Pat McAfee Reacts To Report Kyle Pitts Is The Best Players In The Draft

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    Do you think that we will look back and see Kyle Pitts as the best player in the 2021 NFL draft?
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    1. Reta Reta

      He will not go past Miami if he gets to us WE GOT OUR GUY

    2. Anthony Caine

      Hes the next great Michael irvin

    3. Shawn McRae

      bro the announcer from madden lmao

    4. Trey Stallings

      Bengal is killing it

    5. Brendan Ellis

      Y’all remember the last tight end that we were supposed to “look out” for from Florida

    6. Jiquez Green

      Ain’t reportedly he is

    7. Jordan Crass

      Pitts is THE versatile weapon

    8. Justin Lupica

      Huh that's weird.. I was under the impression Pat would react to something..

    9. Aaron B

      I don't see Pits making it past Miami

    10. Enrique Canales

      we all forgot about tlaw i guess

    11. Sleepy Joe7899

      He’s set to be the biggest bust too

    12. family man

      Ummm what about the bengals we sit at #5

    13. Mellow NES Superstar

      No way he gets past Miami. Even if he gets past Atlanta. Impossible.

    14. Unknown

      Imagine the eagles taking him over a WR from Alabama

    15. Denny Crenshaw

      This dude is versatile and an absolute weapon

    16. R F

      Arron Hernandez without the murders... hopefully lol

    17. Shane 1178

      He’s the best in the draft

    18. ConnorHFishing

      He might become a dolphin

    19. Greyden Piechnick Fitness

      Last time Carolina had Olsen in his prime they made it to the superbowl

    20. Caleb Ehlers

      Sweet shirt AJ got one at home!

    21. Ray Scanlan

      Close your eyes and it’s like your playing madden

    22. Greg Shoopman

      What does that even mean, reportedly. Like some random dude just reports he’s the best. It’s reported that Zach Wilson is the gayest player in the draft. Just what I’m hearing.

    23. Tyler Butler

      best player* 😬

    24. Cliques _

      I hope he somehow drops to 19😀

    25. OG Bobby Johnson

      I listen to this guy in madden I always thought he was white

    26. Canadian Raider

      Why does pat seem annoyed in this clip??

    27. Matthew Schwartz

      Kyle pitts is the best skill player in the draft

    28. Francisco

      Per source of mine he’s got some major character issues.

    29. yeee

      The best versatile weapon ever

    30. Riot Ninja

      He’s the best player in the past 5 drafts.

    31. KOTJ412

      I would take him 1st overall...can’t pass up a TE/WR w/his talent, size, & speed that can help you now.

    32. Damien Christian

      Dolphins drafting him

    33. Timothy Turner

      Uh duh didn't know this was even a discussion 🙄

    34. Jemp Ski


    35. iHeart Winter

      Every time I seen the gators play over the last couple years I saw 84 bullying kids🤷🏼‍♀️

    36. Lucas Sredzinski

      Dolphins gonna take pitts

    37. Tanner Weinheimer

      Don't forget boys: HE'S A VERSATILE WEAPON.

    38. Stop Bad Recommended Videos

      *V E R S A T I L E*

    39. kyle McNugget

      Maybe I’m bias as a Oregon student. But I think penei Sewell is the top prospect in this draft.

    40. Gary Daily

      Defense Defense Defense. The best players are ALWAYS on the defensive side of the ball

    41. Boothy

      Jamar chase actually is

    42. TheVlad1616

      Chuck Norris is the best player in the draft every year. DJ can’t be all that good if he missed that one again.

    43. Kuda Man

      Cowboys need to move up

    44. John Mausen

      Can he block? TEs need to block.

    45. Ryno Mclaughlin

      I'm just gonna say he's probably not, nobody had any idea George Kittle would be a starter in the league let alone arguably the best TE in the league and he was a fifth round pick, nobody really knows anything when it comes to the draft, Rams fan btw

    46. Jason Glass

      They said this about OJ Howard before we drafted him and it hasn’t transferred to the NFL, wasted pick considering who else we could have got there.

    47. Jiffykid

      Weapon versatile

    48. Zen Master

      To anyone wondering the versatile weapon thing is some dumbass joke these unfunny guys enjoy

    49. BW Graphics

      The Miami Dolphins select Kyle Pitts, Versatile weapon, Florida

    50. Space Ghost

      SF is going to take him at #3... they need another VERSITLE WEAPON

    51. Nicholas Woods

      He’s the third best pass catcher in the draft

    52. Naif

      Pitts is a versatile weapon without a doubt.

    53. Rocco B 123

      Versatile weapon and dynamic playmaker -Bengal

    54. Gunnar Newman

      Just remember, Aaron Hernandez is by far the most dangerous TE out of Florida🤷🏻

      1. Lamont Morgan

        @Robert Kelly’ First off, his son will never be able to hear the end of his FATHER’s actions. How is that fiat for the child? That he must be known as the son of Aaron Hernandez’s sins rather than his own man some day. Trash thing to do to someone in society. Aaron is dead so let his flaws be a dead topic. Also if you pay attention to what people close to Aaron said about him they said he was a loving guy and a perfect friend. It blows their minds that he was involved in a friends death. Many of them still doubt he ever did it. Now I think he did do it but it speaks to the character of him was not a murderous one but a good guy that really made a short sighted decision. Still, It’s no excuse for taking a life.

      2. Robert Kelly’

        @Lamont Morgan Respect a killer? Get outta here with that. He had it all and threw it away to become a thug. I’d be ashamed if I was his son. He’s the perfect example of what NOT to be. Did he respect Odin? Did he “respect the dead” after he killed him?

