’s going to Dallas. 😂

    63. Brian LaFrance

      Walk away with your health on your terms and go host jeopardy for the next 20 years. Best middle finger ever to the packers management.

    64. Quill

      I truly have zero idea why, but I despised Aaron Rogers for many years. Watching him on Pat's show has totally changed that. He seems like a really cool guy. I honestly don't know what I had against him.

    65. sean peterson

      I spent many years thinking Aaron was a deuche, watching him every week on this show completely changed my mind.

    66. Skyler c

      If he doesn't play for the Packers for the rest of his career, as a life long Packers fan.. I'm done watching football until he retires 😩

    67. Camo

      I wonder how much pat makes in one day off this show

    68. Gackleballs G

      Any team would be lucky to have him. He is the most accurate quarterback the game has ever seen.

    69. Hannibal Lecter

      Aaron Rodgers= Overrated

    70. Brek Erickson

      Is Aaron Rodgers an addict or an alcoholic or something? He talks the same way I talk and he talks the same way I hear others talk when I'm in AA and NA meetings

    71. Ron Panozzo

      Pat you're not Aaron 🤦‍♂️learn how to REALAX

    72. Bryan Bonner

      I can listen to Aaron talk for hours, Pat is the best !!!

    73. tj joe

      He has three left on his deal which is the average of an NFL career, what are we talking about😂

    74. Dominic Cacopardo

      I think this man should pull a Brett Favre and go to the Vikings

    75. 52 Studios

      Thank you for the arrow in the thumbnail, I couldn't recognize him with his beard

    76. ahmadaccino

      aaron's video quality makes this video look like those iPhone vs android memes

    77. Girl600podcast

      Ooooh my boy back on. Quit go play smart guy games. Looks soo good on Jeopardy. 🤓

    78. Swinker01

      Keep my boyyyyyy

    79. Jared Thompson

      I love the Pack BUT, I love the Giant screw you in your retiring me time frame. His smirk said it all. The tank has a lot left in it. If they don't deal with his contract he'll pull a Tom Brady. DO NOT LET THIS ICON GO!

    80. Ryan Guzman

      Are NFL teams only allowed to have one quarterback? Is it bad to have a young first round pick learning from a hall of fame quarterback?

    81. John Cerk

      Packer organization is incapable of developing a top Defense or special teams.Both have sucked the entire 21st century.

    82. Javari C.

      How can you hate such a wise man

    83. Ryan Guzman

      Both the Packers and Aaron Rodgers have benefitted greatly from their business relationship. There is no drama. If the high school girl gossip media would just shut the F up for once, maybe people could get along.

    84. N Scard4life93

      Greenbay is going this year they were almost there the last 2 seasons this is Roger's year has to be he's over do another ring

    85. N Scard4life93

      Your the man pat love the show big dog

    86. Adam O

      He talks weird lol

    87. Tony Mil

      Aaron sounds like a dude that enjoys dates with lucy!

    88. Marcus

      Rodgers to chicago would be crazy

    89. Tyler Morris

      Kill them with indifference

    90. The Gilbilly

      Still saying he ends up in Vegas eventually...mark it down

    91. crizzonet

      Why does Aaron Rodgers look like rapper R.A. The Rugged Man?

      1. crizzonet

        @Heather H if the hair was a tad darker, he'd be spot on. lol

      2. Heather H

        Lmao but I can see a very slight resemblance

    92. Anna Datt

      Good to seee Rodgers...... He is not going anywhere. Go Packers. Greenway loves him. We have the best QB.

    93. Ayomi Adediji

      He speaks so elegant 🤌🏾

    94. j h

      it might be easy to be at peace when you are a multi-millionaire and playing at the top of his game. if the packers don't want him almost every other team will. he is really in control!

    95. Owen Barnes

      Aaron Rodgers looks pretty good in that Colts hat

    96. paul davies

      The more stoned he gets the more “Wisconsin” he sounds 😂

      1. Mick Crocodile Dundee

        Yeah buddy!!

    97. Joshua Lett

      Aaron Deserves Better

    98. Bleeding Gums Murphy

      Come to the bears for the love of god.

    99. Brad Mcpherson

      Jordan love is still a wild card there really isn’t any kind of picture of what he will look like in the pros they could still trade him for a 1st round pick and have some good come out of this bad draft pick, not that he’s a bad pick he was just a bad pick for the packers.

    100. Nico

      Since The Packers are owned by the public do they not get to vote what happens to Rodgers?

      1. Amazon FBA Private Label Show Podcast

        Doesn't work like that