Pat McAfee Reacts To Antonio Brown Telling The Buccaneers To Sign Him On Instagram

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    Do you think the Buccaneers will be able to bring AB back?
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    1. J J

      The narrative for Wentz is to succeed just wait and see. I personally think he's a cornball. But does not change what the narritive is for 2021 football year.

    2. Jordan Gate

      This has got to be a piss off to play that great & not get signed

    3. Cody Li

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    4. Supur Man

      ASK n ye shall Receive ...

    5. Freshy Jones

      Selfish Sammy needs to remember his age.

    6. Austin Robertson

      LeGarrette Blount started off in tampa

    7. Haden Prentzler

      I knew I wasn’t the only one that got legarette Blount and Leonard fournette confused all the time. Idk what it is but they are linked lol

    8. Archie Callahan

      Pat can’t stop thinking about a blunt😂

    9. L.L. Craft

      Exactly why this clown and walking lawsuit and ticking time bomb shouldn't be signed. Without him the Bucs have Godwin, Evans, Miller, Johnson, Gronk, hopefully a healthy OJ Howard...they don't need him. And there is not even a whiff of interest from another team which should tell you something. When a league who has no issue with criminals won't sign you, that's pretty damn telling.

    10. Mark Nadolski

      "Carson Wentz is the steal of the offseason" ha ah ha hahahahahahhaha! that guy suuucks! y'all are delusional, worst decsion Colts have made up until this point

    11. Justin Fisher

      With the stats AB had in 8 games as a wr3, he is still a top tier receiver & has the skills to be a wr1 on any team. Not to mention he barely got any pass attempts thrown his way in 2-3 of those games & had no dropped passes. If the bucks don’t take him before someone else does then they are going to regret it because Scotty Miller isn’t the answer. Scotty Miller is fast but that’s all he is. Where ever AB goes, the team automatically gets better. When he was in Pittsburgh, the Steelers got better when he came,e off IR whenever he was injured & they was ass when he left.. including the fluke season the Steelers had last year. Where ever AB goes this year he is gonna spazz 🔥🔥🔥

    12. jj jj

      I love you guys too f*** funny!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

    13. school zone

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    14. Shield of Pistis

      I rooted for Tampa Bay because I thought the Pats did Brady wrong. But I think they are setting themselves up for a crash. They are signing all their players but they did not actually get better during the free agency- they kept the status quo. While the Chiefs got better. The Rams got better. Tampa Bay crushed Kansas City but Kansas City was very depleted at one of the most crucial positions. Tampa Bay defeated Green Bay by 5- they had a large lead but Green Bay nearly came back. Tampa Bay squeaked by New Orleans. Really, they had no business winning that game. Neither did New Orleans. Both teams had turnovers and did not look impressive. And Tampa Bay did not look great against a Washington team with no offensive prestige and a young and talented defense. What I am trying to say is that I'm not sure Tampa Bay was even the "best" team last year. What would have happened had Scotty Miller not made that catch at the end of the 1st half verse the Packers? There really is not that big of a difference between Tampa Bay and the other playoff teams. And even with a depleted offensive line, Mahomes made some great throws that were dropped that could have changed the landscape of the game a little. Tampa won fair and square and I am happy they did. But I think the idea of spending all this money to keep the status quo may bite them in the butt. They had some players who played lights out against backup offensive tackles who really didn't have good games verse the Saints. I see no improvement among the bucs, especially if they don't sign AB. I hate to say it because I am not a Rodgers fan, but I think the Packers will come out of the NFC and I think the Chiefs will win the entire thing.

    15. Shield of Pistis

      This is a testament to Brady's greatness. He may not have the most talent, but he has such leadership ability that other teams don't want to touch Brown- Brady is the only one that has been able to keep Brown in line as being a team player. I would have signed Brown. Evans may have more skill. But when the game is on the line, Brown is a gamer and can be trusted to make the difficult catches without blundering.

    16. Charles Wilson

      Yep, sign AB and give him another run with TB 12

    17. Miked_up

      "When you get Antonio Brown.. teams gets better" hilarious the way he said it. True tho

    18. Joseph Dingleberry

      Dude sabotaged himself now he's begging for a spot how the mighty have fallen

    19. xyrate

      srsly, you guys have changed how sports news is talked about. No stupid arguments or nonsense, just some cool guys chatting about sports and giving news. Love it!!

    20. Workman All day

      So many AB haters.. Once in a lifetime receiver. So much propaganda to sissyify the sport. Broadway Joe was a ladies man , womanizer. Yet they loved him. No woman would have thought of making accusations against him. Yet, today a women can make up any story she wants to. Beta males better wake up and find your manhood!

    21. Colton W

      Not a smart move in long term for him. He should be knocking on the door of teams on the come up. Once Brady retires which will be in next year or two this Buccaneer team will be in ruins and hell be complaining that he wants out.