      3. Lamont Morgan

        Respect the dead. That man has a son and I doubt if you passed away that you’d want your son to grow up and randomly see a stupid comment POKING FUN at his passing. If you wouldn’t say your comment in person to his son, don’t say it online because you’re safe from ridicule.

      4. Larry Crosby


    55. Justin Estes


    56. Kippers

      Imagine 9ers take the first this year, deebo and Jimmy for Arod. I love Deebo but if thats what gotta happen for it to get doen so be it. Only player off the table is George, Fred warner and nick bosa.

      1. Kghost the great

        The Packers aren’t that dumb they wouldn’t deal him (at least not this year) bc that would instantly put us over the cap If y’all really want the MVP it’s going to take that first and all three of those players

    57. MtVick

      Absolutely 0 chance Kyle Pitts is available at 8

    58. jjww30

      Can some please acknowledge Hawk with the wolf shirt?

    59. Mateo7


    60. The Brothers Blue

      you know what I'm not hearing alot of -- that he's a versatile weapon

    61. Starkiller •


    62. David James

      You FELLERS are missing on big Sewell!!? Watch out s powerhouse Left tackle is more valuable and hits more often. think njoku or ingram recently. how many wins has either been on the field as a part of..

    63. Christopher Marks

      My Giants should offer their first two picks ( 11 and 42 ) to move up for a chance at Pitts. They'll play in the NFC Championship game if they get him.

    64. heyman112 - SSBU

      Where Kyle Pitts stands out from the bunch is that he’s a *versatile* weapon

    65. DarKshine ThaKid

      Lmao he's Eric Ebron folks.

    66. Blxck Jezus

      Maan if he's there at 6 Pitts ain't getting past Miami. BOOK IT.

    67. Matthew Newberry

      AJ wearing the virgin need shirt

    68. Tiger Eyes

      Hes a versatile weapon.

    69. Tim Bier

      Antonio gates. If he adds lbs and works hard/not injured by going over the middle. . .good pick for a team building a young qb. . . blocking is relative. . .he isnt going to gronk a de. . .but speed kills and he has the size to slow down an average linebacker or safety.

    70. Aj Sessions

      What about Teddy 🤷🏻‍♂️

    71. Rene Carteir

      Didn't realize he was multiple players 😲

    72. hitman L

      Best player on the board is Devante Smith hands down

    73. baz Lynch

      I think Charles Davis would make a good GM. Would love to see him in chicago when pace is fired

    74. T Beck

      Miss Charles from the golf channel. They just have a bunch of soy boys on there now.

    75. Alton Hughes

      How can he run a 4.4 and only jump 33 inches

    76. Andres Sotelo

      Are these versatile weapon comments a bengal joke lol

    77. drewcliff82

      His vertical worries me. Hes also not a great blocker. Hes fast, is a good rout runner and has great hands. Tight end is just not a position that's worth this high of a pick and personally I beleive Jamar Chase is a better player than him but he suffers bc he opted out last season. We know forsure now that the first 3 picks will be QBs. Falcons should take a qb but they could also go defense or Pitts bc they dont need another wr right now. Bengals are getting Sewell or maybe Slater. Dolphins will go wr, probably Jamar Chase or Davonte Smith.

    78. Mr V

      With the third pick in the NFL draft the 49ers select Kyle Pitts.

    79. Thomas Brady

      So the Panthers want some this season

    80. c2itccase9

      Gotta say least favorite announcer of all time: Charles Davis. Cris Collinsworth is a very, very, close second. Troy Aikman gets closer to these two every time I listen to him. What do they have in common? All 3 are afraid of they’ll die if even a second goes by without talking.

    81. Kenton V.

      49ers moved up to get pitts. Call me crazy

    82. Andrew Elwell

      He's going 4 or 6

    83. Mac

      He’s a versatile cheese board

    84. Jacob Waggoner

      As a gator fan yes sir my man is a monster... destroying everyone including Alabama.

    85. cracka fantastic

      It’s a fact he’s the best in the draft not up for a debate

    86. BDN

      He’ll be a bust

    87. I Smell Fresh Cash

      I don't have a problem with his talent. I have a problem with his position. TE usually don't live up to the hype and are not passed too as often.

      1. Tj C

        Yh but he’s sort of wide receiver too

    88. Matt Patrick

      It’s not even close..he is that good.

    89. Hma Hma

      And with the First pick of the 2021 draft the Jacksonville Jaguars select Kyle pitts from the university of Florida

    90. Lil Dave

      He's coming to the Atlanta Falcons

    91. Trevor McCaslin

      Charles Davis the madden commentator his voice is SOOOO familiar

    92. Ignatius Cheese

      Kid's gonna be a Dolphin

    93. Jonathan reed

      I remember telling anyone who would listen Eric Ebron was going to be a game changer. Tight end/receiver is tough to draft, Some of the greatest had difficult journeys and some were kellen winslow jr

    94. Juan Gonzalez Diaz

      ThE bEaRs ShOuLd GeT hIm

    95. Taco Slayer

      Uncle Rico would put him to shame

    96. Adrian Allaway

      Kyle pitts is going to 49ers

    97. Patrick Archer

      He’s like a knight in chess

      1. Unki Unko

        Let me see... QB is the queen, wr1 and wr2 are the bishops, the tackles are the rooks TE1 and RB1 are the knights? Not sure that makes him justice.

    98. Jose Moreno

      I’m not a saints fan, but I would love to see him with Sean Payton

    99. tim breuer

      Bengals will take him at 5

    100. Muh G

      Probably the most versatile weapon we've seen since the spork was invented

      1. Yafunnyco

        Not a lethal weapon but close!

      2. Richard Reese