    22. David Hennessey

      GM Brady wants to bring in ODB Jr. No room/money/catches for AB if ODB signs.

    23. Riot Ninja

      Carson Wentz stinks.

    24. Christopher Wagner

      I'm waiting for pat to toss all those empty drink cups smh lol

    25. Dario

      Lmao the last part where they sang the song Blow from Ke$ha 😂

    26. Niall O'Neill

      AB to the packers him, Adams, claypool and Valdez scantling 🔒

    27. James Salcedo

      Hopefully stays in Florida so he can maybe sign with the fins

    28. Kelly Malcolm

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    30. Key Mold

      Every year pat mcafee: “omg the colts might go on a run this year” 👀 Reality: misses playoffs 🚮🚮🤡🤡

    31. Hitmee

      No other team is crazy enough to sign him and I personally feel that AB should only play for 2 teams. Bucs or Seahawks because Brady and Wilson were the only 2 players in the league who still believed in him.

    32. Alex Baldwin

      AB is working out with Lamar 👀👀 I think he should go to the ravens way more chances to be the number 1 going to bucs is a waste he would be a number 3 or 4 again

    33. Nick Bellomo

      I'd like to see Golladay AP and shepherd in NYG.

    34. wakawaka1976

      Someone should take a chance on AB and pay him money like the Seahawks. Back in Tampa would be great though. I just want him to be able to have success and make lots of money elsewhere

    35. Deshawn Price

      Colts need to sign him!

    36. Jack Ashmore

      Tom is doing just as much work for that front office as the actual front office members

    37. Cyberpunk53

      Bucs Wont make the Playoffs

    38. Nick B

      the guy in the corner with the beard at 4:03 sounds like Belichick idc idc idc

    39. Hannibal Barca

      The Cincinnati Bengals don't have an indoor practice facility

    40. Super Hiro

      Idgaf about some fake court case. Sign him.

    41. Eric Hutterer

      Looking at it im surprised Green Bay doesn't go for AB. Adam's and AB would unreal. An i feel Aaron would be a guy to keep AB in check.

    42. Matt Kraig

      Did they forget that LeGarrette Blount was originally a Buccaneer? lmao

    43. RawEggsofThunder

      AB not wanted anywhere, the dude is toxic!!

    44. Kippers

      @49ers Sign AB

    45. AttilatheThrilla

      I think AB would definitely have other options rather than the Bucs 🤷‍♂️

    46. Corey Yeknich

      C.O.L.T.S We got T.Y back. Forget A.B and all his B.S we dont play that crap here in Indy

    47. Steve Smith

      AB wants big money and Tampa dont want to give it to him and I dont blame them. If Tampa wants to move on they can cause we are already good at WR.

    48. Dajon2

      Somebody needs to sign him away from the Bucs

    49. James Fitzgerald

      Ty makes a lot of sense

    50. John Agnello

      TB12 brand just needs to hire AB as a consultant for a two year $16m deal. Then AB can sign with the Bucs for a cool mil

    51. James Bond

      They need to stop with the wentz crap he’s rg3

    52. Nick Briggs

      Does r.Wilson not still want brown in Seattle???

    53. Mike Richardson

      Go fuckin Chiefs


      Goat doing goatish things

    55. Mark Miranda

      Whole lotta money

    56. Howard Holloman

      This is really a story?

    57. unclejohnthezef

      The bucs definitely want to sign a talented receiver... but I think they’re misspelling OB

      1. Justan Baker

        For real

    58. TippinMehLady

      I’m not saying anything but AB going to the Giants with that squad omg

    59. Rusty Reno

      No other team wants AB. He’s worth the veteran minimum with incentives. AB is asking for too much money.

    60. J

      "Voidable" -Pat McAfee

    61. Alex Jimenez

      Carson’s the steal? He has never done anything. Nick Foles did better with the same teams. Lol. What? The new Jay Cutler more like it. Always praised for all this potential but never did Jack. Tim Tebow won a playoff game with the Broncos when cutler couldn’t.

    62. Pokémon Master

      I love how ever since wentz went on the show they are like Carson is the steal of the free agency 🤣🤣🤣

      1. Mark Nadolski

        hahaha I just said the exact same thing... he is an overpaid diva dumpsterfire

      2. isaac debeila

        @Charles Wilson lol

      3. AKa Big

        he had to change his perception personally . now his play has to speak up

      4. Charles Wilson

        He was a steal and soon will be robbed from the colts to his couch

      5. isaac debeila

        @Dylan Messer Wentz is a gamble

    63. Dean Giusti

      One year 5 Million - Pay AB.

    64. Ftd jay

      Just come to Seattle AB don’t cap bro Russ will definitely use your potential 🤟🏽

      1. RJ Sizzle

        Nah he will pass on that over priced over taxed violent riot insane asylum

    65. Jesse Lund

      Pat "And that whole thing dahn there" Mcafee

    66. Chad Patrick

      Why do we still pretend that AB is a difference-maker who is going to "blow up" at any time?

    67. Richard Roy

      AB to Green Bay.

    68. jwenbaby

      Ndomukong Suh’s legacy is being filth. Zac Robinson’s head & knee, Aaron Murray’s knee, Andre Gurode’s face and head, Aaron Rodger’s knees, multiple players’ eyes, and who knows what else not caught directly on camera.

    69. Jon Novak

      Best sport show!!!

    70. Quintin Kale

      Pat former wvu grad class of 13 just wanted to say love the show and always enjoyable to listen to.

    71. Ken Hoang

      If Bucs don't sign him, Seahawks will. They think Wilson can play with Tom Brady's leftovers. He can't. He's constantly running for his life. Get him an O line. Wilson only has a ring thanks to Legion of Boom. One and Done!

    72. Kayode Akinwumi

      Seattle could get him since Wilson still wants him. If Antonio brown performs like he did last year, he would get a better contract next year

    73. Paul Murphy

      Pat...which is sometimes a man's name.

    74. John Harris

      Great player not so great human

    75. Captain's Vlog

      Blunt already played for Tampa! There are also lots of blunts to enjoy in Tampa.

    76. Nick Jim

      Came here just to hear him say Antahnia BRAHN

    77. Jimbo Son

      Ariens: " We're not running it back, that's KC's thing. We're GOING FOR TWO!" -plus- TB12: "LET'S F@CKING GO!" -equals- Me: "LFGFT!!"

    78. happymdx

      But whose house is he going to live in with ?

    79. mike williams

      Sign AB

    80. Se7eN Cureton Reviews

      Y’all let bad ppl win in life

    81. Chuck Henry

      Yes , I agree they should sign him to an Instagram contract. Also he should sign with the Seahawks, the Bucs don't need him, Brady is greedy. I'm tired of spending my life watching Mr. Automatic win SB's, and he'll do it again specifically to spite me. "Oh Tommy here's another elite target! That you don't even need!! Kiss Kiss". Yeah, I know they should have handed it to Lynch but I blame Brady. Loss to Pittsburg in SB XL , the ref AND Brady. Pent up PNW anger. Brady! Brady! screw all of you. Also AB is uncoverable and plays well in crap weather.

    82. Native KING

      Okay co-host can we not ride Pat Mcafee’s smeat and be yes man to everything he says lol

    83. lvbluestreak

      cool cool cool

    84. lvbluestreak

      Tampa Bring Back AB

    85. Tzvi Perlman

      Oh man pat mcaffee is ABSOLUTELY LOVING voidable years

    86. Rob Reynolds

      AB just saying c’mon man, I would stay on your couch to be on this team, lets go.

    87. Jason Coluzzi

      Suh was in Tampa the year before the super bowl, Pat. He didn’t just go to Tampa last offseason

    88. Max Nielsen

      Where does Kevin lee fit into all of this

    89. Aejhaey Chester Cisnero

      Just Sell some of the draft then sign AB

    90. fanchi Kelly

      Nice that they collaborate with the guys from duck dynasty.

    91. Josue Martinez

      Could you imagine if the buccaneers win a second straight Super Bowl

      1. Israel Gomez

        I can see it happening . People hate to see losing team win . It toook one QB but we had the team as a whole already

      2. Juan Rodriguez

        Dak Prescott will win the SUPERBOWL this year 2021

      3. Justin Douglas

        They will

      4. Rafael Guasp

        @fwdfdfsa111133 can you blame them? They were the suckaneers. If you come to NY ain't nobody wearing knick jerseys unless it's a ewing or something. They were when carmelo and JR were together. Who celebrates losing decades? Lol

      5. Bob Marjle


    92. Bundy Williams


    93. mark sicheri

      pat,how about the afl.Your mate cox zilla is playing some pretty good football even if its for the wrong side

      1. Benjamin Rood

        Indeed, nothing happening for most of the whole week, coulda gone on an AFL special

    94. Mushroom Hatters Adventers

      ab well play for 500k he just wants more rings

    95. Matt

      Pat "voidable year" mcafee


      AB to the TITANS???

      1. Josh Constantine

        No Thanks

    97. boldtaa

      Watson makes AB a whole lot easier to sign now.

      1. Ten Two Sports


    98. Jon Dalessandro

      If the Seahawks bring in AB they’d have Lockett, DK, AB, and with a very large amount of luck Josh Gordon

      1. salamipitza

        Only to crash and burn in the second half of the season and getting whipped first round

      2. Fire Dolphin

        All those WR's but no one to block for Russ.....shame

    99. Zach Wagner

      Go hawks

    100. Justin Wilson

      sign @ab